Winter Walks and Christmas Jumpers

November 30, 2019


This is Tilly!  She got in contact after seeing that there was another dog sharing the same birthday as her and it turned out to be her litter brother! Can you guess who it is?

So this is Tilly's brother!



 There you go it's Captain Jack. Only two pups in the litter from Peggy Sue and Dennis and at nine years of age, they've found one another!  How cool is that?  

Jan Chamberlain asks:

How did Tilly find her long lost brother? Did she face book him? Or is she close enough to become a member? She's a nice looking little lady but then I am biased as Jack's auntie/minder at Discover Dogs!

Editor's Reply:

I put Jack’s birthday up on a closed Facebook group. I’m in a few. The two main groups are Welsh Terrier Fan Club (American) and Welsh Terriers UK. 

Anyway someone liked it and commented “Louise Warrington look at this!” Louise got in touch and asked if I got Captain Jack from Rachel Pearce and who were his parents as her Tilly had a birthday on the same day.  Bingo!!!!

It was amazing. Tilly is a very waggy tailed dog too!! Apparently Louise asked Rachel if she could have a bitch puppy so she could eventually mate her with her dog, who had a brilliant nature. So there were only two in the litter Jack & Tilly!! I have Louise to thank for this! She lost her husband last June so it gave her something to smile about. Tilly has had two litters. I bet they were all happy little pups!

We now keep in touch. X
Jan writes:

What a lovely story!

So we're just having a little Christmas Jumper thing going on.  Anyone want to join us?



 Daisy: Ok I'll join in but don't expect me to walk down the street in it!  That's pushing your luck!



Popped in to the pub after shopping this morning


 You have crisps? Well in that case you have our full attention!!





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