July Blog continued!

Morning chaps! Daisy here. There's lots going on at the Meecham's lately and I have been joining in with great gusto. Unfortunately it is not always appreciated. I've just been relegated to the kitchen as daddy didn't appreciate my loud barking and jumping around the men who came to do some work in the garden. I just wanted them to chase me!

Yesterday, my human sister was being photographed in the garden. Apparently it was all serious stuff as the photographer was entering a competition. She had a lot of equipment and I just had to show her how clever I was by darting underneath her black silk, back drop. It was neatly laid out on the ground and I went straight under it, barking with delight all the way. In fact I was so pleased with myself, I did it again! Then I spotted the unicorn on a pole......well, that's when daddy put me on my lead. My lazy brother just plonked himself down on the backdrop and had to be pulled off. At least he didn't pee on it!

A few days ago mummy had to do an important zoom meeting. Her friend had sent her details to a production team, who are looking for people who are interested to move house in order to be mortgage free. The TV programme will be fronted by Nick Knowles and will feature 10 episodes.

Naturally I wanted to get in on the act and so I gatecrashed the meeting. When mummy's friend was talking, I sat on mummy's lap like a good girl, yawning my head off. I heard lots of chuckling, coming from the computer. Then mum's clocks started bonging and it was 11 o'clock!!!! They said not to worry as they can edit stuff out.

Exciting news! Mummy's friend has been chosen to appear on the programme which means mummy will be on it too!... I wonder if I will appear on the introduction video!!! Paws crossed!

Jan Chamberlain:

Good news for those members who like a doggy day out. Paws in the Park is going ahead. Just look on their website for details:


Judith Berg:

Is this a Welshie?

Editor's Note:

A great big Belated Happy 7th Birthday to Bertie Bonzo Kisby. Sandra sent me two photos of Bertie enjoying his birthday, but unfortunately they were really out of focus and I couldn't edit them. I'm really sorry Sandra. Big hugs through the ether. I remember when he was a puppy and used to crawl in Daisy's basket! How time flies.

Daisy Meecham:

Hi fellow bloggers!!! Me again. I just have to tell you about my adventure when mummy and daddy were out. So my human sister and the cleaner were left in charge of my welfare. This is when I hatched my cunning plan.

First of all there was much whimpering involved followed by frantic scratching at the kitchen door. The cleaner came over to see what all the fuss was about and asked my human sister if it was ok to let me out. After all, what could possibly go wrong? Hmm this was looking very good. Time to put on the baby pleading eyes and waggy tail. Bingo! It worked. FREEDOM!

The gardener's carefully packed bacon bun, didn't stand a chance. I galloped down the garden and with one leap I swiped it from the garden chair and with a much practiced shake of the head the bun was free from it's packaging. With my best smile I ran with the bun dangling from my chops, into the undergrowth where I was able to make short work of it!

Job done. Boom! high fives all round.

I heard my human sister and the cleaner apologising and offering to make the gardener a sandwich, but I also heard them laughing....a lot! See that's we do for you! Thank you very much! You're welcome!

Jan Chamberlain:

Good Morning. It's a very hot one already!

The lovely girl who has been grooming Willow and now hand stripping Izzy has opened her own salon. So if anyone enquires about a groomer and lives in my area of SE London, she's based in Bexley.

Her salon is called Fur Babies Pet Spa.

For further information check out her website:


Izzy is featured in her photo (poster girl). She's only been open 4 weeks so a couple of us are spreading the word.

Willow went to fur babies for her groom on Wednesday where Kate found she had a split nail which we hadn't noticed and another blooming grass seed. I'd already got three off her trousers before we left home.

About time the council cut the verges and hoovered up the seeds. Can't see that happening.

Have a good weekend.