November 3, 2019



After sending this out to you all Jane Price replied:

This is heart breaking. 


Whoever bred Henry did it for the money as obviously no due diligence,  checks or follow up was taken on his owners. 


To not walk a dog and leave it alone for over ten hours a day is unbelievable cruelty but to also disregard the state of his coat and let him suffer with fleas and the consequence of them, there are no words?!!  Why the hell did these people take him on in the first place????


Of recent times, I have noticed an increase in male Welsh Terriers of around 1 year plus, up for rehoming on internet sites such as Pets4homes and Preloved etc.  Unfortunately, as we all know, the wrong sort of people are breeding puppies as they can command and get big bucks for them.


Poor little Henry looks to be a casualty of this.  


Although Henry’s owners have been cruel and stupid, Thank God they have at least admitted that they cannot look after him.


Let’s hope and pray he finds a happy ever after loving home?


Chris Amos writes:

With regard to Henry, I too am heartbroken and angry about the condition of this poor boy. Jane may indeed be right about the breeder being in it for money. However I am cautious about denigrating the breeder without knowing the circumstances. We do not know whether this breeder contacted his new owners and asked how they were getting on and were either fobbed off, lied to or just plain ignored . Just saying. Either way, at last he is in the right place and has the chance of a loving secure home.


Judith Berg writes:

I agree with Christine's comments about breeders and potential owners.  I do home checks for our branch of the RSPCA and have found people are not always open about their circumstances, either deliberately or through ignorance.  Having said that, we were thoroughly questioned by Terry Spence when we were looking for a WT and it wasn't until he was completely satisfied that he referred us to a breeder.  i doubt he was ever hoodwinked!!!


Editor's Note:  You can say that again!!!!!!  Those were the days when I knew most of the breeders and met them at Crufts.  Nowadays I only really know of a few so rely on others to let me know about the puppy standards of newer breeders.













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