What are you lot getting up to now we have Lockdown? David Morgan sent me this gorgeous photo of Jan and Jack with Knebworth House in the background.

David writes:

I've been a Trustee of the charitable trust that looks after Knebworth House, one of only two stately homes in Hertfordshire, for 25 years.

It's the home of rock concerts and much filming - we are often Sandringham or Balmoral in The Crown.

Jan and I still take walks in the grounds. Thought members might like to see Jan and Jack with house in the background.

Would make a lovely Weltos walk in the future, if we could persuade you southerners north of the Thames, with a dog friendly pub nearby! Take a look at our website.

Best Wishes to all.

David, Jan & Jack.

Editors Note:

I think The Meechams are persuaded! Roll on normality!

Sue Foreman writes :

Here is Bertie in his favourite position, lying in the sun in the garden!

Best Wishes Sue

Editors Note: What's all this fuss about self isolation?

John Barritt writes:

We are fine and hopefully the same with you. Oscar is having lots of playtime in the garden with his bubbles!

Replies to clips and jokes sent by email:

Karen Jackson writes:

Thank you for the quizzes and clips. Can we have the answers please as I couldn't get some of them?

Mappa sends love to you, CJ and Daisy. Mappa is well as are Bob and I, although a little put out as she was due to be at the groomers this week, but it was cancelled. She is beginning to look like a sheep!

Editors Note:

Well I can see me doing a trimming lesson online!

Jenny Carr:

Thanks for the cockatoos clip. You reminded me I have it saved somewhere and watch it when I come across it. Always makes me laugh. Keep them coming.

Had a nice walk in the woods today. Lovely warm sunshine. Best wishes to everybody. Thank goodness we have dogs.

Jenny and Eddie

Tracey Brown writes:

Cockatoos....Oh Pat that is so funny!!!

John Barritt:


Judith Berg:

Without Evie to go walkies with, I am sure I would be climbing the walls by now. I even miss going to the super market! She is a real little mate and I think was pleased when I got the clippers out and gave her a hair cut yesterday. The good thing is now that we have a new bathroom it is much easier to bathe her. Seems clipping makes them need bathing more often, Do you agree? (Editors Note: This could be true as a wiry coat throws off the dirt, whereas a softer, clipped coat draws the dirt in.)

Katie and Archie ( Judith's previous Welsh terriers) had an annual bath (apart from a bit of spot washing when Archie rolled in his favourite fox poo)

Evie has very sensitive ears and hates noise, so she is relishing the quietness. We are near two private airfields so get a constant stream of small planes (jet and prop) not to mention the noisiest of all HELICOPTERS. (Editors Note: Know exactly what you mean as we are close to Biggin Hill aerodrome)

It is sad to see the recreation ground deserted with the playground closed and the tennis courts empty, but it is a good place to walk at the moment.

Our village shops are all doing home deliveries now for us self isolating, so when we can't get a supermarket delivery, we are ok. Our neighbours are terrific and there is a network of people in the village running errands and checking up on people. After talking to my fiends in the US, I feel very proud of our country.

Keep up the good work


Editors Note:

Re: The Big Clap for the NHS...I have passed on all your lovely regards for Neile. She really is truly grateful, as am I and David.

Jan Chamberlain:

We were surprised at the amount of people that turned out on our street, it does bring a lump to your throat. I wonder where people got fireworks from? We had them going off in the next street. Our dogs were not affected by them. Maybe it was because there were only a few of them and they didn't last long. Stay safe Neile.

Karen Jackson:

Thanks for your efforts to keep us cheered. Mappa is very grateful for all the help in entertaining me. My best wishes to your family and many thanks to your daughter and all her colleagues.

Karen Over:

Please give our love to Neile. We met her when we first got Bruno. Our thoughts are with you all during this troubled time.

Scylla and John Bridger:

What challenging times....It certainly made us stop and appreciate all the people and things that so often we take for granted.

Thanks so much for all the effort you've put into cheering us along the way bless you.

Binky continues to delight us....her arrival was such amazing timing wasn't it? I think she is loving her new life and she's thoroughly enjoying exploring at the world after life in kennels.

She's a bright spark and also enjoys learning new commands...we're working on "Binky Come" at the moment. I call her, she races towards me, skids to a halt then sits and waits for a treat. She gets so pleased with herself...such a little character. Potty training is done and dusted...should I say that?

I'm trying to keep Binky's coat looking nice but all is new to me and obviously I'm not able to take her to a professional groomer at the moment. There are a few videos out there but it's a bit limited , have you any advice?

Many, many thanks, take care, with loveScylla x (&Jon and a thankful Binky)

Editors Note: Wow this is really spooky!!!!! Today would have been the trimming session for Weltos. So as we had to cancel, I thought I would try and talk you through how to keep your dogs groomed to the best off your ability. This will cover brushing, combing, scissoring and clipping.

I will try and prepare an idiots guide to grooming and will be open to questions all next week. I will have a think and hopefully start a trimming blog on Monday.

Meanwhile here's Binky enjoying her new life:

Gosh I don't think I've seen one of those before!

Um..... they look pretty!

Watching the birds


Jan Chamberlain: written on Sunday.

I looked on the Kennel Club/find a puppy website today. Just being nosey, there's a few litters (Welsh Terriers) that re due to be homed in the next few weeks. I think there will be some very under socialised puppies going to the end of this lockdown. There could be a lot of problem dogs of all breeds, to come in the future. I don't think picking up your pup is classed as essential travel.

Isn't Binky a lovely looking dog? That lovely upright tail is a joy to see. She looks like she's going to have a lovely life in her new home. My mantra at Discover Dogs that they are quick to learn is certainly true in Binky's case. Maybe at some point we'll get to meet her.

I wonder what the weather will throw at us tomorrow. it's been real mixed bag today. I didn't think I'd say this, but I miss watching the planes fly over when I'm sitting in the conservatory. I've only seen a few army helicopters for days now. Still I'm getting on with my books. Who knows how long this will go on for?

Kay Pennycott:

Thank you for sending all the things to make us smile- we need to focus on some positive things in this bizarre and rather scary time. I can't believe what Neile has to put up without work from some people, especially at the moment, when it is such a stressful working environment for her. Outrageous. The crisis seems to be bringing out the worst in some people and the best in others. The way of the world I suppose. I hope she is able to stay safe and is getting the PPE she needs.

I have attached a couple of photos of Isla - on a recent walk around her and one sunning herself on Martin's lap in our little sun room.

Have also attached a recent painting Martin has done. He will be using it as his painting to go into the brochure for Somerset Art weeks which hopefully will still run in mid September.

Have also attached a little video clip of Isla - not sure of other WT's do this but when Isla wants to play, she bats your ankles from side to side really quickly from behind chasing you - so funny. She does it to stop you going in when she wants you to play with her in the garden. Nutter!!

Stay safe and well.

Kay, Martin & Isla xxx

David and Jan Morgan:

Jack has never been a 'digger' but now believes there are mice under our summerhouse! Beginning to see the foundations never mind the mice!

Warm Regards.

John Barritt sent this photo in of Oscar: Where did he go?

Editors Note: Have you been watching The Lion King?

Hazel Blanchard:

Thank you for the grooming piece (Editors Note: I haven't finished yet, I will be adding stuff as I go along) ButHelp please! Lottie is normally stripped at the groomers every 6-7 weeks. Can you suggest how we manage her coat without buying all the huge array of equipment. We've no idea how to go about nail cutting- any chance of some photos of how far to go and how far is too far? Also we're worried about her ears as the vet has commented she has very hairy ears. Can we have a complete beginners maintaining your Welshie session please?

We hope you and your daughter are staying well. We love to hear about the antics of Jack and Daisy.

Very Best Wishes

Hazel Paul and Lottie (see below)

Editors Note: Keep an eye out for more tips on how to keep your Welsh tidy. I will keep updating the blog article and will let you all know when I've added more information.

Eileen Pearce:

Trimming blog really useful. I can and have done trimming, but for showing, forget it, useless, just not my forte? My groomer ( who isn't too hot on a show trim either) is in Lockdown, so I need encouragement. Thanks.

Eileen x

Debbie Murlowski:

Thank you for the trimming instructions Patsy, really helpful.

Best Wishes and keep well.

Chris, Debbie and Spike

Meanwhile after their dematting, groom and bath, CJ and Daisy have the after bath Zoomies on a glorious Sunday during Lockdown.

And then.......

Sylvia Turner:

Not to mention the size of the fish!!! How do you keep CJ and Daisy off a fishing trip?

Editors Note:

We rehomed Daisy at 5 months old. She fell in the pond four times! A quick lesson on how to swim! Now, she is very adept at belting round on the walls and knowing exactly where they curve. We rehomed Captain Jack eighteen months later. All I can say is Rachel Pearce breeds very savvy dogs. He is just so clever and artful. He's a pirate through and through and would never fall in the pond. He is also extremely lazy most of the time and spends his days stretched out in the sun or lazing in one of the dog beds scattered around the house. Although he'd prefer to be on the sofa!

Jane Price:

You are doing a grand job during this time of Lockdown! Love reading the blog, seeing the wonderful photos of Welsh terriers that members send in and hearing such interesting and uplifting stories. One thing is for sure, at the end of Lockdown and with no access to the hairdressers, Welsh terriers will come out better looking than their owners!

My husband whose hair is beginning to resemble photos of himself as a Medical Student in the seventies, has been threatened by me, with the dog clippers. However, his look now is more Gandalf than Lynyrd Skynyrd (Editors Note: I loved that band!) loved the Zoomies videos. Hilarious! Keep up the good work.

Jane x

Sandra Kisby:

I was contacted by Bertie's groomer Karen and she felt Bertie would be OK with a good brush out and a bath. I have done both but I needed to trim round his eyes as he can't see and derrière for obvious reasons. This I have done with trepidation but I need more guidance in clipping his claws which are curling under now.I am terrified of hurting him by going to low and as they are black, how do you know when the quick ends. I am not alone in this as just read the blog.

We are still in Norfolk enjoying beach and garden so lucky and I very happy not being able to return to London.

Sadly both our daughter and close family member - consultant Norfolk and Norwich Hospital so in the firing line and very poorly - but our daughter in small, isolated village near Totnes in Devon is still unable to get out of bed after 8 days! So we are not being complacent even though in sleepy West Runton. Take care of yourselves.


Jan Chamberlain:

We too washed all the dogs bedding on Saturday. Izzy's big bed (Izzy is an Airedale) comes totally apart so you can wash the covers. I bought it at Discover Dogs some 15 or 16 years ago forMeg (Jan's previous Airedale) and Izzy inherited it some two and a half years ago. It still looks like new, the £90 I paid for it was certainly worth the money. So my washing line looked a bit bizarre on Saturday. Vet bedding, quilt covers, a little blanket of Willows (my aunt gave me for my tiny pup 13 and a half years ago) Willow was going in the bath today but someone pinched the sun! It'll wait for a couple more days.

If anyone wants to lose themselves in a good book, I can recommend THE SALT PATH by Raynor Winn. If you know Cornwall and the coastal path, you will, I'm sure enjoy it. It will take you out in the fresh sea air until we can get out there again.

Stay safe.


Enid Southgate:

Hi Everybody,

At 80 and 85, Norman and I are "keeping a low profile". But Kevin "Boowire Ignite My Fire" is keeping us entertained, walking and playing. We have had him 6 months now, he is very important to us as is reading the Club's Blogs and hearing Club Members tales.

I want to thank you for your efforts, I'm not tech savvy but I try. I'm not going gaga either!

This morning our favourite walk on Leith Hill was closed down. Sad but it is National Trust.

I also want to send my love to Neile. I don't know her but I do know her mum! I have a daughter so I know how concerned for her you and David are.

We have had Welsh Terriers for 18 years now. What would life be without them?

My thanks to you and the club members

PS Alex (Kevin's breeder) and I talk from time to time. I know how much she loved Kevin and we are proud to have him.


Editors Note:

I appreciate all the thanks but you are all the stars. I just put it together! Meanwhile after baths come clean collars.

Daisy is sporting the pink collar with unicorns.

Captain Jack is sporting the blue collar with unicorns

And of course they have matching leads!!!

Kay Pennycott:

Great to read all the news from everyone. and loved watching Daisy and CJ doing zoomies round the garden.!

Thank you so much for the trimming info - really helpful. Although we have been to a couple of your training sessions, it is great to refresh your memory on what to do. Have already started on Islas's legs. She wasn't too keen on the circular combing with the terrier pad! But then she is never that keen on her legs being done. Will aim to do a few sessions over the next couple of weeks to get her looking a bit smarter.

All the best,


Editors Note: Try and get Martin to lift one of Isla's legs while you do the other! Don't press too hard with the terrier pad and you shouldn't be pulling out any hair. It should leave the hair looking thick and fluffy. Good luck and well done!