February Blog

Sarah Allen writes: Barney turned 3 in December and I was assured that he would be well behaved by now...haha! He is still a little pickle :). We had the delight of looking after his brother Teddy for a long weekend in September. it was just lovely having two Welshies running around - such different personalities!

Sarah & Barney xxx

Lovely photos Sarah! Always great to hear your news.

Sylvia Turner sent this lovely shot of Owen who is captured intimating "I can't help the muddy paw prints, we live in the country-what do you expect?

Chris Cherry is reminiscing about little Ruby. She is now seven! Where did all those years go?

What a little cutie!

Chris Cherry sent these photos in: A day in the life of Ruby!

Ruby very wet and dirty after her walk on Saturday

After her bath, it was time to have a sleep. Not happy with the half time rugby score!

Ruby woke up to see the final score and was not impressed!

And then, on Sunday, there was storm CIARA!!!!!!

Time to batten down the hatches in the Meecham household!

Captain Jack and Daisy got a good towel rub down after their exhilarating walk this morning. They even had to wear their coats, which never goes down too well, but at least kept their backs dry. Then CJ took to his bed whilst Daisy chose the chair, just in case she needed to keep an eye on anything happening in the garden. You never know, a squirrel may get blown past the window!!

Chris Amos writes

Well! What a day yesterday was. We made the most of the sunshine this morning though with a walk in Petts Wood before the weather changes again. Lots of fallen branches and the occasional tree down but all in all relatively unscathed. Jasper knew there was a squirrel up the tree..... He just couldn't reach it. (Sorry its blurred he was desperate to get up there!)

Storm Dennis arrived over the weekend 15/16th February , causing chaos to our country. The Meecham household got away lightly with a very soggy lawn and part of a fence that was blown down. This meant keeping Daisy on a lead when she needed to go in the garden. CJ would never try to escape but Daisy would be off like a rocket. All repaired now thank goodness. That wind was terrifying. One of our local pubs flooded as did Westerham. I hope you are all safe and well and expect you're all glad to see the back of Dennis!

Jan Chamberlain writes:

What a difference a couple of days can bring. On Friday we had a lovely walk at Jeskyns Park. The sun was out and it was windy but nothing unusual for Jeskyns. 24 hours later the wind was really starting to pick up with showers. The dogs didn't mind a good run around our local park, however, on Sunday we had a windy, wet walk. As we left the heavens opened. By the time we walked home (about 15mins away) we were soaked. Luckily our coats, human and dogs Equafleece coats all held the rain off. Sunday indoors looked like Wishy Washies laundry with coats, waterproof trousers and dog coats hanging everywhere. You guessed it, we stayed in for rest of the day. I think we've all got cabin fever.Nice to see the sun out again today. Let's hope it lasts and our gardens start to dry off. Izzy brings in a lot of mud on her big feet whilstWillow just seems to glide over the mud.

Roll on Spring.

Editors note: I certainly agree with that!! I can't imagine how those poor folks whose houses and shops have been flooded out are coping!

Sandra Kisby sent in some gorgeous photos of Bertie Enjoying all the leaves.

Our dogs just blend in with those leaves don't they?

Sue Foreman sent this photo in of her Bertie:

Hi Everyone, this is Bertie watching the England/Ireland match. A better result this time eh Ruby Cherry?

Gill Marsden writes:

Am really enjoying the photos and news that continue to cheer our days! Can't tell you how much I miss Dottie - Christmas was particularly hard as didn't have to be careful about leaving food out and really miss that WT naughtiness! I really love seeing the photos though and know that in time we will be looking for a new puppy or rescue WT. The whole family got together to discuss the email about Bertie - what a desperate situation and we really wanted to help, but realised by talking it through that none of us were ready yet. I thought your insight to the way forward was amazing and really hope that Bertie can stay with his owner, when he is strong enough to care for Bertie. I work with people who have had a stroke and am so pleased to go into homes where there is a dog - such great therapy for people who are frightened, grieving and / or recuperating.

Editors Note: After a lot of thinking, David has decided to rehome Bertie and I hope we have found him the perfect home. Watch this space!