A Rehome Success!

Let me introduce Trixie! Some of you have met her before as she has been to Weltos parties. A while back, ex member Tracey Brown got in touch with me asking if I knew of any Welsh Terriers who needed rehoming.

Things sometimes are just meant to be. Alex Witmond asked me if I knew anyone who would give Trixie a forever home. Trixie had done her bit for the breed and deserved a new forever home.

I got in touch with Tracey and the rest is history. Trixie is settled in with Tracey and Jim and has worked her "Weshie Magic" on them, so much so, that they would like to rejoin Weltos. Well that's a no brainer. Membership Form on the way!!!

I have also offered Debbie Graham, from Lincolnshire, a free taster, for a month, as she is working with me to rehome Bertie. Debbie bred Bertie and obviously wants the best for him. Fingers crossed. Positive thoughts all round.

Stacie Stahnke writes:

Trixie looks so precious. I'd love to arrange a playdate for little Hunter to reconnect with her mum!

Guess what day is is?

Happy St David's Day from Captain Jack & Daisy!