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November 3, 2019

Saturday and the rain .......


 Oscar Barritt wonders when is it going to stop raining?


Well there's always the rugby to watch!  Or in Captain Jack's case, time to snuggle up to his dolly, Lily The Leopard



The fireworks are a problem for CJ.  He cries like a baby.  I do all the right things but the only thing that soothes him is if I sit right next to him and then he snuggles down and relaxes.  For those members who haven't seen our Fireworks piece, go to Members Comments   and you'll be able to read members suggestions on how to calm your dog. If you have anything to add, please send suggestions to me and I'll pop them on the page.


Eileen Pearce writes:

This is the first year that Lucy (41/2 years) has reacted to fireworks, panting and generally showing distresss, even though they were in the distance and not as bad as some years.




The sun comes out on Sunday!!!


In case we have to put up with more Fireworks tonight, (they don't seem to know when to stop) we thought a lovely walk in the sunshine would at least set our pirates up for the day. CJ is looking at the camera but a huge swan hissed at Daisy and I couldn't get her to turn around for love nor money.  She wasn't putting up with that for one moment! Doesn't that swan realise that flapping it's wings is like red rag to a bull for a Welsh Terrier?


Sunday's Birthday Boy!


It was Nelson's birthday on Sunday!  6 years young and Morag writes: In case you think that's a wry smile, he's holding on very tightly to a chunky treat.


Editors Note: Happy happy birthday Nelson.  I hope you were spoilt rotten!





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