July Blogs and is Lockdown easing down?

Does your dog steal your shoes? Daisy just loves to steal and run off with a shoe. In this case it was one of my crocs. Our grandson told his mum (our daughter) that if she ever wore crocs he would instantly disown her! I think they are great for the garden and Daisy finds them very light to carry in her mouth. This was taken years ago, but she has stolen quite a few since then. Even hid one of David's shoes in the undergrowth, but luckily I found it.

This day last year!!! Can you remember what you were doing?

Daisy chilling in her portable kennel, on her holidays and with Captain Jack . watching the world go by. Oh how I miss those motorhome trips!

We've just put the motorhome in for service, so are hoping to go to Shropshire next weekend. Hope to see a couple of our members!! Fingers crossed.

Sandra Kisby has just returned from Norfolk and tells me that all the caravan/motorhome sites are fully booked. I think some of them will close their shower and toilet facilities. We have our own facilities but I don't fancy going anywhere that's going to be crowded. I hope common sense prevails.

Sandra says she's just gone over Greenwich Park to find copious amounts of rubbish and evidence of people using it as a toilet! This is disgusting isn't it? What on earth is wrong with people who cannot do a simple thing like putting rubbish in a bin. If it's full take rubbish home. Our dogs can smell food a mile off and who knows what they will snaffle up before you can catch them.

This happened to Sandra once. It was coming up to gate closure in the park, one evening, when her beloved Bertie simply disappeared. Her heart rate was going up by the second as she frantically called Bertie, with no response. She thought for one horrible moment that she was going to be locked in!

Then, at last she found him, smothered in jam, cream and custard! Someone had thrown half a large trifle into the bushes!!!!! She was so relieved to see him that she swooped him up into her arms, covering herself with great dollops of trifle!! I'm sorry Sandra, but I had to have a chuckle at this!

Meanwhile Chris Hurley sent me in this little video. He writes: I wouldn't say our house is weird but we do have wagging and growling curtains!!!!


The pubs are open!!!!! Did anyone go? We gave it a miss as were worried that people may not be sensible, but are looking forward to a visit soon. However we did have lovely fish and chips which were delicious!

As usual it was too much for David so Captain Jack and Daisy also had a fish and chip lunch. Yum yum!!

7th July 2020

Hurrah! We have another shoe stealer!!! Or as Eddie Carr is known, The Bad Welshie Slipper Hound!!!

He looks so proud of himself, bless him!

Karen Jackson writes:

Thank you so much for your blogs and emails. I hope you and your family are well.

I wanted to write and thank you. It is all thanks to Weltos that Mappa came to live with us three years ago. We would not be without her as she makes our lives immeasurably better. I attach a couple of photos of her following her morning walks and daily scratch/massage. She is rather in need of a grooming session!!

Mappa asked to pass on a note to Daisy.

Dear Daisy,

In trying to help our neighbours with their problem with mice in the garden, I devised a good way of dealing with access. If you have a woven, wooden fence, you just need to use your front paws to prise off the wooden plank at the base and then the woven wood is easy to push through. Unfortunately my humans decided, strangely that she disapproved of this behaviour so I didn't make it through!

Good luck with your next adventure!



Thanks again,


Dear Mappa,

Well done you! Sorry you didn't make it to the other side....it's sooooooo much fun! I have amazingly strong paws and manage to remove two really big heavy rocks before tunnelling under the fence. I'm only doing what I'm bred to do, after all those mice and rats need to know who rules this estate!!!

Like you, I'm in need of a hair cut. I think mummy is working up to it as I can see aprons and combs at the ready!

Lovely to hear from you. Keep safe.



7th July 2020

It's Willow's birthday!!!!!! Happy Birthday Princess!!!

Jan Chamberlain:

It's Willow's 14th birthday today. She's doing well for an "old girl" she's given us a couple of health scares over the last few months, but this little Welsh terrier is doing ok!!

We had a lovely walk in Greenwich park this morning where we were stopped by a few people asking what breed she was and getting compliments on how good she looks. I'll take that every time.

Our walks may take longer now she's older, but we're no in rush to get anywhere so it really doesn't matter. So long as Willow is happy to things at her pace. There's nothing wrong with her appetite, long may that continue.

Editor's Note: Here, here!!!!

14th Jul 2020

Newsflash from Jan:

We've just met the most gorgeous 15 week old Welsh terrier puppy. Can't understand why the girl wouldn't let us bring him home. I've passed on the club details so hopefully we may get a new member. The little puppy is called River and they live in Sidcup.

Enid Southgate:

Norman has been coping with Lockdown marvellously with his Welshie companion Kevin!

Judith Berg:

Message for Evie Berg to Mappa & Daisy:

Dear Mappa and Daisy

Welcome to the Weltos Escapologist sub group Mappa. It’s good to exchange ideas so we stay one step ahead of our humans. I’m also good at tearing slats out of the wooden fence. Sadly my humans have put two rows of gravel board along the bottom of the fence so that route isn’t open anymore and where there is wire fencing, they have put two rows staggered so I can’t bend the wire enough to get through any more.

For about two years my humans have been vigilant but yesterday evening didn’t make sure the side gate was properly closed. Well, what an invitation! Forget lockdown, I had a wonderful night out on the tiles and they couldn’t find me because my tracker stopped working mid afternoon and I didn’t go to my usual haunts. Eventually, I flaked out in a garden and another human took me home. Here’s a picture of me sleeping it off.

Let me know if you have any more good ideas.

All the best, Evie


Oh Evie, you're a girl after my own heart! I know our mummy's and daddy's get very worried but we really do have such a wonderful time don' t we?

If I get wind of another project I'll be in touch!

Look after yourself!

Love Daisy

The Shropshire Experience by Daisy:

Our mate Philip Ridealgh is an administrator on a private Facebook site called Welsh Terriers UK. A while back he organised an event for Welsh terriers to meet up on a camp site in Shropshire. As luck would have it, it re-opened on the very day that we booked before Lockdown.

The Staff packed up the motorhome, popped us into our Fabrikennels and off we set for Shropshire.

The weather looked good. Half way there, we had a stop at a service station where we all stretched our legs. Then before we knew it, daddy was parking the motorhome in the local pub car park. It was just up the road from the camp site and the staff were really looking forward to a pint. Unfortunately the owners were only serving locals. They had an elderly vulnerable person living with them and were very worried about letting "strangers" into their midst. Well it wasn't too much of a problem because the staff always come prepared as anyone that knows them can imagine!

So we found our pitch on this beautiful site. It was a small site with some Shepherds huts which were really cute and everywhere was really well maintained. The site manager said it was the first day he'd opened it up to the public.

On arrival we recognised our neighbours instantly. They were Tallie and Jasper Amos. The staff had a little natter and soon learnt that Jasper had a sore paw and had injured one of his nail beds. I nearly pulled one of my nails out once and the staff said one of our predecessors had done the same thing! Seems to be a common complaint as Jan Chamberlain says this happened to a couple of her dogs also Kay Attoe has had this happen to one of her dogs! We hope Jasper gets it sorted soon.

Apparently the only walk from the camp had been closed down due some idiot letting his dog off the lead and the dog then went on to attack the sheep. Now the only walk was along a road as there was no pavement and the staff thought that would be a little dangerous.

So CJ and I settled down under the canopy of our motorhome, venturing out into the sunshine to lie in the grass when our bones needed warming up . Mind you CJ much prefers to sit on a camping chair!

But sometimes he joins me on the blanket on the ground! Wasn't there a song about that?

On Saturday evening, Uncle Philip and Auntie Alison hosted a barbecue. The food smelled and tasted delicious. There were around twelve Welsh terriers there. I had a good old sniff around and only grumped at a cheeky young puppy called Paddy! I just don't like youngsters trying to jump all over me! Mind you the staff told me off as they thought he was so darn cute! Hmmmm!

I can't remember seeing the staff laugh so much for ages. They looked really happy.

Just look at that scenery! The Amos' tuck in to their barbecue.

Daddy socially distancing whilst saying Cheers!!

My friends at the Shepherd's Hut. Spot the Welsh terriers!

The next day the neighbours the other side of us, who had a Hungarian Visla and a Weimarana, both untied for a lot of the time and running round after their staff all the time, when they weren't jumping on one another, commented on how well behaved we were. I saw the staff hide a chuckle and heard them mutter "If they only knew!" My brother CJ has got used to the drill now and has learned to relax. Which is just as well because these dogs were enormous!!

Well, all good things must come to an end so on Monday morning, after breakfast, the staff popped us back into those fabrikennels and we hit the road. Just look at some of the scenery we drove through! David Hughes reckons we must have passed his house!!


As you can see there was a light shower but when we arrived home the sun had come out again and while my lazy brother headed straight for his donut bed......

........ I went on fish patrol!!

So that's the end of our hollibobs. Bring on the next adventure!

19th July 2020

We have new members!!! Please accept a very warm Weltos welcome to Neil and Jane Stokes, who come from Surrey and are owned by Welsh Terrier Brac. Here's their story:

Neil Stokes:

Brac is a 14 month old Welsh Terrier born on 20th May 2019. Up until lockdown he was going into work every day at a school. He loves meeting people and especially adores children. He has been on some adventures and surprised us the most when he met a horse in a nearby field - they seemed to have a full conversation just by breathing into each other’s nostrils as they stood either side of the gate! We hope that we can start to go further afield with our excursions now. He is on Twitter @WelshieBrac where we have found lots of other Welshie owners and look forward to one day meeting them.

Here is a short video clip of Brac chatting to the horse:


Editors Note: I just love watching this clip!!!

More Daisy adventures:

Ooh I nearly managed another escape (Mappa and Evie pay attention)! Mummy was pegging the washing out when I espied something behind the rhododendrons. I must admit I got very excited and started doing that whimpering thing. There was a lot of rustling through the bushes and then a big thud and my prey got away over the fence. I went straight in with both paws, digging like a lunatic, so I could go under the fence.

Mummy wasn't best pleased and got scratched from the bushes trying to reach me. In the end she retreated and came back with an enormous water pistol and nearly jet washed me away!

But CJ didn't let me down. The fracas was all too much for him so he left a teenie present on the kitchen rug , for mum to find, just when she thought she could have a sit down!

Jane Price:

This was in the Times last Saturday. I recognised one of our new members!!!

Nice one Shannon!!!

22nd July 2020

Jenny Carr:

Eddie was & last week, would you believe? How time flies! Today we went to Jeskyns, had a lovely walk. They have left the fields to turn to meadows. I thought it was lovely, Ian wasn't so sure. I've attached Edd playing peekaboo and the statues laying together on the ground. The parking is now £2 for tow hours, £3 for all day. Not too bad as things go.

Editors Note: Happy belated birthday Eddie. Glad you had a nice day young man!

Hopefully it won't be long before we can meet up again.

24th July 2020


The motorhome needed to go in for a service so we decided to take the dogs to Lower Haysden Country Park whilst it was being checked over.

This was Wednesday and the sun was out and so was every man, woman and child not to mention dogs!

We went for quite a long walk, mainly along the river and through the woods as it was so much cooler. When we eventually entered an open field, Daisy went absolutely barmy. David was holding her on her long lead and she just ran and ran and ran. She had a look of glee on her face and just bounded through the long grass in a big circle. It was wonderful to see the absolute joy on her face.

CJ looked on...he has his moments but conserves his energy!

Just before leaving we treated ourselves to a ninety nine flake and an orange lolly and the dogs got their home made dog biscuit. I haven't had an ice cream for years!!