Kobi still going strong

Kobi was diagnosed with a Nerve Sheath Tumour back in May, the tumour has caused him to lose the use of his front leg as it is on the nerve from the spinal cord into his armpit. We made the decision not to operate and put him through Radio Therapy as we felt this was the best option for Kobi. One vet said he may only have weeks and another 3-6 months. Well we are 5 months along and apart from a little scare last week when he did not want to move for a few days he has still been enjoying life and going out for his daily walks and sniffs (he may have been missing his mum as I was away for 4 nights)

We got a pushchair for him so we can still go on long walks and you will see below that Rosie likes it too!

Rosie knows he is not well and keeps lying next to Kobi - both these photos are a bit surreal for us as we have regularly had some terrible fights between the two of them, always started by Rosie but it has meant that we are always on guard watching for signs of attack.

Back in June we went for a week to Norfolk thinking it might be Kobi's last holiday, he had a fantastic time running around on the beach:

Both dogs are used to traveling with us so made themselves comfortable in the hotel:

The beach is one of his favourite places to go, so as he was still going strong in September we went to Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland and Saltburn by Sea in Yorkshire:

Ice cream was definitely on the menu every day then conscious of their waistlines we found some doggy ice cream which Rosie loved but Kobi would not eat it until Richard put it onto the end of his cone so it looked like and ice cream! he is always suspicious of anything new:

We took the dogs with us on a boat trip out to the Farne Islands to see the seals, I am not sure if they really enjoyed it but we did!

Kobi wants to hear about all your dogs antics and if they have been made to go on a boat trip!