Welcome Binky!!!!

Binky goes to her forever home.

Meet Binky. She is a retired Champion and comes from Lancashire. New members (well they are on a free taster at the moment, but fingers crossed) Scylla and John Bridger got in touch with me to see if I knew any dogs that needed rehoming. One thing led to another and I was told about Binky. Having spoken to Scylla in depth, I just knew Binky was right for them.

After a long drive home (5 hours!) Binky settles in. Scylla writes: Binky is an absolute darling. She is in need of a good bath and lots of TLC. I'll enjoy sprucing her up. We've booked to see out Vet tomorrow for an MOT!!

Bertie Bonzo who owns our Chairman, Sandra, says " Welcome Binky. You'll soon be one of the gang!"

Bertie Bonzo assumes the laid back position!

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Welcome little Binky, have a lovely life in your new home.

Nicola Gee writes:

How lovely! I love to see a happy rehome. Binky looks like she knows she is on to a good thing :)

Happy times ahead I'm sure.

Scylla Bridger writes:

What a little gem Binky is! She slept right through the night without a peep or accident. I took her in the garden as soon as we were up. We were out there quite a while. She did a wee and had a good walk around and then back inside where she promptly did a poo on the carpet! Maybe distracted by the heavy rain. (Editors Note: My two did not want to go out in that rain. In the end I was forced to put their coats on and made them go out until they peed! Little pickles!)

I think potty training is firmly on the agenda bless her!! She's a real darling though, so, so sweet, we absolutely love her!

Binky meets some of the family

She looks right at home to me!!!