Confession Time!!!!

David and Jan Morgan receiving the Weltos Achievement Trophy from Sandra Kisby, our Chairman.

I received a hilarious message from David Morgan and he's very kindly let me publish it.

He wrote this message to me:

Confession Time!

The Saturday after the Weltos Christmas Party, I took the Weltos Cup to my dog training class for bragging rights. (The other dogs are a chocolate Labrador, Airedale, Italian Spinone, Retriever, Newfoundland and all spare parts, so we know we are superior although shorter!).

Unfortunately, on the way home, I broke the cup! I felt so embarrassed having only just drafted and then signed the rules for the protection of the club silverware, including as to returning in good repair. You may remember that I emailed you for the name of the company where you acquired the cup which you kindly supplied, probably thinking I needed one for another sport or for the family.

I rang the trophy company and they found your order for Weltos Achievement Cup and duly supplied another! Phew!

Will return in due course but my conscience is now clear.

Warm regards


Editors Note:

I remember David emailing me but I had no idea why he wanted to contact the Trophy Company and actually didn't even wonder why!!! It would have been tricky for him if I had! I think this is hilarious although David must have felt awkward at the time. All's well that ends well!

Meanwhile little Gertie has at last woken up and is ready for her screen test Mr DeMille!

Lockdown activities at The Meechams:

I think more practice is needed!!!

Walkies with Daisy and CJ during Lockdown

CJ isn't always lazy!! He just perked up here.

Grooming comments:

Judith Berg:

Love the blog and keeping up to date with everyone. You are quite right how we are discovering the best in people.

I too got the clippers out and tossed my mind back 19 years to when we first brought Kate to grooming sessions. Now we have a new bathroom I can bath Evie because the side is low. I must say I did a better job than the groomers, but they just do a general trim, not a WT trim.

Unfortunately the groom has "gone to pot" as we have a poorly girl. At first I thought Evie had eaten something really nasty and it was taking a long time to get back to normal, but the diarrhoea and vomiting just got worse and I had to take her to the vet. (even though we are self isolating because Alan is super vulnerable). I had to ring them from the car park, get out of the car and the vet came out to speak to me from a distance, all masked up and she took Evie from the car- good system.

They thought it was a severe colitis case and gave her an anti biotic jab and anti-vomiting jab, then sent me home with tablets and instructions to put her on very small bland meals (also took a blood sample). Had a very bad night so was back the next day they put her on fluids drip, plus more jabs. She perked up after that but once the injections wore off she was worse again- still not eating food but eating grass and passing bloody mucous. Back again and this time they gave her a steroid injection and steroid pills and antacid pills (the same ones the doctor prescribed for me!!) These have helped and a week on she has improved but is still not back to "normal". The bloods came back normal so she hasn't addison's or pancreatitis or anything they could identify. We will gradually reduce the steroid pills and will have to see what happens then . Just what we needed in Lockdown! Trust our Evie to be different.

Apart from that we are enjoying the sunshine and spring flowers.

Stay safe and well.


Jan Chamberlain:

We've been watching some of Dave and Rachels video of grooming tutorials. There's some lovely looking dogs in it. The Welshie Skye, well, I've never seen one with dreadlocks before! Unbelievable how easy the hair actually came out. Will watch another instalment tomorrow.

Can't believe how much David has changed since the first time I met him. It was the first Summer Picnic after we got Willow, so that must have been about 13 years ago. How time flies when you have a Welshie.

Take care we'll be clapping on Thursday night!


Paul & Eva Daley sent this photo of Gertie, who is just admiring the Broom!

Editors Note: Splendid!!

Chris & Lesley Hurley write:

Thanks for all the videos of active WT's, where did we go wrong?

Go Alys!!!! Just look at that face. This made me smile!!!!

More relaxed dogs! Here is Captain Jack having a lovely dream. Look at the tail!

I bet he's dreaming of Alys ever since he spotted her on here!

The amount of pollen over the last couple of weeks has been horrendous for us hay fever sufferers. It is much cooler today and it's lovely to see CJ nice and relaxed as he has had an attack of the itchy scratchy's during this month! I've started him on Yumega Oil as advised by Jan Chamberlain and together with his Yumove biscuits for his joints he seems to be doing well. He has never had any wounds from the hot spots but I could see he was uncomfortable. If this little video is anything to go by, I am certain he is feeling a lot less agitated.

Sylvia Turner sent this poem in:

Do you recognise this man?

I wandered lonely as a cloud

Two metres from the madding crowd

When all at once my name was called

To enter Waitrose hallowed hall.

This was the pensioner's special hour

I'd gone to get a bag of flour.

But I forgot, when through the door,

what I had gone to Waitrose for.

The Waitrose staff are very kind,

I told them it had slipped my mind.

They asked what else I had forgot

They clearly thought I'd lost the plot.

I phoned my wife again to ask

She reminded me of this special task.

"I need some flour to bake a cake

With all that cream you made me take."

"Ah yes I recall" I had to lie.

I dared not ask what flower to buy.

But then I saw them next to the tills,

a bunch of golden daffodils.


Scylla Bridger:

28th April 2020

Thanks so much for all the news, updates , grooming advice etc and so lovely to see all the photos and videos coming through.

What an amazing achievement Captain Tom & the choir have made....very well done Neile, what a special event to be involved with.

What a difference a day makes! We've just returned from a rather wet muddy walk.... a bit of a shock after all the glorious dry weather we've been enjoying.

It was well worth the effort of braving the rain even though we had a rather filthy little Binky to deal with by the time we got home. I'm pleased to say she's all clean and dry with "furnishings" fluffed back up! I used the Palmers stay in conditioner recommended, certainly helps to disperse the tangles with the added bonus of smelling nice too!

I'm off now to tackle a huge pile of ironing...a job I've been putting off for a day like today. I've got a rather sweet board cover (courtesy John Lewis if anyone is interested) which should help to make the task more enjoyable.!!!

Thanks again, stay safe

With Love John & Scylla

Editors Note: I love it!!!

Lovely Binky, what a fine set of furnishings you have!

I just had to share this with you. David is always keeping his eye on the weather reports, so our walks are done with military precision and timing. Today the sun was shining but we knew rain was on the way, so dogs leads were duly clipped on and off we went.

We rounded the corner and there in the hedge, hovering in the sunshine, was what looked like a mutant coronavirus!!!

Sandra Kisby:

Thank you so much for the blog. I look forward to it every day.

At the end of January I damaged the cartilage in my knee and was on steroids from February. We set off for Norfolk on 19th March and Lockdown came on the 21st!

I'm not complaining as it's a very nice place to be, however, no dog walker was in place to help me as I'm hobbling around and was told to rest knee whilst awaiting a scan and planned injection into knee- all on hold due to coronavirus.

The neighbours here have been great though. We are in a very small road with just 4 houses each side and offers to walk Bertie were unstinting. Unfortunately, Bertie decided he didn't want to walk with our very kind neighbours, opposite and refused to go! It was embarrassing as I ended up dragging him over the kitchen floor to go walkies with them. They returned him after 10 minutes saying he refused to walk. ( Editors Note: Some of us know that WT action very well. If they don't want to walk they won't! The little pickles!)

I took him round the block for a few days and tried playing ball with him in the garden but he thought the idea was that I threw it and then he ran and sat by it and I ran and got it back! So that was a no go as well!

The window cleaner's wife with an adorable little dog, a Jack Russell, Norfolk terrier cross, (whom Bertie took a shine to) said she would give it a go. All went well for 5 days until the dominant Welshie came out in Bertie and he started barging dear Emily, chasing Pippin and in his excitement, nipping rear end!

Pippin was frightened and so sweet and would never retaliate. Bertie does this. He knows it is not permitted. He knows that if he does, he must sit and go straight back on the lead. However, if he detects a chink in his walker's demeanour, he is straight in there trying to be top dog and rule the roost. Emily has now been told at the slightest sign of wickedness, the lead goes back on. These dogs are so smart and of course we all love them for the glint in their eyes when they are plotting mischief and they never miss a trick!


Karen Jackson:

Thank you for keeping us entertained. The music video is fabulous.

Mappa is coping well with Lockdown and is not missing her regular trips on different forms of Public Transport but I am sure she will readjust to buses and trains if and when we ever get back to normality.

She sends her regards to Daisy and CJ (and also to Eddie and a bark to Bertie) I attach a photo of Mappa having a good scratch on my settee following a walk. She is looking forward to going to the groomer and getting rid of her excess fur!

Thanks a lot.


Paul and Eva Daley:

I have just had my haircut. What do you think? Do I look pretty or what? Love Gertie xx

Editor's Note: Dear Gertie, as always, you look absolutely gorgeous!!! Your mum and dad should be very proud!

I was worried about Evie, so asked Judith Berg how she was doing:


Good news. Evie is much better, Steroids were reduced to one a day and I think that is why she is no longer lethargic and enjoying her walks. She lost a lot of weight so looks svelte! Keeping her on a bland diet and we are gradually reducing the steroids. Hoping she will be ok when they are finished and can get back on her dry food.

Hope you and the pirates are well. I don't know how I would cope without Evie to take out.

Editors Note:

We are all fine. The pirates are getting lots of cuddles and I am trying to think of things to stimulate them. They seem to be absolutely fine. They are lucky as their doggie buddies are still walking around the park so they can have a good old sniff and wag of the tails and a catch up on their wee mails!

Love to you all and stay safe!