Crufts 2020!

Discover Dogs is always an important part of Crufts. Chris Williams from the Welsh Terrier Club of Great Britain always organises it and does an amazing job. This year Chris Amos and hubby Mr Chris joined them in educating the public about the pros and cons in owning a Welsh Terrier.

Chris Amos writes:

Chris and I did our bit for Welsh Terriers today and both dogs were brilliant ambassadors for the breed. I have attached some photos. It was very busy and both we and the dogs are cream crackered!! It was good to be on the stand with other WT owner/breeders too.

I will be going back on my own on Sunday to watch the judging and have a good look around.

The atmosphere was very good by the way. I thought it was slightly less busy initially but that didnt last long and it soon got into it's stride and got it's usual noisy busy Crufts that we are used to and we were weaving our way through the people to get to the exercise areas etc.

Tallie is on the left and Jasper on the right.

Well done the Amos gang, especially as Tallie will be coming up for 13 yrs old in June!!!!!!

Results of the Welsh Terrier Group.

Members Martin and Kay Pennycott were feeling very impressed because they brought Isla home from the winning kennel. Alex Witmond bred Murdo who is now owned by Janet Robertson. Seen here being handled by Warren Bradley. Judge Andrew Hunt.

Best In Show

Maisy the Wire Haired Dachshund wins Crufts. Look at that face! I wonder if at this point she was thinking " Oh no! I need to do a poo!"

Frankie the Toy Poodle is Runner Up for the second time at Crufts.

I love that the judge had a sense of humour and played for time before choosing the winner!

Nicola Gee writes:

How much did we enjoy watching Crufts. Murdo was an absolute joy to watch, and he seemed to love the big ring, his tail was wagging ten to the dozen and he did the breed proud. And well done to Alex for breeding such a lovely dog. Janet must have been over the moon. It was lovely to see Warren handling him too, we were lucky enough to have him come and talk at our Stink Eye UK event in Wales last year about grooming and he brought along a fantastic Wire Fox in show coat and a Welshie too. Murdos face and eyebrows were fantastic, back to the grooming table for more practice for me with Woody :-) Im also amazed how good the dogs were for such long day. I know Woody would have got really grumpy come 7pm hehe.

On a personal note I also loved seeing the Old English Sheepdog too, he was fantastic. This was the breed I grew up with, we had three and we had a couple of litters too. An amazing breed also, so funny, loving and loyal… such a shame they are a disappearing breed. People say wow too much grooming but I have to say I think the Welshie coat is much more of a challenge if you want to keep them looking like a Welsh.

Judith Berg writes:

Thanks for the updates and pics of Crufts. Our WT's obviously made a hit. We are on holiday and the only news we can get seems to be about coronavirus, so it was a welcome relief!