May's here!!!

Kaye Attoe sent me this photo of Tony, Maisie and Teddy. She wonders why, when she feeds, walks and grooms them, they always make a beeline for Tony!! Cuddle time is precious.

Meanwhile David Morgan says he enjoys the blog and it's so good to hear the Evie is getting better. Reminded him of his Jack in summer 2019. David is training Jack to do agility. Puts my two to shame!

A normal walk with a Welsh Terrier

Enid Southgate phoned me the other day. She told me a little tale for the blog. One morning last week, hubby Norman, set off with Kevin for a nice walk in a local wood. Kevin came from Alex Witmond and her last words to them were "You shouldn't let him off the lead!" And so Enid and Norman have always followed her advice.

Norman and Kevin were enjoying their walk, when all of a sudden a deer made an appearance. This was too much for Kevin who charged at the deer and in doing so pulled Norman over a tree root which was sticking up from the ground. As he fell he let go of the lead, badly grazing his knee. His main concern was for Kevin, but he was unable to get up for a minute and was probably thinking Kevin would be off like a rocket.

When he finally got himself together, he looked around to find Kevin standing patiently next to him, waiting for him to regain his composure. What a good boy!!!! Norman then trudged 20 minutes back to his car.....only to find his car keys were missing. Apparently they had fallen out of his pocket back where he had fallen. Well thank goodness Norman got away with a grazed knee and found his keys, it could have all been a lot worse!

Jane Price says you know when May is here when your lilies of the valley have arrived! They smell heavenly!

Daisy would like to send a message to you all including someone who she knows is poorly.

4th May 2020

Judith Berg:

Great start to May and I had a good chuckle. Please keep them coming as need uplifting these days!

I am taking Evie for shorter walks but the timing is different because I find between 12 and 1pm best for social distancing. This means we don't get to see many of Evie's friends and I know she misses them. Have you found the same? (Editors Note: Yes. I try not to go out unless absolutely necessary and have found that time slot means no queues at Waitrose if we have to shop. But Daisy is missing saying hallo to her friends and gets very excited if she spots anyone coming our way!!)

However , yesterday I met a young woman out with her two young sons. She said "That's a Welsh Terrier isn't it?" and almost burst into tears. Turns out she had a 'houdini' like Evie and Daisy but one day got out and hit by a car. She obviously never got over it, but Evie made a big fuss of her and her young sons and it was a lovely distanced meeting. NICE.

Take care out there everybody!


I really got fooled by this! before I opened the attachment I really thought that Chris & Lesley Hurley

had fostered a new dog!!!!

Meanwhile Sandra Kisby sent in a photo of Bertie, the sheep dog, on the beach in West Runton, Norfolk, at peak time! No one there!

Scylla Bridger:

Many thanks for the latest videos and news. We always enjoy catching up with all that you and others have to share.....amusing and otherwise.

I thought you might like to see a few snaps of my new garden assistant who rather sweetly fell asleep on the job!

Keep up the good work. Take care.

Binky the new Garden Assistant

6th May 2020

Enid Southgate wrote to me:

I enjoy reading the blog. The Welsh Terrier breed is interesting. I enclose my picture of Kevin in relaxing mode. After I saw Alys, I realised it must be in the WT genes!.

Norman is recovering from his fall in the woods - a bit more cautious! I was just so relieved and proud that Kevin, although free to take off, chose to come back to Norman and stand next to him whilst he got himself together.

Chris and Lesley Hurley:

Alys can always find a sunny spot!

And nothing's changed! The photo below was taken in September 2009!!!!!

8th May 2020 VE Day!

We got up really early this morning. Daisy was first one out into the garden to reserve her sunbed!

We walked CJ and Daisy to our local village, to buy some produce for the weekend. We are very lucky to have a brilliant butchers shop which is also a bakery and delicatessen. Then it was back home and time to put up the bunting for VE day. Look out for my dear friend Iris, 97 years old who's been on the BBC news, with our choir leader Michael Fricker. She'll be leading us by singing We'll Meet Again. I've known Iris for many years and she's always smiling and full of fun. Absolutely amazing and never seems to change, except maybe she's a little deaf these days. They made them tough in their generation!

VE Day

Lynn French:

Sophie has had an exhausting day of celebrations!

Judith Berg :

We had a delightful afternoon with our neighbours and met some we didn't know. Delivered a plate to each house (having arranged who was doing what) and retreated. Then we had tea on our drives and shouted over the fence and across the road. Got funny looks from some passers by, but they often stopped for a chat- at a distance. We left Evie on the lawn but she took exception at being left out and I took this which shows her hoovering up any crumbs.

CJ & Daisy practicing social distancing on the lawn

10th May 2020

John Barritt:

Tea Break for Oscar the gardener

Simon Clough sent this video of Barley who was dragging her paws but after much encouragement perked up.

CJ & Daisy

After walk treats for CJ & Daisy

I love to hear that crunching sound.

Richard & Mandy Clements:

Thank you for all the clips and information you send through, they make me laugh. Thought you might like this video of our garden helper Kobi. He is obsessed with digging and we have to keep shutting him behind the gate where he stands and whimpers!

11th May 2020

Karen Over:

Bruno relaxing during Lockdown

David Morgan asked:

Jack now being seven, is technically I suppose a veteran. He has eaten Barking Heads kibble for adult dogs, happily, for some years. (about 100 grams a day) with 3 Hills dental biscuits. Do you and other members change diet at this stage as the dog food manufacturers seem to suggest?

Editors reply:

David and I were advised by our vet to change to a senior dog food diet a couple of years ago. CJ is now 9 yrs old & Daisy is 8. I know there is an old adage of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" but in this situation I think it's sensible to switch to a senior dog food. What do other members think?

Jan Chamberlain:

I don't think little dogs age as quickly as larger dogs. I didn't change Willow's food to senior until she was almost 10 yrs old. If it was Izzy (Airedale) I would consider changing her food around 7 or 8. It's a personal choice and also take into account how active the dog is. If your dog is still lively and using up a lot of calories I'd leave him as he is for now. Hope this is of help.

Judith Berg:

We have always fed our dogs on Burns dry food. They don't have separate senior food , just recommend reducing the amount for an older dog and ours have always been ok with that.

Sandra Kisby:

As I feed Bertie raw food and he will be 8 in July, I am wondering whether this change would apply across the board no matter what the diet is. Does anyone know?

Editors Note:

I guess common sense prevails when you see your dog is slowing down, then give him less calories or he'll start putting on weight. But you can always pose this question to your Vet and the dog food manufacturers to see what they advise.

Meanwhile Jack is having an early morning swing with Jan. I think he's rather enjoying it!

14th May2020


I know this may seem weird, but during Lockdown period, I realised that I hadn't really looked around our garden. I never really take the time to just stop and stare. Whilst David does an excellent job in maintaining the lawn and the Koi Carp, the plants have been left to get on with it and have gone ballistic. The other day he asked me to go and look at a pretty plant right at the end of the garden. It is hidden by the curving of the Koi pond so you have to walk round to see it. I was gobsmacked ! What a beautiful display. I hadn't got a clue what it was called but have since found out it is an "Old fashioned Weigela" I couldn't resist taking a photo and of course included the pirates!

Sandra Kisby:

This is an extract from a poem "Verse for a certain dog!" by Dorothy Parker, which was in my dog magazine.

Whatever is, is good - your gracious creed You wear your joy of living like a crown Love lights your simplest act, your every deed ( drop it, I tell you - put that kitten down!) You are god's kindliest gift of all - a friend. Your shining loyalty unflecked by doubt, You ask but leave to follow to the end. ( couldn't you wait until I took you out? )


I was wondering if any of your dogs keep pulling your arm for attention. Daisy does this a lot. Especially if I'm reading the newspaper. I took a very short video of her giving me "the look" and then bashing my arm with her paws. I think it's called "being thugged!"

17th May 2020

Jan Chamberlain:

Hello! Hope you are all keeping well. Willow does a similar thing to Daisy. It's more like a drop kick on my leg.. It's when she wants my attention for a stroke. Of course she gets one, especially when I'm having my morning coffee. We too have Weigela in our garden, it can certainly put on a display of flowers.

I have finally got the girls booked in with the groomer, but they are not going for a couple of weeks. Willow's going first so she doesn't have to wait around, followed by Izzy. Willow hasn't been groomed by Kate since before she had her stroke (early March) so she really needs doing. Of course we've brushed her out and bathed her etc. She could look a whole lot worse. Izzy was due to be stripped out the week of Lockdown. We have been stripping her coat but Kate can get a lot more out than we can.

Take care, hope Neile is keeping well, we'll be out clapping tonight.


Neile always has cuddles when she comes back from her shift. CJ is happy to oblige.

Meanwhile it seems Daisy and Captain Jack know that they can relax their social distancing rules!!

This morning I received news from Kaye (our treasurer) that we have a new member. So a very big welcome from us all to you, Eleri Morgan, who is owned by 4 year old Welsh Terrier Mali. They live in Eltham so hopefully when it's safe for us all to meet, we can introduce ourselves in the flesh, maybe on one of our rambles. We look forward to hearing all about Mali and please don't hesitate to send in your photos.

We hope you enjoy being one of our gang Eleri. If you need to know anything please don't hesitate to ask. Send any emails to me (secretary)

Eva Daley:

Just sunbathing...enjoying the sun xxx

Oh Gertie, after all you've been through, you still look adorable!

David Morgan:

Thanks to members thoughts regarding food for more senior dogs. Jack is still like a rocket - unlike his owners- so will keep him on current diet for a while yet, but gradually reduce quantity.

Welcome new member / glad to see another Morgan!!

Jan and David Morgan

18th May 2020

Jan Chamberlain:

Welcome to Weltos Eleri. We'll see you up the park soon, now we can get out more!

Kaye Attoe:

Somebody feeling very sorry for himself! He growled at me on Saturday whilst trying to get a piece of hair caught in his nail, which was most unusual, he can be very picky with some other dogs but is the most loving boy ever where we’re concerned, but while looking closer I noticed his first nail was very swollen and he’d been licking it constantly that morning, but obviously the vets had closed for the weekend by 12 when I rang to talk to them. So I bathed it with hibiscub, but wasn’t happy to leave it till Monday so called our vets out of hours number who arranged for me to take Teddy in first thing Sunday morning. No food in case the nail needed to be taken off, anyway luckily he has an infected nail bed so was given an antibiotic injection, pain relief jab, 2 weeks worth of antibiotics, & worming tablets I’d booked an appointment for on Tuesday for both dogs for 6 months and only a bill of. £89. How amazing was that when I’ve been before at a weekend and been charged £200 just for an out of hours appointment! (Obviously not the same vets as we have changed) And what made it better was I had the vet we always ask for who knows her stuff, and said Teddy was an angel, he didn’t even growl and they are very painful according to our vet! What a little star you are little man, the nail that he was growling over had split but just needed to be clipped off luckily it was split low down so not to much of an issue, what a hardy breed our Welshies are never showing pain unless it’s truly truly major! Your a true little star and did yourself proud today Teddy! X

Editor: Ouch! What a good boy you are Teddy!

Meanwhile, CJ & Daisy are both trying to catch that sunbeam!

Jan Chamberlain:

Get well soon little Teddy! I'm more worried about Tony! He's been stuck on that sofa ( See top photo) for over a fortnight! Perhaps he can get out in the garden now Lockdown has eased a little :)

See you all soon I hope.

22nd MAY 2020

Lorraine & Peter Thompson:

We had to say goodbye to Oscar last week. He was 12 1/2 years old but we already miss him! Hope to see you soon. We must come to the Xmas party this year - if Boris allows us!

Best Wishes

Editor: Really sorry to hear this. On behalf of Weltos, please accept our condolences. I'm sure Oscar will be meeting up with all his old Weltos buddies over the rainbow bridge. I am really hoping we may have the Xmas party. Finger crossed. For those newer members....Peter and Lorraine are one of the longest serving members of our club. The may not be able to make all of the events lately, but always have the courtesy to keep in touch and let me know what's going on with them. Big hugs through the ether.

Karen Fortune:

Taliesin is 20 months old now and a dog and a half, so different to the previous three! He really is special, if not naughty, little boy. He's not a fan of Lockdown, obviously rules are far more strict than engerland. We can't fo to the beach, even though nearest is just 2 miles ( police are sending people home) so we're making do with walks around the castle etc ( not too shabby). He has his boomer ball which he loves and which frustrates the hell out of him but a good run on the beach would be more welcome!

Editors Note:

Thank you Karen for your lovely and encouraging messages for Neile re her shifts at the hospital. (Karen keeps in touch even though she lives in Pembrokshire and I don't get to see her these days.)

The pirates look after Neile very well when she's finished her shifts. I took this shot in the lovely sunshine, the other day. I hadn't realised its looks a bit burlesque!!! Neile was actually wearing a sundress!


A very warm welcome to new members Shannon, Nick and new fur baby Toby!

Nick with Toby's mom Curly!

Shannon with a smiley Toby. What a little cutie!!

Shannon writes:

I hope this email finds you well and that you're keeping safe during these uncertain times.

By way of introduction, my husband, Nick and I (Shannon) are the proud owners of Toby, our handsome Welsh Terrier. We don't have any kids yet, and he's our first and only dog. He'll be 15 weeks this Saturday. He hails from Hay on Wye in actual Wales. We live in London and we were so thankful to have been able to get him prior to the lockdown and we couldn't imagine life without him.

I'd been looking to find Welsh Terrier groups to join and came across Weltos. I downloaded the Membership form, but we don't have a printer at home, so I hope you don't mind I re-created the form (with the little logo and all) to be able to send your way.

Please find attached our Membership form, along with some photos of our darling Toby (one with Nick and Toby's Mom, Curly, when we went up to meet him and see him interact with his Mom, and a more recent photo of Toby with me).

We're happy to pay our £10 fee online, but we just wanted to check to see if there was anything else we needed to do to become a Member before we paid the fee.

Thanks so much and we wish you a very happy bank holiday weekend. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up with all of you soon when things return back to normal!

Kind Regards

Shannon & Nick

23rd MAY 2020

Judith Berg:

A big welcome to our new members! Weltos has been a huge help to us over the years that we've been members. The practical help and advice is invaluable and the gatherings memorable. Ours is a wonderful breed and it is great to see so many puppies - aren't they irresistible.

Really sorry to hear about Oscar. He will have left a big hole in your lives but will always be with you.

Judith, Alan, & Evie (aka Houdini)

Jan Chamberlain:

So sorry to hear of Oscar passing away. We wish Lorraine and Peter well.

A big welcome to Shannon, Nick and hairy bear Toby. He looks a lovely pup. The photo of Toby and his mam with the mountains in the background makes me want to get out walking again. (Great area for walking)

We must be patient. hope to meet up soon.

Jan, Nigel. WT Willow and Izzy Airedale

Editors note: You could certainly have a cwtch with that little one. ( Cwtch is a cuddle or hug in Welsh) I learnt this from Gavin and Stacey! We used to live in Billericay before we moved to Kent and got a Welsh terrier, so I was immediately attracted to this fantastic series.

If we get the go ahead, we will try and arrange another get together in North Norfolk. Think positive.

25th MAY 2020

Phew its hot! I've been leaving my grooming table out in the garden during this brilliant weather. This morning I thought I'd treat the pirates (Captain Jack and Daisy) to a spa session. After using the slicker brush to get tangles out of their furnishings, I then used the comb to give that nice effect that I talked about on the grooming blog. Both dogs paws were quite hairy between their pads so I gave them a nice trim. Then I clipped off the ends of their nails and finished by giving them a file. I gave them a comb all over, making sure I removed any debris from the corner of their eyes. CJ needs an ear washed out regularly.....prevention is better than stop the itching.

How are you all coping? For those who take their dogs to the groomers, have you managed to get them done?

On social media I've noticed people have been posting little videos of their dogs being told to wait and leave the titbit until they're told to take it. I've never had a problem with teaching my dogs that. But here's a little story about our first Welsh Terrier, George.

Neile (our daughter) was around 10/11 years old when we first got George. She used to teach him all sorts. He could catch biscuits, roll over on command, dance on his hind legs and sing for Wales whenever the telephone rang. He was brilliant at agility, made it to the top class in obedience and won many rosettes at dog shows (even though he had a kink in his tail!) He never minded being dressed up and he and Neile were the very best of friends.

One day I left Neile and George together, while I popped to the shops. I must have been gone about an hour. When I came back I found George "playing dead" on the kitchen rug and on closer inspection there was a titbit inches from his nose. I called out to Neile, who had gone upstairs to her room, to ask how long George had been lying there with a titbit in front of his nose? Neile replied " Ooops, I told him to play dead and then leave the titbit, then I forgot to tell him to take it! That was about an hour ago!!!!!!"

I then quickly said "Take it!" George sprang to life, wagging his tail and demolished that titbit. That obedience training kicked in that day.....but as you know, if they don't feel like it, they won't do it!

26th MAY 2020

Received a message form Kaye Attoe for Peter and Lorraine Thompson:

We're so sorry to hear about Oscar. We offer our sincere condolences. You must be heartbroken.

Jan Chamberlain:

Thought you would like to see the before and after pictures of the girls. Willow was due a haircut early March but had a stroke so was too poorly to go to the groomer. Izzy was due to go for her stripping early April so that didn't happen. So here are the girls before and after......while I still look like a shaggy dog!!!

Before. Jan with Willow on her lap and Izzy Airedale. The Hairy Bears!

Willow After haircut.

Izzy after her haircut.

Editors Note: Phew I bet they are glad to be rid of all that fur in this heat!

Jan Chamberlain :

We couldn't believe the amount of hair on the groomer's floor when we picked Izzy up yesterday. Boy, do they feel better for their groom. Willow's been rolling around on her back in the grass and Izzy.....well I did think she was getting podgy under all that coat. But as you can see, she's still lovely and slim.

I had to buy some mossie repellant this morning as the gnats are eating me alive up the park in the early mornings. Never used to get bitten but it seems now they find me tasty. I hope the spray wins the fight to keep them away from my legs.

(Editors Note: Avon do a citronella spray which worked for me when I was in Barbados!)

I think the country parks have now opened their car parks but not cafe's yet, so things are slowly returning. Take care in the sun.


Editor's Note:

I think the economy needs to get back on track but I still think people need to be very sensible and social distance themselves as best they can. Fingers crossed we don't have a second wave of this killer virus.

Shannon Santiago:

Thank you Patsy! You've been wonderful and we've received the password and the fun emails too :)

We actually ventured to the dog park at the Imperial War Museum this weekend to reunite Toby with his one and only sibling, his sister Lola. They both found new homes in London and Lola lives in Waterloo. They had the best time playing and sharing a stick.

I told them about Weltos and sent them the link to the website, so I think they'll be joining as well!! Hope your weekend was wonderful!

Kind regards


Well, look at these two cutie pies!!! Makes me want a fur puppy all over again! Aren't they adorable? Let's hope Lola will be joining us soon! Honestly though, has this just brought a big fat smile to your face?

27th MAY 2020

Woke up this beautiful morning to realise that our eldest daughter is 50 today! Where did all that time go?

I've heard from Sandra. ( Sandra Kisby our Chairman) She reckons poor Bertie has suffered her haircut and brushing out, but she thinks she's not much good at it and he is a bit like a wool jumper that has been put on a boil wash!!!! Her groomer is certainly going to earn her fee this time! She thinks Bertie will be much happier and once shorn professionally she won't be so embarrassed to take him out!

Editors Note: At least you tried and if it's any consolation, the Welsh terrier is one of the hardest breeds to trim. So well done. Don't give up!

Judith Berg:

Went for an early walk in the meadows - lovely long, wet grass with buttercups etc. We both loved it and when I came back, I put the lounger up and got the cushion out, thinking I could relax in the garden for a bit. Before I could do the cushion ties, "you know who" beat me to it and wouldn't budge!

Evie on the sun lounger

Evie is saying "Aha , got there before you! Best get another chair out?"" Great photo!

Well done Evie, good job. Loving the classy sit position!

Scylla Bridger:

Many thanks for the May Blog.....we were so sorry to hear the sad news of Oscar though.

We particularly enjoyed looking at all the photos and video clips. What little sweeties these puppies are

(Toby and Lola scroll up to see .)

I eventually plucked up courage and had a go at trimming Binky. I'm pleased to say that we've both survived the experience! What a patient little girl she was bless her. She very obligingly kept still whilst I took my time fiddling around. Looking at her now, I think I could have taken much more off. Better safe than sorry. Thanks so much for all your grooming guidance which was a HUGE help.

With love


Binky after her haircut

Editors Note:

Hang on.....what's that noise I can hear? Oh I think it's the sound of all our members clapping at what is a remarkable first go at trimming!!!!! No-one on here will be judging anyone else for mistakes made, only praise for your efforts. I spent time on the phone trying to tell Scylla how to trim. It's really difficult as I've always found the best way is to show someone in person. It doesn't matter if it's not perfect...the general public love them whatever they look like! But to keep them looking smart and hygienic does take work and the dogs love it after their trim. They tend to walk around like they are King of the Terriers...which isn't quite true as Airedales are, but I won't tell them if you don't!

Binky has been shown, in fact she was made up a Champion! Therefore she would have been used to being told to stand still while she was stripped out. So that is a bonus.

But it's obvious to me that Scylla has really bonded with Binky, who she rehomed just a short while ago and that trust between dog and owner has shone through with Scylla's trimming success. Just do bits at a time now Scylla, to keep it down as the hair seems to grow quite fast at times.

Many thanks for members kind remarks with regards to the jokes and fun facts I'm sending during Lockdown, to make us all smile. Some of you are taking some of the facts to quizzes they attend online.

So far only two members opted out of receiving these and I reiterate that I did not take this personally and understand that not everybody wishes to receive these fun emails.

Looking through at some of these photos I think I have some good shots for the calendar this year don't you?

Meanwhile enjoy this beautiful weather , look after your dogs and please stay safe.

Jan Chamberlain:

Wow!!!! Don't those pups (Toby & Lola) make your broody?

Sandra Kisby:

Anyone got any information on NEXGUARD SPECTRE? i asked my vet to post me a tick collar to Norfolk for Bertie and the nurse suggested the chewable tablet that covers fleas, lung worm and ticks. i gave him one but then apparently there are all sorts of drawbacks to this way of dealing with parasites as you are putting medication INTO the body rather than ONTO the outside skin. Bertie is now due another and am erring on the side of caution and just giving him advocate and have a tick remover to hand. If anyone has any more information on this I would appreciate it before I buy the collar.

Clare Ward:

A message from Bertie...... (Clare rehomed him remember?)

Dear Aunty Patsy,

Sorry I haven't written for ages but I've been having so much fun. I thought you might like to see me in my new pool, which is the best fun!

I am all settled in although I think I must be an inch or two shorter that when I arrived due to all the walking we do. I am looking like a hairy bear because I haven't been able to go to the groomers. I've heard tell that they're going to be ordering tools and following your instructions if this goes on much longer, so you might not recognise me next time you see me.

They've asked me to send you their love and to say they hope you're doing well. Will be in touch soon.

Love and licks.

Bertie Bear....not to be confused with Bertie Bonzo Kisby!!! Too see video click on link below;

Editors Note:

Oh Bertie, this is great news. I wish I could give you a great big hug! Just thought I'd let you know that Captain Jack decided to refresh his pirating ways yesterday. I put a mini pork pie on a plate with some coleslaw and beetroot, on the kitchen table, turned my back for a second, turned round to see CJ legging it out of the kitchen and smacking his lips. Needless to say, there was only half a pork pie left on the plate!!

31st MAY 2020

So we come to the end of May and it looks like we are gradually being let out of our houses and can visit friends and family. I hope and pray that this is not too soon. Be alert!

This is the last posting in the may Blogs.

John Barritt:

Oscar is a mean card player!!!

It's been a surreal time, but I look forward to more news and photos for the June Blog!

I love photos of our Welsh Terriers. They always seem to capture a certain cheekiness about them as well as many other qualities and I for one, can't get enough of seeing all your photos, so please keep sending them in. Stay safe.