November Blogs/ Another Lockdown!

Better late than ever! Some Lovely photos of young Toby in his Halloween regalia.

Shannon Santangelo writes:

Toby just wanted to wish everyone a SPOOKtacular Halloween! I sewed him a little pumpkin bandana and he's dressed as a bat.

Wow! He really is a little charmer!

Welcome to Dougie. Jonathan Whale has kept in touch with me and has at last got his own little boy. He comes from Karen Griffiths in North Wales.

Sooooo cute!

Here's young Toby still working that camera

Chris Hurley writes:

Alys had 6 front teeth removed and a weepy wart on her shoulder. The stitches were at risk from scratching, hence the rather fetching bandana. Never had a dog loosing front teeth before. Can only assume sneezing in sleep hitting furniture/radiator to blame.

They had been crooked for a while and more recently discoloured resulting a trip to vet.

Bertie celebrated Diwali!

The hardest blog I'll ever have to write

As you know, I have been poorly lately and in the end I was admitted to hospital. I was diagnosed with cancer! To say I was shell shocked is putting it mildly!

I hope to know what treatment I am going to receive very soon. Until then I want to thank your committee members Sandra and Kaye for being incredibly kind. Covid scuppered all their plans for a surprise presentation to me. A beautiful parcel arrived on my doorstep on Sunday. It was a large silver trophy for outstanding dedication to the breed and Weltos.. I nearly cried but a tin of SILVO rolled out when I opened it and I roared with laughter.

And if that wasn't enough, an amazing basket of roses from you all came today. Thank you all so much. I will keep Sandra and Kaye updated.


Oh and one more thing, we must keep this little club going, so next year I suggest, due to inactivities, the subs should be cut in half to £5 per household.