Ruby does Cornwall

Ruby Cherry on the lookout for Seagulls in Cornwall.

How wonderful to see Ruby running like the wind! Lucky girl!

Ruby at Tintagel Castle ( in Cornwall.) This was following a good run about on the beach. Then she took herself off to bed!

Ruby on the beach on a very windy day!

Chris Cherry writes:

Ruby has loved this week, looking in rock pools, chasing seagulls and rolling in the sand. It has been nice as the sand just falls off. She heard a squeaky toy across the other side of the beach the other day and stole it from a dog! Off she went in the opposite direction as pleased as punch, squeaking it all the way, with me running after her! We eventually tempted her back and with the offer of food she gave it up (This took about 10 minutes.) I am not sure what the owner of the toy and the other dog was thinking, but before I could get hold of Ruby she thought it a good idea to throw the toy again! Guess what happened? You have got to have a sense of humour to have a WT.

Editors Note: Trouble is not all other dog owners see the funny side!!Oh well, their loss!

Sad News

Just recently, Jan Chamberlain's Willow has been poorly. Willow is one of our veterans so I wanted Jan to know that we were all thinking of her and sent her some flowers.

Jan writes:

Thank you so much for our flowers, it was a lovely surprise. I came back from the swimming pool to find the postman had delivered the flowers for me and placed them in the recycling bin, as we were both out.

It's nice to know that people care and the clubs always there for you. Willow has improved from last week, for those that don't know, we think Willow had a stroke last week. The vet ruled everything out, hypo-thyroid , Liver levels were ok (we know she has liver trouble) so I'm going with my gut feeling that we think it was a stroke. Unless we go down the referral route to have MRI or CT we know for sure. At Willows grand old age,13yrs 8months I'm not stressing her out any more tests. She has been left with her head on a tilt, but she wants to go out with us, queueing by the door to have her lead put on. So thats what we're doing acting as normal now. Tomorrow she'll be going for a walk in Greenwich park, she does love a walk there, lots of scents to sniff out.

Thanks again thanks for thinking of us all.

Jan Nigel Willow and Izzy X

I've just heard some sad news from Paula Pearce. Paula used to help out at Discover Dogs when it was at Earls Court. She would always turn up with her camera and do what ever she could to help. Twelve years ago she brought puppy Teddy home from David Hughes , in Shropshire. How time flies!

Paula writes:

We have just been given the devastating news that Teddy has terminal bone cancer and has a short time to live. Sadly he won't make 13 years old in June.

He is still full of life and eating, so we made the decision to bring him home and care for him until the dreadful day comes.

Editors Note:

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear this Paula. I think you've made the right decision. I would do the same. Stay strong for Teddy. Please give him extra hugs from all of us at Weltos. Sending you all my love and Best Wishes. x


Thank you Pat. He's my doggy soul mate and I am devastated. But at twelve and three quarters, you know they are living on borrowed time.

Teddy with sister Sophie and below as a pup.

Nicola Gee writes:

Sending all our Best Wishes to Jan & Nigel, I'm so sorry to see the news about Willow. Welshies are so strong and we owners do all we can for them. I'm keeping everything crossed for you all.

And special thoughts too for Paula with Teddy. I can't imagine what heartache this must be. They are so lucky they have the best owners who cherish every second. Wonderful dogs.

I feel so sad reading these stories.

Kind Regards


Judith Berg writes:

We are sorry to hear about veterans Willow and Teddy and send our warmest wishes to Jan and Paula. We know how hard it is to make the decision to make our oldies as comfortable as possibly for the time they have left with us.

Judith and Alan.

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Sending big hugs to Paula and Teddy. It's hard when our little hairy bears become old isn't it? Take care of Teddy and yourself, we'll be thinking of you.

Sandra Kisby writes:

I am sure all our thoughts are with Paula and dear Teddy. What a wonderful life he has had and will continue to have until the very end, surrounded by the love of his family - who could ask for more?

Looking forward to seeing Willow in the park. What a trooper!

Jane Price writes:

Teddy and Willow are two beautiful Welsh Terriers who couldn't have better homes or be more loved. My heart goes out to them and their families at such a sad and difficult time.

I'm sending my love to Paula and her adorable Teddy and Jan, Nigel and Izzy and their sweet Willow. Wishing them a pain free and happy time with their respective families , full of walks, squeaky balls, their favourite food, cuddles and of course lots of love! We are all thinking of you. xx

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Thank you all for your kind wishes. Willow is doing well and enjoying her walks still. She's the first one queuing up at the front door. While she wants to go for walks, we will be taking her. She's had two walks today and is now fast asleep in her bed, snoring her little head off.

From Paula Pearce:

This morning I had a terribly sad phone call from Paula. Teddy had had a wonderful evening, playing with his squeaky toy and having a wonderful time. However that was to be his swan song as things changed rapidly after that and Paula knew that the dreadful time had come to make the decision for Teddy to go over the rainbow bridge. Obviously it was a real shock to come so soon. Paula wishes David Hughes, Teddy's breeder, to know that Teddy was the BEST puppy in the world and she is absolutely devastated to lose him so rapidly after diagnosis. This is the first time Paula has been without a Welsh Terrier in twenty odd years and the pain must be unbearable. I've just managed to soak the keyboard with tears, so I'm signing off now. Sending all my love and hugs to Paula and John and Doris their Wire Fox Terrier.

David Hughes writes:

That's really sad news. I know he's been struggling with ill health for a while and have no doubt that Paula is making the kindest decision.

Jan Chamberlain writes:

So sorry to hear Paula's sad news. Just remember you have some lovely memories of Teddy having the best time. Take care of yourselves.

Sandra Kisby writes:

Paula you have done the best for him right to the very end. You must be devastated and my thoughts are with you. x