Obituary for Dottie Marsden

December 4, 2019

 Dottie Marsden, as featured in next year's calendar in October 2020

Gill Marsden writes:

Morning Patsy


I'm sorry to have to let you know that yesterday Dottie went off to sleep that final big sleep. The last 6 months have been hard work for her - since the summer she was waking through the night and was clearly increasingly confused and distressed. We kept thinking she had maybe improved on a new medication but any changes were very short lived - the vet checked for Cushing's as she had all the symptoms but that came back negative as did any liver issues. Old age and dementia - the ravages of our human later years too I guess.


I can't begin to describe the emptiness in the house - I haven't moved anything out yet - her beds, leads, coats are all where they should be but the quiet is unbearable. I know I don't need to explain any of this to you or the WELTOS community and I want to thank everyone for their kindness, suggestions and support when I have asked for help. Our little Welsh Terriers are the absolute best dogs out there - Dottie allowed us to share her 14 years of life - she taught us so much about dog ownership, about each other as a family, about fun and mischief and challenging behaviour and love and fear when she would take herself off for a couple of hours in the woods - but most of all she enjoyed a good tummy rub on her terms and a little bit of freshly cooked chicken in her dinner. We only made it to a couple of WELTOS events I'm afraid but that first trimming day we came along to proved invaluable and Ian was able to keep her looking presentable from the guidance we received. We had always hoped to get back up but work and care responsibilities kept getting in the way. Maybe in time we will be back ....


Thanks Patsy for all your support and for keeping the amazing WELTOS community going and in touch. 

Take care and best wishes



Editors Note:

I am so very sad to hear this. Nothing can prepare us for saying goodbye to our golden oldies. 

Dottie was very much loved and was given a wonderful life. May she RIP over the rainbow bridge. 

 I’m thinking of you and send love and condolences to you and Ian. 

Lots of Love



Gill writes:

Thank you Patsy.

I really appreciate your message.  I'm trying to get off to work and don't know how I'm going to get through the day, let alone come back into the house.  But it hurts because she was such a special part of our lives - and I'll take any amount of hurt for that reason alone.

Yesterday late afternoon Ian and I went for the walk we always did with Dottie.  Within 5 minutes we met Morag with Nelson - dear Morag only needed to look at my face and she was in tears too..  Nelson allowed me to make a fuss of him even though there was a lovely looking dog ahead that he was far more interested in! It is really comforting to have Nelson and Morag round the corner.


Stephen Warne writes:

Please accept our condolences Gill. It's so tough not having your little Welsh friend and companion

Stephen and Mavis (Jack Russell)


Paula Pearce writes:

How sad, I send my condolences to Gill and her family.  It's so hard to lose a treasured pet and it is the worse thing about owning a dog but the good times with them always outweighs the last goodbye.


Morag Hutchison writes:

Such nice sentiments Patsy.

I first met Dottie when I came to Tenterden in 2013.  I was on the lookout for a Wire Fox Terrier at the time, but Dottie popped her head around the gate when I was in the garden and the switch was made!! Lovely girl and we'll all miss her.

Morag & Nelson


Jan Chamberlain writes

Rest in Peace little Dottie.

It really is the hardest thing to do, taking your hairy friend to the vets for that last time. Take care Gill and Ian, it takes time to get over losing your friend.

Jan, Nigel, Willow and Airedale Izzy.


Kaye Attoe writes:

Please accept our condolences  Gill and family.  Nothing prepares you for the emptiness when you lose your most precious companion.  My heart breaks for you all and will admit to reading this through tears this evening.  A lot of what you wrote Gill, brought back lots of memories we try not to remember.  Dottie will be forever with you, carried in your heart and memories always. Dottie was very lucky to have a truly wonderful life full of love from 2 wonderful people and that's the best we can do as owners. Treasure every day while we have them. Huge hugs and love at this time.

Tony, Kaye, Maisie and Teddy.


Sandra Kisby writes:

My condolences to Gill.  I can imagine the gap that Dottie has left in their lives. What a wonderful life she had with them and leaves behind many happy memories which will live for ever. 

Sandra and Bertie Bonzo.
















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