Sunny August is here!

David Morgan:

Spent most early Saturday mornings over the last 7 years at Barking Mad, our local dog training school. Jack really looks forward to it and concentrates well for 45 minutes until someone squeaks a toy!! Here he is last Saturday, posing with his pack of pals.

Staycation at the windmill Cley Next The Sea, (which it isn't ) Norfolk.

Editor's Note: Great to hear from you David. Fab photos.

A couple of things have come to my attention lately. The first is Zoflora. There are lots of negative things being passed around about Zoflora. I've used this product for years with no ill effect. Apparently it will cause really bad ulcers in your dog's mouth if drunk! Really? Why would allow your pet to drink it? It can cause skin irritation. I always dilute it and have never had any skin irritation. Apparently it is really flammable so dangerous to use with candles. We don't ever use it with candles next to the product or any surfaces I've wiped in the kitchen. But I repeat, I dilute it.

The only thing I will say is, that after looking on the box, it does say to make sure your floor is bone dry after you've washed it, before your dog walks on it. I always put towels down, but will make sure it is ALL dry in future. Especially as Captain Jack tends to chew his paws at times. I use the odour remover and the smell is delicious...unlike dettol which makes me heave! This is purely my opinion based on experience, preference and common sense.

I was putting the dogs to bed last night when I felt at least three of those horrible prickly burrs in Daisy's beard. I got my wide tooth comb out to help me remove them. I went all over her furnishing and found several more. It took some doing to get them all out!! They are the same colour as her furnishings so are not obvious at first sight! I was so pleased I caught sight of them or Daisy would have had a very uncomfortable night!

Karen Over:

Mr O has transformed the garden and now it's like having another room! The fake grass works! Bruno is very pleased with the result!

Well done Mr O!!!

18th August 2020

Editor Patricia Meecham:

Wow! I've never known weather like it! On the 8th August, we took off in the motorhome with CJ and Daisy and headed for Salisbury. Luckily the motorhome's air conditioning system is very efficient, so our journey was very pleasant, whilst outside the temperature was soaring.

On arrival at the camp site, we soon settled down to the old routine. CJ has his own camping chair but takes great delight in pinching mine when I'm not looking! Daisy is more interested in what's going on in hedges and greeting any humans and dogs passing her by.

Our first night in Salisbury

Daisy on hedge patrol:

It was far too hot to do anything, but we did manage to walk to a nearby Harvester to meet up with our daughter for lunch. The dogs were really flagging in the heat. I had to dunk them in a bowl of water later that day.

Then it was back to camp, where Daisy took up hedge patrol and CJ collapsed onto his camping chair:

We then made our way to Truro, in Cornwall. The traffic was abysmal and we added another two hours to our journey!! But once there, Daisy found another hedge to patrol:

And when it got just too hot, she cooled off by lying behind the sun block in her holiday kennel.

Whilst CJ pinched my chair! Snooze you lose!

The camp site in Truro was so pretty. In Salisbury there were no visitors allowed and we had to use our own shower and toilet facilities. However in Truro, whilst the no visitors was still the rule, all the facilities were open. They had the foresight to have fairly large showers, so adequate space and all entrance doors were left wide open.

There were fish and chips delivered on site one night whilst other nights included street food and Japanese cuisine.

A nice little touch was a small bar/café which opened between 5pm and 8pm, which sold Cornish lager, beers and wine.The dogs loved sitting at the tables and meeting other people with their dogs.

We didn't do any walking as it was just far too hot and the dogs would've found it difficult. So after a pleasant week, we went back to Salisbury to meet up with our daughter one more time before going home.

Neile really misses her doggie brother and sister! Last cuddle before we made our way home.

Sandra Kisby:

Here is Bertie Bonzo with his wonderful dog walking pal in the garden. x

And with his mummy!

Neil & Jane Stokes:

Hope you are all managing to keep cool in this heat. Brac loves an adventure and at nearly 15 months he has not lost any of that confidence he had from the first day we met him when at 7 weeks he ran up to us, chewed our shoelaces as if they were long lost toys and established himself as our boy. A few nights ago he did his usual ask to go out in what we thought was a secure garden. We had dutifully plugged every gap in the fence we don’t own and covered it in wire when we first got him. We also regularly check for holes. A short while later we thought it was strangely quiet around the place - no pitter patter of paws on our pebble water feature or of him pushing through the undergrowth. After much calling and just as panic was starting to rise we heard a familiar play bark and someone say his name. He was with the children next door! Brac loves children and he had seized the opportunity of the crumbling base of a fence and a join in the wire to make his escape under the cover of dark. The children told us he had burst into their living room as happy as anything and proceeded to run all over the house in a marathon version of his favourite game of hide and seek. He loved it, completely oblivious to the worry he’d created - a typical terrier! Needless to say we have reinforced the fence and are off to purchase a GPS.


I love hearing these stories. Daisy too loves children and on hearing their shrieks in the garden one afternoon, decided she would go and join them. I had no idea she was missing until my door bell rang and my neighbour was standing there, holding Daisy , with two excited children in tow. The children thought daddy had bought them a present and were very upset to give her back!!

Karen Over:

Bruno decided to swim this morning.... before he got out ASAP!! He seemed to enjoy it. So funny to watch him and a great way to cool him down!

Some do and some won't but here is a video of Bruno's first swim!

More lovely photos from Chris Hurley:

Seeing the latest blog reminded me that we had some good pictures too. Last week we were at our holiday home at East Wittering and had 6 glorious, if slightly too hot days. Unusually lucky for us. We treated Alys to a walk in the beach with the tide out, which she loves, but this was at dusk. The beach was still full of folk enjoying the warm evening, so we kept Alys on the lead. She usually seeks out the campers’ breakfast. We couldn’t risk their suppers too. Next evening there was such a lovely sunset, we walked her round to see her friends the alpacas, who had gone to bed, but the view was very photogenic.

Lesley with Alys