Remembrance Sunday

November 10, 2019


How time flies.  It doesn't seem long ago since I was posting poppy photos from last year! As you can see we commemorate the animals by wearing the purple poppy.  See Jack and Daisy wearing theirs with pride, below:


Sue Foreman writes:

This morning I was watching the Remembrance Day service on the television while Bertie was playing with his toys. Suddenly at the start of the two minute silence, Bertie stood completely still, staring at the television. When the gun went off at the end of it he jumped slightly and the started a slow steady bark while the bugles played.

Bertie does not normally watch television and very rarely barks at anything



Editor's Note: Wow that's spooky!!! These dogs can really be so sensitive and pick up on things. I always remember when we used to do Discover Dogs when it clashed with Remembrance Sunday and the Welsh terriers on the stand used to remain very quiet during the two minutes silence. Unlike people!!!!!!!


Steve Warne writes:

Cool purple poppies!


 We went for another lovely walk at Lower Haysden this morning and bumped into the cutest puppy.  She is 3 months old , an Irish terrier and is called Poppy.  I just couldn't resist sharing this with you.  How cute is she? The owner, Maria gave me permission to share these photos, in fact she was quite excited that her little girl was going to be famous, on the Weltos Blog!!



 I felt I couldn't leave her friend Odie out!


 Odie is only a puppy too.  Don't you just love dogs?


Steve Warne writes:

Irish terrier puppy looks almost as cheeky as a Welsh!


Kay Pennycott writes:

A couple of photos of Isla wearing her poppy. She also has a purple one on her lead.  Just come from a week away with my sister on the Northumberland coast-beautiful-miles of sandy beaches to play on!




 Editors Note: That looks amazing!















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