Welsh Cakes

January 14, 2020

 How do you prefer your Welsh cakes? Just as they are? With a little bit of melted butter? Warmed up with a cuppa?  Maybe a little jam?


 Paws off Daisy!! They've got sultanas in!


Chris Amos writes:

Haha! Got fed up with this rainy afternoon and thought I would have a go at making some gluten free Welsh Cakes. Not bad for a first attempt though they did "catch" on account that I don't have a griddle and used my non stick frying pan instead.Obviously could do with being a bit heavier! Sat down to try one (tasty) and looked at my phone and there was the blog with the item abut Welsh Cakes. Spooky or what?

 Jan Chamberlain writes:

We've been buying Welsh Cakes in Sainsbury's for ages. We always get them as a welcome when we go on holiday to Wales. Last years were the best as they were home made. A little tip, try them warmed up with your coffee. Very tasty on a nasty afternoon!











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