Competition Time


After this dire weather, I think we all need a bit of cheering up. I thought we could have a little competition and the winner gets this delightful cushion.

To enter the competition all you have to do is write down what you like about Weltos. Then send it to me and I will make a compilation of all your quotes, for all to see, and you all can judge on who you think the winner should be.

As you can see, this is a lovely Welsh terrier cushion by Sharon Salt. See above how mine looks on the settee.

We didn't have a Valentine's post this year so I hope this makes up for it. The prize is all wrapped and ready to go...and no, you can't have my one! :) Get your thinking caps on. Look forward to receiving your quotes.

To see members replies click on the link below:


Well what can I say? The entries sent in were amazing! People found it hard to vote as they were all so good and as one member said "Full of compassion!"

Here are the talented authors of the quotes:

Number One: Sue Foreman Number Two: Gill Marsden Number Three: Mandy Simioni

Number Four: Lynn French Number Five: Sylvia Turner Number Six: Morag Hutchison

Number Seven: Eva Daley Number Eight: Kay Pennycott.

First of all there was a draw but in the end there was a clear winner. Well done to everyone who entered! Your winner is a postal member, Sylvia Turner! The cushion will be on it's way to you Sylvia, along with two Weltos car stickers. Can't wait to see you all and Owen with the cushion!!! Lucky you! But what a lovely write up for Weltos.

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Congratulations Sylvia, a worthy winner. Big hugs for Owen (my dad's name too!)

Sylvia Turner writes:

Oh my this is very unexpected! What can I say - I just wish I lived nearer and join in the fun that you have together.

And THANK YOU VERY MUCH , especially to Sharon Salt who made the wonderful cushion.

I told Owen but he only wanted to know if it was stuffed with biscuits. Wait til I show him.......

Editors Note: I was so impressed with the entries that I decided that a second prize should be given.

The runner up was number eight, also postal members but who came all the way from Somerset, with Welsh Terrier Isla, to help out at Discover Dogs at the London Excel Centre. They are Martin and Kay Pennycott. They win a lovely tea cloth by Sharon Salt. See below:

Seems too nice to use but anyway well done Sylvia, Martin and Kay. You are fabulous Weltos members!

Kay Pennycott writes:

Thank you!

Ahh what a lovely surprise-thank you so much! The tea towel is beautiful. As you say too nice to use!

Well done to Sylvia too (and everyone else who entered) and thanks to Sharon for making such beautiful things. What a great group we all belong to!

Best Wishes

Kay & Martin xx

Sylvia Turner writes:

Owen and his Prize! Many thanks. Look forward to walk in the summer. Best Sylvia.

Kay Pennycott writes:

It arrived today (tea towel) and it's lovely! Thank you! Ps Thanks for the car stickers too!