Time to put the kettle on and smile in the face of adversity!

Don't worry chaps, I'm on it!

From your Editor:

Here's a nice little story for you. My 86 year old sister, who is made of stern stuff, decided to pay an early morning visit to her local Aldi. It is one of the small outlets. So armed with her shopping trolley (so she didn't have to use a shopping basket) and wearing gloves she made her way to the shop.

She saw a few people in there, but when she turned the corner of the first aisle, there was a massive queue from the till to the back of the shop and she couldn't get to any of the shelves to do her shopping. Suddenly up pops a guy who had taken on the responsibility for his Aldi customers, shouting out "We have an elderly lady here and she's TOP PRIORITY!" All the people in the queue immediately moved to one side and then one of them said " Tell us what you want love and we'll pass it to you!" So my sister reeled off her shopping list and acting like a conveyer belt they passed it down to her. They even made sure she got the right type of eggs etc. Then the Aldi man escorted her to the till, whilst passing customers and eyeing up their baskets, so making sure that certain culprits put back items if they'd over stepped the mark. Well done Aldi man!!! My sister was made to feel so special and it made her day.

Mean while Chris Amos had a bit of a shock the other night.........


I have a Little Git indoors. Well, that's what he often gets called although everyone knows him as Jasper. He gets called Little Git when we go on our evening walk. He remembers exactly each and every place that we have seen the foxes or badgers and starts barking or should I say shrieking, before we get there...whether a fox or badger is there or not. Embarrassing doesn't begin to describe it.

However, my Little Git has another side to him...he is also the best guard dog in the world! For the second time he has alerted us to the fact that we have intruders.

This second time being about a month ago. His warning bark is quite different from his fox/badger shriek. It is a deep fierce bark. It was 2:00am when he woke us with this bark. I leapt out of bed to check whether the side security lights had come on but no. I then went to the back window and looked out into the garden only to see two hooded men with torches making their way across the garden from our neighbours about to break into my summer house.

Like some mad banshee I opened the window and started screaming “ MEN IN THE GARDEN! MEN IN THE GARDEN!”

Men make a dash for it breaking down the fence between us and the neighbours while I start phoning the police.

Mr Chris...somewhat dazed leaps out of bed, opens the gate at the top of the stairs which is there to stop the dogs coming up, and races down the stairs in his boxer shorts and goes out into the garden with a piece of 4x2 (idiot...supposing they had hung around and had a knife!!!)

The Police ask me if I have let the dog out onto the intruders but I tell them that no, he's only a small dog and a hefty kick would break his ribs plus he would escape through the broken fence. They advise that they have had a lot of calls regarding break-ins that night and the police are out with the dogs. I see the Blue Lights as they are speaking to me and end the call.

Unbeknown to me, Jasper has siezed the opportunity of the open gate and I find him smugly curled up on my bed, feeling very pleased with himself.

Poor Tallie, who at nearly 13, sleeps very very soundly, had woken up with a start. Frightened out of her wits, she too had raced upstairs and made her way into the spare room and got onto the spare bed where she had promptly peed....!

4.00am found me washing bedding, drinking tea and unable to get back to sleep.

It took several weeks before I could sleep easily, jumping at every noise but reassured that my little guard dog will soon let us know if something is amiss.

Little Git..yes. But my best boy....definitely

Editors Note: Cripes Chris I hope they didn't find your stash of toilet rolls and paracetamol! :)

Binky's Back!!!

Scylla and John Bridger write:

It’s been so lovely to read your blog etc and amongst the sad reports to hear the very happy news about Bertie & his new family. (Editors Note: Here Here!!!) It’s two weeks since we collected Binky & I just wanted to let you know how well she’s doing. She’s such a sweet darling and so eager to please. ‘Potty’ training is going very well. She’s very nearly grasped what ‘be quick’” means & gets so pleased with herself when it works! She’s learnt to sit (tail wagging wildly!)

when waiting for her food. She’s taking all the changes and strangeness in her stride. She’s been travelling well in the car & very happy to wear her new car harness. Amongst her experiences so far she’s been shopping, visiting friends & family, the garden centre, the pub, the park, the seaside & of course lots of lovely walks. We absolutely love her...she’s such a blessing. So a huge thankyou once again for leading us to our dear Binky X

Binky at the seaside

Waiting patiently in the pub

Binky with her new car harness

Taking full advantage of a little sunny spot for forty winks.

Editors Note: Isn't this wonderful? You just know when you find the right people for a dog! And lovely to put faces to names! Great you've now joined the gang! Thank you for sharing your news with us at Weltos. Please feel free to keep the photos and news coming.

Paula Pearce: Re the Virus

To be honest I'm more concerned about starving to death!! Doris (The Wire Fox Terrier) has enough food for three months, it's all about priorities!

Well done Sainsbury's for opening the first hour to the elderly and disabled, vulnerable people but fill the shelves first!!! Also our local Sainsbury's was full of adults and children this morning, so how fair is that?

Even if we get put on lockdown, nothing will stop me picking up Teddy's ashes next week from my vet!

Take care everyone.

Judith Berg;

Love the light hearted blog.

Eva Daley: Update on Gertie's Lens Luxation

Since Gertie's operation in December we've been backwards and forwards to the Queen Mother;s Hospital to check the pressure in her eye. Unfortunately on our last visit we have been told that she is blind in her left eye. We are still giving her all the eye drops to keep the pressure down.

Alas we've been informed that she will loose the sight in her right eye as well which could happen anytime. Will keep you posted.

Editors Note: This must be very distressing for you. You are both amazing owners and I can't praise you enough for looking after little Gertie. Sending you big hugs all round. xx

Bertie Ward writes:

Morning Aunty Patsy,

I thought you would like to see me with my new favourite human! We go everywhere together. She plays with me and gives me lots of fuss. I love her......

Mum says she's paid our subs into the bank account now, so there's no getting rid of us!

Lots of love and licks,

Bertie xx

Editors Note:

See I told you Welsh Terriers are bright little dogs! What a lovely email Bertie, your typing skills are amazing! You've made my day! x

Managing at the shops etc

David and I managed to buy food this morning. We took advantage of the elderly and vulnerable people slot at Sainsbury’s, 7am - 8am, although there was no-one on the

door checking and so there were people of all ages in there. However it wasn’t as manic as I thought it might be and there was plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Then we popped to Waitrose, a smaller outlet. There were two men on the door only letting in the old’uns and vulnerable people from 8am-9am. There was a crowd beginning to form outside

and I could hear that some of these people weren’t very happy. They had been waiting there for a while but were unaware that it was a one hour special slot.

One man started to get quite aggressive when I was allowed straight in. Tough times! One thing I did notice was, the Sainsbury Store’s wine and beer shelf, compared to Waitrose had had a right old bashing!

Jan Chamberlain:

We went shopping yesterday, it was bedlam. You would have thought it was Christmas and the shops were shutting for a few days. Last Saturday a big cheer went up in Sainsbury's when a delivery of Loo rolls went on the shelves.

I'm more ticked off that I can't go swimming or do my water aerobics. We did notice that more people were out walking today with or without dogs. Our local park cafe's are still open, it's takeaways only, I think.

Willow is doing well, her little head doesn't seem quite so wonky.Her eyes are not flickering anymore. She's had quite a long walk today, she is not going to get left behind. She's one tough little cookie.

At least at the moment we can still go out with our pooches, may not get any coffee or lunch. We'll have to wait until we get home, like we used to back in the day.

Look after yourselves

Editors Note:

Great to hear that Willow is doing well! Hurrah!

We too have noticed more and more people are going for walks. You very rarely see anyone passing by our house but we have spotted quite a few today. We treated ourselves to Fish and Chips today, from our local chippie and they told us they were closing down tonight. So we were lucky to get our take away at lunch time. I don't know why but they tasted even more delicious than usual!

Karen Over:

Great read this, I did laugh about the wine taking a bashing in Waitrose. They stopped the free coffee this morning hopefully we still get the newspaper. I did not go today, we went to our small shops instead which were less stressful and busy. As you say these are tough times, at least our WT’s do not know what is going on!! We'll probably take off in the moho next week, maybe, see how it goes.

Keep well and safe and look forward to your updates.

Karen, Tony and Bruno xx

Editors Note:

Our daughter is an A&E Registrar and the first thing she does when she gets in (apart from wash her hands, yet again) is cuddle the dogs. Without those two little pirates I don't know what she'd do! Welsh Terriers are very sensitive dogs and they seem to know she needs a cuddle and willingly oblige.

But now comes the really tough bit. Serious self isolation. It's the only way to save lives. Happy Mother's Day to all you Mum's out there. Stay at home and keep safe.

Sylvia Turner sent these jokes in:

The dog's revenge!

Sylvia says: Not wishing to lower the tone of your esteemed organisation!

Sylvia and Owen

Editor's Note:

These are fine Sylvia. I'm sure you all have lots of coronavirus jokes and I have to say I have held back from putting them on here as some of them may not be for the faint hearted! But I'm happy to share if you want to send yours in.

Latest reports in the paper show crowds of people out on Sunday at various Resorts and Parks etc. What on earth are they thinking? When we are all ordered to stay in our houses and not come out at all, I bet they'll be the first to moan! Idiots.

Jan Chamberlain:

Just taken the dogs for a walk, it's like a sunny summer afternoon. No-one about except dog walkers.

We're going to lose our holiday on the Gower, due on the 2nd week of May. The holiday company are trying to move people's holiday where possible. We've asked if we can move it to 2021 Waiting to hear the outcome. Fingers crossed the cottage owner agrees.

Looks like everyone will be staying home for the next few months. Greenwich Park is not allowing cars in. Kent Country Parks are not allowing cars in. Lockdown is on it's way. It's time to go out in the garden and remove the weeds before they get everywhere ....

Hurrah!!! We've just heard that our holiday has been deferred until next May at no extra charge. Good news for a change.

See you next year Gower Peninsular!