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December 13, 2019


 It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in our house. Here is one of those pictures that I just had to share with you.  Hats off to these guys.  I thought I had made a good effort this year but I think you have to agree this is superb!


This year I decided to do a smaller tree for Captain Jack and Daisy as they had two boxes of presents from Secret Santas.  One was from America and one from Wales!  They really did get excited.  I let them sniff the boxes until it was time to open them ( I'll be too busy on Christmas day, so they had a little Christmas of their own) They were so excited!

 One box was for Daisy and the other for Jack.  When we opened them it was hilarious and also gobsmacking!  Jack managed to run off with a big bag of treats and bit a hole in the bag before I could reach him.  Daisy would not let go of her toy duck for ages.  They really went bonkers and enjoyed themselves. I can honestly say, I haven't seen the dogs looking so happy for ages! Here is a selection of photos of just a few of their gifts. 



 Daisy with her new blanket and the duck!

 Captain Jack after a tiring afternoon, opening his presents, snuggles up with his new Santa sausage dog and blanket.

Daisy, for a change, is also plain tuckered out and uses Mr Duck as a pillow! 

Captain Jack's case of goodies! 

 Everyday the pirates get to open a window of their Advent Calendar and they absolutely love it.  Didn't take them anytime at all to work out how to get the treats out. After all they are pirates! It really has been a lot of fun in the Meecham household lately, but I didn't expect to receive thank you gifts from our members.

First of all I received three beautiful bunches of narcissi.  Seen here flanking my poinsettia which I grew on from last year! But I don't think it's going to flower.




 Then I received some home made raspberry vodka and chilli jam! Really looking forward to giving those a try! Massive thank you to my very best chums Sandra and Kaye.

 And this morning this absolutely beautiful Christmas flower display arrived.  Thank you so much David and Jan Morgan. They have now replaced my sorry looking Poinsettia in pride of place!


I have heard from the Terrier SOS charity and they are so grateful for our donation.  I joined their group and have lots of people posting to thank Weltos for their generous support.  We must bear this in mind and make it an annual event.  It does actually make you feel good inside when you do this.


David and Jan Morgan think we may have seen this portrait before but they bought a copy when they visited Lincoln. It's now over their fireplace through Christmas to remind them - as if they need it- who thinks he is pack leader! 

 Right, just off to have a coffee and a mince pie!  Look forward to hearing your Christmas news!


Kay & Martin Pennycott send their Christmas Greetings:


 We would like to send Best Wishes to you and all at Weltos.  Have a great Xmas and Happy New Year everyone!


Kay, Martin & Isla


Susan Cooper writes:

I hope you and your little Welshies have a brilliant Christmas.  Best wishes to you and your family.

Love Sue and Merlin and Maggie of course.xx


 Peter & Lorraine Thompson write:

 Sorry we haven't seen you all for some time. We wish you all a Happy Christmas.

Best Wishes

Peter & Lorraine.


Paula Pearce writes:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

Paula, John, Teddy and Doris. xxx


Jan Chamberlain writes:

A Happy Christmas to all our members. Hope to see some of you in the New Year on Blackheath for the ramble and pub lunch.

Jan, Nigel, Willow, and Izzy Airedale.


Enid Southgate writes:

Kevin's Christmas came early, as like you we will be busy. He got very excited with "Santa" who makes a horrible noise, much to Kevi's delight!

I forgot to hide it before bedtime and about 11.30pm he decided to give Santa a good shake about so I had to get up and put it in a cupboard.  Kevi really didn't like that and made quite a fuss for about half an hour! All part of Christmas fun with a WT!

I'm saving his new squeaky duck for Boxing Day!

Enjoy your family Xmas

Love from Enid Norman and Kevi



 Eva Daley writes:

We had to rush Gertie to the Queen Mother veterinary hospital in Potters Bar.  It appears she's got primary lens luxation which again is another genetic problem (Editor's Note: at Discover Dogs we warn all new puppy owners to ask for a PLL certificate that should come with every new puppy.  Good Breeders are working very hard to try and stamp this out)

The vets are going to try and push the lens back under general anaesthetic , if not they will surgically remove the lens.  Unfortunately this means she will need to go on medication for the eyes, for the rest of her life, because of the glaucoma. We should know the outcome by late afternoon today.

Knowing Gertie she would like to wish all her friends at Weltos a Very merry Christmas.


Editor's Note: All our love and hugs and best wishes to little Gertie.  So very. very sorry and sad to hear this.  You're not alone, so please contact us if there's anything we can do.  Thank goodness for loving owners like Paul and Eva.  xx


Chris & Lesley Hurley write:

As you can see from her expression, Alys doesn't really do Christmas, so, on her behalf, we wish everyone in WELTOS a Very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.



 Judith Berg writes:

Our good wishes to all at Weltos and our thoughts go to Gertie and her humans,

Here's Evie getting stuck into her daily chew and still sporting her smart bow tie!


Evie, Judith and Alan.

 Jan Chamberlain writes:

Hope you had a good Christmas. Have you heard how Gertie is? I can empathise with her after I had detached my retina 5 years ago.  Where has the time gone? After 3 operations I lost about 80 % eyesight in my right eye.  You do adjust to things and know your limits.  I'm sure animals adjust to things better than we do! I do wish Gertie well and that she lets Eva put her eyedrops in.  I behave myself and let Nigel put my drops in.  

Good luck Gertie.


 Eva Daley writes:

Gertie has had an operation to remove the luxated lens from her left eye, but she has glaucoma in her right eye, so she is on two different types of drops to keep the pressure down, which she will need for the rest of her life plus she has various pain killers and antibiotic drops til we see  the surgeon next week.  But she seems to be OK. A little bit mopey but that's because she's wearing a lampshade for a couple of weeks. Will keep you informed of any updates.


Editors Note: Well hats off to you amazing Weltos members!!!!  You are all very special people.  Loving this very cute photo of Gertie who is still managing to look super cute, even after all her surgery. Big hugs to a special little dog and respect for Jan who never talks about her problems.


 Jan Chamberlain writes:

It was lovely to see the picture of Gertie and looking so well after her op.  Get well soon Gertie. x


News about Betty!



 Here are photos of Betty enjoying her new forever home.  We're sure 2020 will be Betty's best year yet!

The Cotswolds Rescue Centre wanted to once again say a massive thank you and they really couldn't do it without all those people who donated. They wanted to share this update to show what a difference your support can make.


I was alerted by a member of Facebook that the rescue centre had posted this on their Facebook Page:














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