Woody's Holiday

Nicola Gee writes:

We had a lovely Christmas break in Exmoor, Woods couldn’t believe all the fantastic smells. We were on a farm with amazing walks down to the sea through the steepest of valleys. Sheep everywhere and so many Deer, needless to say he was on his lead the whole time as he was like demon possessed.

The walks were really tough but so rewarding, it felt like our own private walk down to the beach through an ancient woodland with waterfalls. Woody lapped it up and didn’t seem to tire at all.

Woody had so many presents it was hilarious. He had his sack from his Secret Santa and the grandparents stepped up to the mark with toys to desqueek :-)

On our return I couldn’t believe it!!!, even though I had brushed Woody several times on our return he had got a tick on the inside of his leg! I though it was dead and then on closer inspectionI saw its little legs move as it continued to bury in!!!! Fortunately I had a tick remover (great gadget) and was able to get the thing out whole. I had no idea that they would still be active this time of year. Fortunately no ill effects thank goodness but lesson learnt. I know its gross but I have included a picture so you can see the colour of this one, it was very pale and looked more like a skin tag on first inspection.

Belated happy new year everyone.

Sheep" "Who are you looking at?" Woody "EWE!" Sheep "Baaah!" Woody " Humbug!"

Where there's a hollow, there's a nosy Welsh!

Yeeuk! I hate Ticks with a vengeance!

John Barritt writes: Lovely photos!