Christmas Party 2019

November 18, 2019

 Weltos had their annual Christmas Party at the Village Hall in Keston, Kent.  Its a bigger venue than our old hall so we had lots of space for everyone. Above you can see our Christmas Table, which included fabulous prizes, Secret Santa and the centrepiece was our Remembrance Tree.  Just a nice idea to remember all our dogs who have passed over the rainbow bridge. Some of those dogs were: George, Jack and Trudi Meecham, Jayver Murray, Thomas, George, Rufus, Bryn, Turpin Foreman (Correct me if I'm wrong) and James Morgan.




The catering staff headed by Sandra and Kaye were outstanding and  I heard several comments about the food being amazing. We even had Welsh Terriers on top of the pie pastry! 

This is our first year at this super venue so we now have to tackle the problems with the ovens. It would be an advantage if we could bring along a couple of microwaves. Don't worry, our team will be on the case for next year!

After lunch we had the AGM.  Our Chairman, Sandra, kicked off with a very entertaining and informative speech.  She welcomed everybody, especially newcomers, hopes to organise a ramble in January and looks forward to more trimming sessions in the future. 

Kaye, our Treasurer, kept things simple and informed us that even after paying out for new artwork for Discover Dogs, our balance was still very healthy. Kaye has worked extremely hard for the club in getting the banking in order.  It wasn't an easy task as mandates seem to be a bit of a mystery to any bank clerk you mention it to!! It has been very frustrating to say the least.

Then it was my turn and as I said on the day, I think I'm going a bit barmy in my old age as I got a bit emotional.  It was so lovely to see new faces and old.  Our members are very important to us and well done for making the effort to find our little village in Keston, some of you driving a really long distance.

A few of you regulars,  couldn't make it and were really missed! We hold the Party mid November because if we leave it any later the roads are really bad.

I thanked all the members who helped with Discover Dogs and to be honest our stand should have won the competition.  We had people asking who designed it and taking photos and that doesn't happen unless your booth stands out from the rest!

My little elves, Jan and Jenny are always there to help and I gave them both a present in recognition for all the time they give to the club.

Cups were presented at this point.  For the first time Weltos has it's own Achievement Cup and this was awarded to David Morgan for all the hard work he's put into his dog, Jack.  A very different dog to the one who showed up to our Party a few years ago. Very well deserved!

The George Forrest Cup was awarded to Nicola Gee for all her dedication and expertise for new artwork for posters, to dress the stand at Discover Dogs. It looked amazing and she did it all for free!

Two charities were chosen to give money raised by Weltos and so we are donating £100 to The Dog Trust and £100 to Terrier SOS.  

We had a few games with a quiz thrown in and then there was the Fancy Dress.  There were four entries:  Gertie who was Santa's little helper, Jasper dressed as a Reindeer, Jack Morgan dressed as a jolly Christmas Party Goer and Bertie who was The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  What a talented bunch you are!!! They were all winners in my eyes!  Bertie got the red rosette!

Then came the moment everyone was waiting for.....the Raffle Draw.  We all wanted to win the Welsh terrier sculpt of mother puppy, original by Sharon Salt and worth over two hundred pounds.  We did a silent drum roll and the recipient was Nicola Gee!  It was her day. Second prize, a basket crammed full of goodies went to Kaye and Tony and third prize, a snowman jumper went to Jenny & Ian for Eddie.  Can't wait to see Eddie in it!  A big thank you to Angela Murray for selling raffle tickets and my friend Chrissy for taking the entry money, doing various jobs and setting up the remembrance tree. Last but not least, thank you to (Mrs) Chris Amos for helping out and bringing extra desserts and Lesley Hurley, who popped in with a Secret Santa present even though she wasn't stopping.  Apparently Chris was ill.  Get better soon Chris Hurley and also Mr Chris Amos who was also unwell.  

There was time for a cuppa before home, but once again thank you to all the members who swung into action putting chairs and tables away. The venue was spotless when we left. A credit to you all.


I was very busy but managed to take some photos.  If anyone else would like to add theirs to the blog, simply send them to me.  I hope all you members who made it to the Party enjoyed it and all those who couldn't make it, enjoy the read and looking at the photos xxxxxx


 Jasper is desperate to know what's in the wrapping paper! Come on mummy let me at it!

 Looks like WT's Jack and Ellanora are going to have to share the Lily's Kitchen Advent Calendar!

 Message from Jane Witcomb: A big Thank You to you and the committee for the enjoyable time yesterday. The food was delicious and the Welsh terriers adorable.

It's nice to see so many of theses adorable dogs.  My journey home was uneventful.  Best Wishes.

 Gertie wonders if she can actually eat any of that stuff!


 I wonder if  puppy Hunter knew just how cute she is!  What a gorgeous little ball of fluff. A true poser by the way.  Not checking out her treats but looking straight at the camera. 

 Evie has a bit of shut eye but believe me she'll give that Christmas toy what for later!

 Another poser!  Eddie wonders if I've got his best side!  Then the dinosaur gets it!

 Kaye is looking puzzled at her Secret Santa toy but Maisie is on the case! (You can just see her head above the table!) Meanwhile Woody is saying, "Mummy give it here, I'll unwrap it quicker than you!"

 Oscar thinks he looks just great in his bandanna and he is just going to sit under a chair, because that's what us Welshies do!

 Chrissy throws a ball for Barley, who is going nuts to get it!

 Time for the Fancy Dress and Gertie is first one out on the floor!  Santa's Little Helper!

 Wheeeeeee this is fun!


 So Jasper are you Prancer or Dancer?


 Oooooops. Jack Morgan nearly loses his hat!

That's better, people will think I look silly if my hat isn't on right! 

 Right where's the party?  I'm ready to rock and roll!! Love Jack Morgan xxx


 Fancy Dress was just made for Welsh terriers like Bertie. Every time he just lets his mummy dress him up and he always watches her for guidance.  Well done Sue and Richard for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe!

 Bertie relaxes before home time.  Just having a chat with his mates.



 Chairman Sandra Kisby presents :The Weltos Achievement Cup to David and Jan Morgan,  for their achievements with Welsh Terrier Jack

 Sandra presents Nicola Gee, watched proudly by Woody, with the George Forrest Cup (1992).  Nicola proudly holding the Welsh Terrier and her puppy sculpt by Sharon Salt.  Very well deserved both Nicola and David and Jan.  Well done all of you. Oh look I've just noticed that Sandra has a star on her head!  Well after tasting her cooking, I think she is a star!!!!


Nicola Gee writes:

just wanted to say well done to all the team for putting on such a great get together and it was lovely to catch up with everyone and meet some new owners and pups.  

As always the welcome was fantastic and the food superb...the fish pie was a stunner.

Unfortunately Woody wasn't on par and even gave a few little grumbles and snaps which is very unlike him, but we are off to the Vet this morning to get his itches back under control and a thorough good check up.

I am still in shock that I am the proud owner of a Sharon Salt original, such a talented lady and can't wait to tell her I have two to look after!

I love the fancy dress too.  I put a bandanna on Woody in the morning and he refused to move! :-)

Editors Note: Hmmm I know the feeling!)  I didn't think it was going to be a day for him performing at his best so enjoyed spectating this year. Thanks again to all and hope to see you very soon.


Judith Berg writes:

Thank goodness the trip home was better than getting to the hall!  thank you and all your helpers for a lovely party.  So good to see old and new faces and weren't our doggies good?


Kaye Attoe writes:

I just wanted to drop every Weltos member a line, to say how Wonderful Yesterday's Christmas Party was.  I hope everyone had a lovely time and most of all how well behaved our Welshies were,  considering how many beautiful Welsh terriers attended with their staff.

I also wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU, to a certain person, who without her constant effort, arranging and doing everything behind the scenes, always fails to get a mention
And without this amazing wonderful lady, yesterday would not have been what it was, a true triumph, so Thank you Pat, for everything that you do behind the scenes that always goes unnoticed because you just crack on and get it done, but from the bottom of my heart thank you for everything that you do, to keep Weltos what it is.  Everybody did a sterling job yesterday and pulled together which is and was a magnificent triumph and lovely that we all pulled together.  Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone, committee, all our members and our well behaved beautiful welshies.
Merry Christmas to you all and wishing everyone and our welshies  a Happy, Healthy New Year.



John Barritt writes:

Thank you and the team for everything yesterday. It was great to meet some more of the Welshie owners. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Love those photos!


Sue Foreman writes:

Richard, Bertie and I really enjoyed the party. Thank you and everyone who helped make it such a fun time. The food was delicious (thanks again to Sandra for my lovely vegetable lasagne) and it was so good to swap stories of our dogs with others who understand the ways of Welsh terriers. Well done for organising yet another successful Christmas Party.


Jan Chamberlain writes:

Another great party! I think we cracked it in the kitchen with more space to move around each other.

It was lovely to see puppy Hunter with her Mum and Dad.  After speaking to them at Discover Dogs it's lovely to see they now have their puppy.  Job well done, result!!

Would like to echo Kaye's words. Thank you for all you do behind the scenes. We wouldn't have a club without the hard work you put in over the year.

Here's to 2020 , with rambles, trimming days, Discover Dogs and another party!  Happy Christmas Weltos!

Jan. Nigel, Willow and Noisy Izzy!


Angela & Ian Murray write:

Thanks for the Christmas Party details.  We both enjoyed the afternoon, not least the food and the company and appreciate as always your hard work in organising and setting up the day.


Jane Price writes:

I enjoyed looking at the photos of the party.  Lovely to send money to The Dogs Trust. Well done with the party, would love to have attended as it looked a lot of fun. Hope you are enjoying a bit of rest after all the work you must have put in for the party.


David Morgan writes:

Thanks to yourself, Sandra and Kaye, plus all the elves and others - for a super Sunday.!

We returned to Hitchin a very happy trio and will redouble our efforts with our Trophy winning WT (which will be shown to our dog training class next Saturday)!

Special mention of the fish pie----excellent!

Warm Regards

David, Jan and Jack












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