JUNE BLOGS 2020.......

Evie's mum kicks off the June Blog!

Judith Berg:

I've been managing to get grocery deliveries from Waitrose and Sainsburys - thank goodness as Alan is incarcerated and I'm joining him apart from taking Evie walkies (and to the vet, of course!) Yesterday it was Waitrose's turn and I've just got round to reading their weekend paper. There's a terrific article by Lynne Truss which made us both laugh out loud!

In the past Lynne's mother always warned her "Not to make a rod for your back" by doing things people come to expect. She has two Norfolk terriers. She has also never taken heed of what her mother says and consequently her boys expect a treat:

a. When they get back from a walk

b. When they are out on walks

c. When one of them is out on a walk and the other is resting his paws under her desk

d. When she gets back from any outside solo activity

e. When they come in from the garden

f. At bedtime

Sound familiar? We tick all the boxes! Enjoy the good weather and stay safe.

Editors Note:

Yep, that sounds about right! We have another newspaper alert today. Stephen Warne sent me a photo from the Sunday Telegraph, before I'd spotted it! All I can say is 'these dogs get everywhere!'

So it's the first day of starting to back to school for some children and some people can start to meet up. I do hope they play by the rules and stay safe.

6th JUNE 2020

Another newspaper clipping! I saw this last Thursday in the Daily Mail. It warmed my heart so much. Two dogs from the same litter, hadn't seen each other for months . Then the cockapoo siblings bumped into each other by chance and this is what happened.......

Monty and Rosie are so pleased to see each other. Isn't that wonderful?

Judith Berg:

Evie or Evil?

Evie always insists I starve her so to prove her point, after her tea and treats this afternoon, she went out and caught a pigeon! I know I always have to tell her that duck is off the menu when we pass the duck pond, but pigeon pie????

I wonder what will be next? Fortunately, Evie was so engrossed in the pigeon that I could grab her and throw her indoors while I saw to the pigeon. It has lost a lot of feathers but, apart from wounded pride, seems ok.

Editors Note:

Pigeons that have been caught in the past, in the Meecham's garden, weren't quite so lucky! So glad to hear you acted fast Judith.

Simon Clough sent me a little clip of Barley. She was doing her guarding the biscuit thing, with her dad, acting really tough. Which made me laugh as I know she is a complete softy. Anyway here she is playing the game of tough guy and you're not touching my biscuit!


Simon says that the minute he walked alway, the game was over so she quickly scoffed it!!!

Captain Jack and Daisy go to the seaside

Yesterday, we decided to have a run out in the motorhome, to the seaside. It was a lovely ride and on arrival we realised that it would be perfectly safe to walk the dogs along the seafront at Hythe. Captain Jack and Daisy absolutely loved it, it really perked them up. They must be getting bored reading the same old wee mails where we live!

At one point we were strolling along the front and coming towards us was a young lady with a husky, who was gradually gaining speed. The young lady just couldn't keep up and the husky went flying over the wall to the beach, whereby the lady let go of the lead as she tumbled headlong on the walkway! She was killing herself with laughing and wasn't hurt....but I don't know what she was on!! Anyway the dog returned to her when called and they went on their merry way!

The fish and chip shop in Sandgate was open, as were a couple of small coffee kiosks. We saw a mum and her three children, whose faces lit up on seeing the dogs and our motorhome! They all shouted hallo and waved. I hope this good feeling continues!

Today it's back to the old routine and the dogs relaxing in the only shaft of sunlight coming through the kitchen door! Which, as we all know, they all do!

Morag Hutchison:

Nelson is eating well and behaving like a puppy. His coat was taken back to the bone last week with legs cut shorter than usual per your suggestion, You can't see the tail but also shorn! He's been well admired and I think you'll agree, good choice.

Editors Note:

Morag rang me a while back, as she was concerned with Nelson's diet which was recommended by her vet. Basically, Nelson hated it and wasn't a happy bunny. After a good old chat Morag decided to go with her gut instinct and I'm glad to report he is now doing just fine!

Just look at this handsome chap!

Jan Chamberlain:

We bumped into Jenny and Ian Carr yesterday. The reaction from Eddie and Izzy (Airedale) when they saw each other was amazing. They had a lovely run round while Willow just looked on. We haven't seen Jenny and Ian since lockdown so the dogs reactions just made us all laugh. Something to smile about.

Looks like you had a good day at Hythe. We must go there for a ramble when we are allowed.

(Editors Note : Great idea!)

Jenny Carr:

Glad to see you are well as we are. We saw Jan & Nigel in the park yesterday. Eddie and Ozzie greeted each other like old friends , rushing around and Izzie bashing Eddie as usual.

Just thought I would give members a warning. If anyone uses Lily's Kitchen Dog Food, it is now owned by Purina! The shop I use is keeping a close eye on it.

Editors Note:

Oh dear I wonder what that will mean for Lily's Kitchen in the future?

Sandra Kisby:

I have to say since I changed Bertie from Lily's kitchen to honeys raw food his ears have improved 80 per cent. I do avoid chicken though and pork was not great as he had a flare up but that may just have been coincidence. I also had Bertie's coat taken down low and his furnishings, but I have been combing him out every day since groomed and although he hates it I know it doesn't hurt him as no matts and I feel that if I persevere then he will get accustomed to it. He does get a treat when it is over. I am following the grooming instructions that were so helpfully put on line and am confident I will get more proficient with time. Coming back home in 3 weeks so looking forward to a meet up with Eddie etc in the park. Sandra

11th July 2020

Lily 2003-2020

Some words from Henrietta Smith

"Our beloved inspiration, Lily, has passed away. As most of you know she reached the grand age of 17 last month. We loved her so much and in some way imagined she would be with us forever. The unconditional love you feel from your dog is unlike anything in life. I'm grateful that she died peacefully, we filled her bed with beautiful flowers from my garden. We knew the the inevitable time had arrived and for her sake, we tried to be brave.

Lily was home and family for me and I will miss her terribly and am heartbroken without her. I can hear her snoozing next to my desk and her paws pattering around the house. Everything feels very quiet now. She touched the hearts of all who knew her and was a dog on a mission- to change lives and make a difference. I know she is proud of the legacy she has left behind.

Like all family members who have passed on, she is a light that will never go out. I will miss her every day for the ret of my life"

Editor's Note: I think we can all resonate with this. I certainly have heard my dogs, who have passed on, in the house on occasions.

Welcome to CJ & Daisy's Lockdown

Two hairy bears who have since had a haircut, in amongst Mr M's pots. The mint is really flourishing this year!

Memory Lane

Six years ago, Daisy came in from the garden and look what was seen, nestling on her muzzle puff!! It came up in my memories yesterday and I just had to share it with you!

Jane Price:

Just sorting out a drawer and found book with lovely dog quotes in. Here are a few of them: "Near this spot are deposited the remains of one who possessed Beauty without Vanity, Strength without Insolence, Courage without Ferocity, and all the Virtues of Man without his Vices. This praise, which would be unmeaning Flattery, if inscribed over human ashes, is but just Tribute to the Memory of BOATSWAIN, a Dog." - John CamHobhouse. "The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog.... He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer:he will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounter with the roughness of the world... When all other friends desert, he remains." - George G. Vest "He is your friend your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true , to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion". - Anonymous "No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversations as a dog does" - Christopher Morley "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole" - Roger Caras "Somewhere a little dog doth wait; It may be by some garden gate. With eyes alert and tail attent - You know the kind of tail that's meant - With stores of yelps and glad delight To bid me welcome home at night." - John Kendrick Bangs Jane x PS: LOVE the blog!! Such beautiful pictures of much loved Welsh Terriers! As for the Pirates....they are hilarious and their adorable little antics always bring a smile!

12th June 2020

Judith Berg:

I took Evie to the groomer this afternoon. She loves it there as they make a big fuss of her, but today was different. The staff are all kitted up with masks , gloves etc., and when the assistant bent down to say hello and pat Evie, she backed off and tried to get out of the shop! I am sure it was the mask that scared her. I read a piece by a vet that you should get your pets used to seeing you in a mask at home, so they aren't afraid when confronted with them when out. I think he is right. I suppose dogs, like people, are used to seeing facial expressions.

Editor's Note:

Sounds like good advice!

Chris Amos:

We decided we would venture a little further away from our local walks and drove to Yalding (Kent) where we enjoyed a lovely walk alongside the River Medway towards Tonbridge. We don't get as far these days given that Tallie, who will be 13 on Monday, doesn't have the energy levels she used to.

However she did quite well and didn't need a carry from Chris before we turned back. The Tea Room was open on Teapot Island so we stopped and had a cuppa before making for home again, all in all a very pleasant morning... and we dodged the rain.

Editor's Note:

Teapot island!!! Aaah we haven't been there for ages. In fact the last time we were in that vicinity we saw a house and it just seemed familiar. When we got back home I saw the exact same house which had been painted in water colour and it was hanging on our wall!!!! See below...

13th June 2020

Brian Robinson has been in touch, he writes:

I trust you are well.

Molly decided to set sail on the lilo and considering she doesn't like water it was a brave thing to do!

See below

I enjoy catching up with the blog and seeing all the Welshies. Take care, all the best to you all from Brian and of course first sea dog Molly.

Editor's Note: Cor!!! This is the life!

15th Jun2020

Here is a shot of Bertie Bonzo (Kisby) on West Runton beach at 7.30pm at night. Lucky boy!

Owen and grandma have a happy meeting after lockdown by the River Teme

Good wishes from Shropshire from Sylvia and the Boy!

19th June 2020

A letter for Evie Berg from Daisy Meecham

Dear Evie,

My dad went fishing today so CJ & I had mummy all to ourselves. It is my mission in life to make things fun, so when mummy went to peg her washing on the line, I went off to investigate the garden fence. It is fronted by huge bushes of rhododendrons so mummy can't really see me once I'm in amongst all the shrubbery.

Evie you'd be so proud of me. With a lot of patience I found an escape route and was soon in our neighbour's garden with a plethora of weemails to read and reply to. I was having so much fun.

Then I heard the key turn in the lock of the neighbour's side gate and I ran to greet mummy, who quickly clipped me back on my lead and marched me back home. Well, the fun didn't stop there. When we got back to our kitchen, we found Captain Jack, sitting beautifully at the table, on mummy's chair, devouring her blueberry muffin and strawberries, which she was going to eat when she'd finished putting out the laundry. There was much licking of the chops before fleeing under the table in true pirate style!

I was thinking Evie, that you would make a great member of our pirate gang and we could have so much fun during this Lockdown!

Lots of Woofs and Licks

Daisy (and CJ)

Judith Berg:

Dear Daisy

Well, wouldn’t we make a good demolition team. Between us we could easily corner and catch rabbits, chickens and all sorts of prey. Boy, that would be fun.

I’m not sure if you grab human food if it is available, like Captain Jack. My human got really, really angry with me when I stole her chicken Caesar wrap when she had broken her ankle and it was in a boot. I never thought she could move so fast in it and I got a real dressing down. Since then, I’ve been very careful not to anger she who feeds me.

I do hope we can meet and swap stories when this awful lockdown is over. Do you miss your friends as well?

Woofs and licks from Evie.


Dear Evie,

Any food on the go and I'm there, BUT like a very good girl, I don't jump on tables or mummy and daddy's chairs. CJ is extremely nimble and is so quick to jump up to a higher level. We do work as a team though and when mummy has got wind of what he's doing, has been known to throw his ill gotten gain to me, on the ground, so I can then leg it!!

I do miss my friends and when I see builders sitting on a low wall eating their sandwiches, I just want to go and help them out!!!!


Sylvia Turner:

Wonderful to hear the wickedness of CJ and DD. Why do we have them?

Owen away with Rachel attempting to become a daddy dog. Order has descended on our house, but it ain’t quite right….

Kay Pennycott:

Thank you for keeping us smiling - its so lovely to see everyone’s news - good to focus on something positive in all of this! We are all ok here - missing the sunshine today but the garden is certainly enjoying the rain - our grass has finally turned back to green! We managed to get out last Sunday morning to Brean Down beach with our dog training group and Isla was so excited to see them all. 4 dogs rampaged up and down the beach for about 2 hours. Then us owners enjoyed a socially distanced cup of coffee on the beach with homemade cake and biscuits. Was lovely - a little step towards normality! On a separate note I was interested to see that Sandra has swapped Bertie over to honey raw food. I just wondered how expensive it is and how long it took Bertie to get used to? We are thinking of swapping Isla over to it to see if it will help her itchy skin. We currently feed her on Lily’s and some dry food but since Lily’s have been sold we are thinking we may change anyway. And just to show once a minx always a minx this is what Isla thought of the little fluffy yellow helicopter from Somerset air ambulance. Mine and keeping !!! 😂 Love to all

Kay, Martin & Isla x

A classic stink eye here I feel!

Editors Note:

Don't forget to check out the notes re: itchy skin on members comments page.

23rd June 2020

Morning everyone,

I received a couple of videos from Chris and Lesley Hurley. Chris writes:

No need for expensive toys! Just find a feather caught in a cobweb. Hours of fun.

This is the abridged version!!!


An earlier foray before we were brave enough to growl!


I wonder what goes on in their little minds?

Jan Chamberlain:

Good Morning,

Hope you are all well. Yesterday we ventured to our local woods, Oxleas woods. We had a lovely walk in the shade of the trees and then out to large grassy area and up the hill to the cafe.We were surprised that there weren't many people about, usually it would be very busy in this sort of weather. Maybe it was because the car park is still shut.We parked on the main road where commuters usually park for the station, as many are still working from home there were plenty of spaces to park the car.Willow thoroughly enjoyed her walk and coffee stop.Even instigated a game with Izzy without grumbling. Mind you she had a lovely sleep when we got home.I think for the next few days it will be only a 7am walk while it's cool.

Editors Note: We were up bright and early this morning. Yesterday I was a little late in taking the dogs out and Daisy just went down on all fours and refused to budge! So this morning David took them round before breakfast. A good call methinks!

Mr M went through Westerham yesterday...I reckon that's where everybody went! He said that the small pub opposite the green and where Winston Churchill's statue is still standing, was open and serving take away drinks! Apparently the small green common was packed with people. I know a lot of people are sorely missing a visit to the pub!

David Cawrey has been in touch. He just wanted to let me know that he visited Bertie last weekend.

David says he is doing very well in his new home. He is so pleased and delighted that Bertie is getting on well with Claire

Editor's Note: This is so lovely to hear. Everything has worked out well for everybody and I hope you are all enjoying being in the Weltos family! Well done Claire for rehoming Bertie. I hope we get to meet at some point.

27th June 2020

Phew this weather has been really something!!! Sooooo hot!

Gertie Daley in this photo (yesterday) is just home from the groomers and feeling exhausted!

That must have been so nice to get your coat trimmed out Gertie!

Meanwhile let's give Monty a great big Weltos welcome!

Monty owns Jonathan Bore, who requested to join us today!! Well you are very welcome Monty and we can't wait to find out more about you and your owner.

Jan Chamberlain:

Welcome Jonathan and Monty. Loving the background to your photo.

29th June 2020

I just had to show you all this photo of recently born pups..... one of which will be joining Weltos!!

So this is your smile for today.

Sleep tight little ones. Let's hope you all have a brilliant life!

David Morgan:

A little Lockdown Loop training in Hitchin!


Warm Regards,

Jack & David.