Cheery March Blog!

Captain Jack and Daisy do a couple of visits to the pub, before we can't go anymore. The photo above was taken in the Kings Arms on Saturday lunch time and it was empty whereas last Friday The Bo Peep was doing a really good trade. Luckily we had a table in the bar area and there were no other people there. The restaurant areas were very lively. Then a man spotted the dogs and he was in Welsh Terrier heaven. He went and fetched his wife, not telling her why he was pulling her into our bar area! Her face was a picture when she spotted the two pirates! They have a Welsh Terrier too but had moved to Southampton from Petts Wood. Apparently they used to meet up with some people and walk in Greenwich Park and Knole Park. We couldn't work out who those people would be. Their dog is now 11 years old and his name is Basil. Anyone have any ideas? Anyway the man got carried away and took my hand and shook it!!!!!! I was flabbergasted! In no time at all, the sanitiser came out but I couldn't wait to get home to wash my hands properly and meanwhile remembered not to touch my face! What a palaver!

Daisy waiting with daddy to pay the bill!

Time to go home.

I was just wondering if anyone needed any advice on walking their dogs so I took this little video of Daisy going walkies the other day....just get in touch if you need help. :)

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Willow used to walk with her lead in her mouth. Bad training? No, they're just having fun. Terriers! Who'd have them

And now for news of Bertie........Sunday morning came and Claire had the crate ready in the car. She was driving from Ludlow, Shropshire, to Lincoln. Breeder Debbie Graham had taken Bertie back to her kennels where he played with his half sister and Debbie, put a lot of hard work in to grooming him, ready for his new home.

Bertie all trimmed up and ready to go

Claire Ward gets Berrtie's cage ready for the collection

Claire writes:

Morning Patsy,

I don’t have the words to tell you how very grateful I am to you for matching us up with Bertie. In less than 24 hours he has brought so much joy back in to our lives. He is the sweetest gentlest boy but with all the Welshiness you want. Thank you Pat, from the bottom of my heart.

He was the best boy in the car journey home. Slept a bit, sat and watched the world go by, had a good bark at passing horses and their riders and the odd dog too. Got home and went for a good walk. He met the children and was so gentle with them and then had a lovely snuggle on the settee. Was quiet through the night and woke bright as a button this morning. He’s a little bit clingy but that’s very understandable given the upset he’s had in his little life.

Thank you for the offer of a free taster but we’ve been given the most precious gift so we’d love to join and pay our fees, I just have to get the printer to work to print the form.

I’m speaking to David later and am going to ask him if he and Louise had a favourite charity as we’d like to make a donation given that David wouldn’t have any money for Bertie.

I’m sending you a couple of photos over and will send some more as the week progresses. More than happy for you to share.

We can’t wait to meet you in July!

Thank you again Patsy. Much love,

Claire xxx

What can I say? Beautiful boy, we wish you all the love in the world! Welcome to Weltos Bertie, Claire, Debbie and David. I had a chat with David this afternoon and he did sound very happy with the situation. We look forward to more photos and a meet up in Shropshire in July (if all goes well health wise)

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Good luck in your new home Bertie, welcome to Weltos. You're one lucky dog, living in a lovely part of the country. Plenty of walks to come in the better weather.

David and Jan Morgan write:

Thank you for all the news, good and bad. Our thoughts are with those who have lost their WT or is very poorly.

You must be working overtime for Weltos at present! Keep the pictures coming!

We went for a walk with12 Airedales last weekend near St Albans---Heartwood.

it was rather like the sketch "I look up to him and he looks down on me----I know my place!"

All got on well, however and Jack, needless to say was not intimidated by the forest of long legs!

Paula Pearce writes:

Dear All,

Thank you for the beautiful flowers we have just received, in memory of our beloved Teddy. They made me cry, something I have been doing a lot of.

What a wonderful group of caring and supportive people I am lucky to be inviolved with.

I have attached the flowers along with the cushion I made of Teddy before Christmas.

He will be greatly missed as he was 'one in a million' as anyone who has been lucky enough to be a Welsh Terrier mum and dad knows.

Paula & John xx

Weltos also sent a bunch of flowers to Debbie Graham for her amazing help during Bertie's rehome.

Debbie Graham writes:

Thank you for the beautiful flowers. Bertie has been the hardest of all the rescues I have done because of the circumstances, but Claire was meant to be Bertie's new mum.

Editors Note: It was very emotional but having spoken to David I am certain we all did the very best thing for Bertie. See below:

Claire Ward has sent in some photos of Bertie's first morning walk and the aftermath!!!!

Oh and by the way Happy St Patrick's Day, we'll be having our Irish Stew and parsley dumplings at the weekend!