September Blogs!

Sandra Kisby:

This is Bertie Bonzo’s least in his opinion. He ignored it when it was shabby with worn upholstery and stuffing appearing in several places. However, the minute I spent the equivalent of a lottery win on having it re- upholstered he claimed it as his own. A chap does have standards after all.

If a guest, unaware of this fact, happens to have the temerity to lower himself upon it whilst Mr. B is otherwise occupied, for example, in checking the garden for a foolhardy fox or unsuspecting pigeon, then more fool him. Upon discovering the trespasser Bertie does a double take, then fixes him with the evil eye and softly growling retreats to the sofa opposite. However he never takes his eyes off the interloper and he knows that given time and several glasses of wine a call of nature will necessitate a visit to a throne rather than a chair. Bertie is off the sofa and onto “his” chair in a flash. If the visitor upon returning is foolhardy enough to try to shoo him off then this is met with more growling getting progressively louder and finally moving onto bared teeth. We have never let it get to stage 3 which we expect would be a nip and at this point as responsible owners we take a very firm hand. It is essential to learn who is boss so we shout “down” and couple this with a strict pointing finger indicating an alternative seat and so far our guests have always obeyed and sat on the sofa opposite. X

Editor's Note:

Hahaha you had me fooled there!!! Big Bertie hugs!

Jane Price:

Where is his smoking jacket and cigar?

Kaye Attoe:

Bertie obviously has good taste!

Judith Berg:

Hello there pirates. Have you been up to anything exciting recently? My staff are keeping a close eye on me since I spent a night on the town - and they bought a new tracker because the other one was broken. Apparently this one works much better - probably because it's new. They still have me on a hypoallergenic diet. I do like it as it is really smelly. The down side is that I put a lot of weight on, so am now on meagre rations, plus I can't have any of the treats I used to have because they may upset my innards. Still I do OK, enjoy my walks checking up on the neighbourhood and being made a fuss of. Now off for a post dinner snooze. Stay well and do keep me up to date.

Love Evie

From CJ & Daisy:

You go girl!!! And by the way, you can never have too many cushions!!

C J & Daisy do the Thames Barrier trail!

Having fun with dad and human brother.

The Thames Barrier...what a magnificent piece of machinery!!! Daisy really wanted to know what was going on, on the other side of the barred gate. She was doing that soft whimper which sounds almost like pleading. There are marks on the wall in the tunnel, recording previous floodings.

Jan Chamberlain:

It's a shame you couldn't get through the tunnel at the barrier, it's a great echo chamber. It really spooks the dogs out. Just the other side of that is where I worked when I first left school. My office building is still there, but the factory is now a go-cart track. That is, until all that site gets redeveloped into more expensive flats. It's a nice walk along the thames path, it used to be our regular walk when we lived in Greenwich. The best sight? Watching Concorde fly over the Barrier.

9th September 2020

We had a lovely day down at Whitstable today, we walked along the prom to Tankerton. The sun was shining and it became quite hot, especially for Willow so she and I sat on a bench while Nigel and Izzy continued on a bit further.We didn't walk into the harbour as it can be quite busy in that area,s o we had some lunch at one of the cafes' by the Marine Hotel. It was great to get out while the weather is still nice. Poor little Willow was cream crackered, slept like a log on the way home, with the air con blowing on her. Hope to get her out and about again later in the week when it's cooler, maybe Jeskyns or Trosley country park.

Editors Note:

I love Whitstable and Tankerton. We must get together one day and have another ramble there!

Claire Ward:

From Bertie Bear:

Dear Auntie Patsy,

I hope you are doing well. I have been having a wonderful time. In the summer holidays I went to the seaside and had many paddles in the sea with the children (I was too much of a cowardy custard to actually swim).

I was also chief pilot on a very exciting tricycle ride

But the most exciting thing happened this week, I went out for a walk with my two best boys, Sam and Murphy and I actually was trusted enough to play off the lead. I was the best boy, I came back each time I was called and I didn't run off at all. It made mum cry to see me playing like this!

And here's a little video to prove it:

Well done Claire and Bertie! It's so lovely when they get on with other dogs and learn to behave off lead. Our Daisy is just too nuts to be trusted. Her hunting instinct is too strong and she can run like the wind! We found an enclosed tennis court on one of our walks. We went in, locked the door behind us and let Daisy off. Within seconds she had located the smallest hole in the fencing and was nearly through it by the time we caught up with her! Nightmare.

Karen Over:

Here are some pics of Bruno having fun with Karen and Tony

Come on guys, which way is the pub?

Bruno with Eric's (previous WT) brother Jimmy!

Right Bertie and CJ, this is MY chair!!

Lovely to hear from Tracey Brown. Tracey and Jim rehomed Trixie from Alex Witmond. She is obviously their little princess as seen here on her first holiday with them at Burton Bradstock Seaview Boarding House. The best room and certainly the best dog!

CJ and Daisy got a thorough spa session the other day. They were looking like a couple of ragamuffins I must say. Now they smell divine. Here they are having a quick blow dry....

Then it was their own version of a blow dry, which involved zoomies round the garden..which I NEVER get tired of watching!

A letter to Daisy from Mappa Jackson sent in by Karen.

Dear Daisy,

I had a very good day a few weeks ago. I had an appointment with the Vet to check that my UTI had cleared up. Great fun with human number two, Bob, chasing me with a little jug to collect my urine. Outside the vet, I managed to escape my collar and headed up the hill to a friend's big garden. Anyway I got caught by Karen, human number one, in an interesting garden and returned to the Vet and all was clear. Bob then took me (now in my harness) into Central London. Outside the National Gallery I was attacked by a flock of pigeons and had to catch one.

I then did my prawn act, stretching out my front legs and slipping my harness over my head, Bob helped by pulling the lead. he was very worried because there are quite a few roads between the National Gallery and Maison Bertaux Café, where I am welcomed and fed cheese scraps. But I decided that I wanted some culture rather than cheese and to see the dog in the Arnolfini Portrait. Apparently you now need a ticket! Keep up the good work,

Love Mappa.

PS Hope all goes well with the filming

Judith Berg:

Thank goodness Evie hasn't mastered reading! Mappa's exploits exceeds hers by a long way. Fun reading but I know how worried her humans must have been. There's never a dull moment with a Welsh terrier!

21st September 2020

David & Jan Morgan:

A lovely photo of Jan with Welsh Terrier Jack, posing moodily in the dunes behind Holkham Beach in Norfolk. Sand in their paws!!!

Jack had a great run on Holkham Beach off lead! Fortunately two ladies grabbed him about 300 yards from us! Never again. When will I learn? But I love to see hime in full flight. Look forward to seeing CJ & Daisy on screen. Making the most of outings before we get shut down again.

Editor's note:

A lot of us have been in that situation! It's great to see them off lead, but in some cases this is just not possible. Their hunting instinct is far too strong and they will go like the wind, with cloth in their ears!!!

Enid Southgate:

Kevin was very relaxed at my daughters BBQ. He sought solace at the water feature as NO food was allowed to be given to the dogs!!

Editor's note:

Oh poor Kevin. If I had been there I would've smuggled you over a nice piece of cheese!

Jan Chamberlain:

At the weekend, we spent a lovely few hours at Paws in the Park, where we spied a Welsh terrier. It was Brac, one of our new members. Willow was smitten, rolling around the grass and being silly.Who was this dog I had on the end of my lead?? She enjoyed herself, we did think it may be too much for her at her grand old age. She didn't really get tired until we were about to leave. It was Izzy's first time at something like this and she was so uber excited, couldn't stop barking for about 30 mins, until she met two other Airedales. It was a shame they couldn't go off for a run, they would have had so much fun.

Hope everyone is well.

Canterbury Tales by CJ & Daisy

CJ: Oops! This camping hollibob hasn't started too well. Mummy made herself a nice boiling hot cup of coffee and decided to sit with us outside the motorhome. I love my mummy and wanted to join her. I revved myself up until I was flying through the air (I was quite pleased with myself ) and landed smack bang on mummy's lap, knocking the boiling hot coffee all over her!! She yelled out loud!!! Don"t quite understand what she said but I was unceremoniously dumped on the floor, whilst she retreated back into the motorhome. I thought it best to keep a low profile and try to put on the cute act. Look....I even sat in my chair, not hers!

Daisy: I'm not getting involved anyway I need to keep my beady eyes on this Bunny Rabbit (top right of photo).

The next day we had a brilliant walk past the golf course, along a river and across fields ......


Mummy and Daddy treated themselves to an amazing meal at the Fordwich Arms. We were made a fuss of , from a distance of course, by the other customers and were told that they had never seen such well behaved dogs. Tee hee, little do they know what we're really like.


Aha me hearties, this is the life! What better than to sail down the river on a beautiful sunny day?

CJ & Daisy:

How to make an old building even more interesting? Answer: Stick a couple of Welsh Terriers in front of it.

CJ & Daisy:

The next day we walked into Canterbury. Never a dull moment with us folks! Mummy and daddy decided to have a nice cold beer at one of the tables outside a pub. The landlord brought us out a nice bowl of fresh clean water....we could get used to this you know.....and we lay down under the table in the shade. Various people were looking at us and smiling so I knew we were working our magic.....but then along came a group of four humans who looked a bit strange. They had with them a massive dog, who looked like a German Shepherd/Husky. It was a tan colour and very bushy and although it was on a lead, nobody seems to be holding it! The dog itself looked in good condition (which is more than we can say about the humans) and seemed to be very friendly. The thing is mummy wasn't aware of the dog until it poked its nose under our table. Luckily the table didn't tip over but a chair went flying. Well we had to guard our spot! The big dog immediately stepped away and the owners apologised and it all went back to being calm in a blink of an eye. Phew!

A couple who had seen what happened and who were sitting on another table came over to talk to us. The man knew we were Welsh terriers! But they weren't allowed to stay as the Landlord said the new rules forbad interaction of tables. Even though this was outside and they were standing 2 metres away. Mummy said the world has gone barmy!

Last day at the camp and we were worn out with all the excitement. A nice lie down in the sun to round off the hollibobs!


And later that afternoon.....Hah! I got mummy's lap while CJ got her feet! I know who came off best!!!

27th September 2020

Kay Attoe:

I'm sending some photos of Teddy with my friend and her dogs. The reasoning is this.... Teddy doesn't always see eye to eye with other dogs, although over the years he has got better. However, when he is with my friend, who we see every 6 months or so, he appears to be as good as gold. I'm wondering if it is me?

Editor's Note: Oh Teddy, we all know you're a little sweetie really. I expect you are on best behaviour when you're with your mates!!! Perhaps you think your mum needs to be kept on her toes!

Meanwhile back at the house, Teddy & Maisie are on toast patrol!

What is it about toast? CJ and Daisy can be in the deepest of sleeps, but the minute they hear the toaster in operation they are up like a rat up a drain!!!!


These photos came up of Daisy, in my memories, this morning. She was our little baby and I was so worried about having her spayed. I never shop in Primark but went in there on this one occasion to buy a selection of toddlers T-shirts for Daisy to wear after her operation.

She bounced back very quickly. I remember the very next day she stole a sock from the laundry basket!