April Blog

Enid sent these lovely shots of her daughter's horses, dogs and pig. Plenty of things to get up to there during Lockdown I should think. Anyway, Enid thought that looking at these lovely photos would give us some light relief.

Loving that pig!! Oh and the chihuahuas.

What beautiful creatures horses are.

Hahaha, this little chihuahua is fearless! Still loving that pig!

Sandra Kisby sent this:

We fell asleep in one world and woke up in another!

Suddenly Disney is out of magic,

Paris is no longer romantic,

New York doesn't stand up anymore,

the Chinese wall is no longer a fortress,

and Mecca is empty.

Hugs and kisses suddenly become weapons and not

visiting parents & friends becomes an act of love.

Suddenly you realise the power, beauty & money are worthless

and you can't get the oxygen you're fighting for.

The world continues its life and it is beautiful. It only puts humans in cages.

I think its sending us a message:

"You are not necessary. The air, earth. water and sky

without you are fine. When you come back, remember

that you are my guests, not my masters!"

By Unknown Writer

Sandra informed me that she'd entered a country wide competition organised by Honey's Raw Dog Food. The remit was to write about the best dog book you have read and this she did but in terms of how it related to training Welsh terriers in general and Bertie's antics as a Welsh terrier in particular - obviously the best breed EVER. Who wants a docile lap dog? Anyway, she's only gone and won it!!!! I'm hoping she comes across her piece so she can share it with us.

Sandra's original email to me:

I have moved Bertie onto Honey’s raw dog food and so far his ears, itchy paws and scabs on his body under his fur have improved. I also suggested this to Oscar’s owners when they were in dire straits with him, they put him on Honeys and they reported back to me an 80% improvement. A News Letter came with the delivery of the food and there was a competition to write about the best dog book anyone had read. I zipped off a quick response and the book I chose was called "Sleeping With Dogs" by Brian Sewell and I included a short break down on Bertie’s antics and my relationship with Brian Sewell. After I read the book I was so impressed I wrote to Brian Sewell to tell him how helpful his book was and described my Bertie and Welsh Terriers in general never expecting to hear anymore. However, I received a long hand written reply from Brian saying that he was terminally ill and that my description of Welsh Terriers had made him chuckle which he hadn’t done for a long time, thanking me for cheering him up and wishing me all the best with Bertie who sounded the perfect companion for me. He was sorry not to have me for lunch! Bertie then sent Brian some spring flowers to cheer him up and he died shortly after. The OWNER of the Honey's Dog Food emailed me to say he too knew Brian and agreed that he was such a kind and knowledgeable man regarding dogs not just Art , Bertie is receiving free Beautiful Joe’s Dog Treats and other goodies with his next order. PLUS, and this is the bit I want to discuss with you, he has asked me if I would like to put an advertisement for WELTOS in their News Letter, would I write an article on Welsh Terriers and WELTOS for them to publish and finally would I like them to donate a prize for any events we organise! I told him I would get back to him. I don’t know but suspect the prize is bound to be some of their dog food as good chance for them to promote it - it is very good however. Probably not get round to writing an article but if you had some of the early Bertie as a puppy ones or even "Bertie Bonzo has a good week” and you think it is appropriate and helpful to WELTOS I will consider submitting that. He has given me his PRIVATE email for my reply. What you think?

Editors Note:

I am happy for you to submit an article and have no objection to Honey's Food putting an ad for Weltos in their Newsletter. What do other members think? A nice article to read during these tough times.

Kaye Attoe:

Well done to Sandra. She must be delighted and I think she should write the piece, it will give her something to do in Lockdown. Any bits for raffles would be fab for Weltos and may give anyone whose dogs have itchy skin , where nothing else works, would be a nice idea.We still struggle with both of ours but Teddy is much worse than Maisie, which is why his beard is totally non existent.

Fab video of Binky and what super re-call, they have obviously worked very hard and it's paying off. Congratulations to them. They deserve it.

Hope Neile is staying well and you're all keeping safe. Sending you huge Easter hugs, take care and look after yourselves.

Scylla and John Bridger have been working on Binky's recall. Here she is, off the lead and coming when called, then sitting for a treat. Very well done guys! Just be careful as sometimes they decide to do their own thing....which makes it even more wonderful when they do, do it!