It's Christmas!!!!

Well, folks, you didn't think I wouldn't somehow manage to wish you all a Merry Christmas did you? . All the very Best Wishes from our Weltos committee!

Tallie Amos looks gorgeous after her special Christmas trim!

Aoife sends greetings from Ireland!

CJ and Daisy's Christmas Blog!

The Pirates:

We haven't seen a lot of mummy but we have had lots of visits from our human brother and sisters! We are getting spoilt rotten and our waistlines seemed to have spread a touch. We look like a couple of yetis but daddy says that we are still getting lots of admiring looks when we're out walking!

Luckily we have a grooming appointment in January which is a weight off mummy's mind. We have had fun with our advent calendars and are getting lots of extra walks.We have a big box of presents to open but we are waiting for mummy to be with us for that. And she promises she will!

Because we've been around a lot longer than some of you newbies, we just want to advise you on how to have a safe Christmas. First of all stay away from the pot pourri!!!! No trying to snatch the christmas fruit cake...raisins can be deadly as well as grapes and oh poinsettias!!!!!

CJ and I (Daisy) wish you all a lovely snug Christmas with all your staff. Be kind to one another and cuddle us fur babies as much as you like!

Woofs and licks