Happy Easter to all Weltos members!

Happy happy Easter to all Weltos members. Keep safe and love your dogs.x

The very best Easter wishes from Captain Jack and Daisy

Tony & Kaye Attoe:

Have a lovely Easter, huge hugs and stay safe.

The Attoes x

Kay Pennycott:

Happy Easter to you all. Sweet Easter video.

Kay, Martin & Isla xxx

Jan Chamberlain:

Happy Easter! I think the dog in the Easter video you sent looks like Izzy with that soppy look on it's face. Hope Neile is keeping well. Take care all of you.

Editors note:

I have been passing on your lovely messages to Neile. Here she is after a tiring night shift, getting her usual hugs and cuddles of comfort from Daisy. CJ gives lovely cuddles too but Daisy has the extra special cuddly something!!

Scylla Bridger writes:

Happy Easter!

Though I think not being able to meet up with friends and family this year is going to make it a very strange one for us all. Like you we have a wonderful medic in the family...they are all doing such an amazing job under very difficult circumstances. We pray they all stay safe and know how much they are appreciated & respected together with the rest of those out there sacrificially providing a service for us all. Andy our son in law is an anaesthetist at Southampton & has to wear all the PPE gear for hours at a time in theatre. He said the worst thing is the heat & not being able to drink. Patsy thanks so much for all the info you’ve been sending through. It’s greatly appreciated...you’re a gem Scylla & John Bridger x

Lovely photo of Gertie sent in by Paul and Eva Daley. "Mum, Where's my Easter Eggs?"