The Amos's Break!

October 30, 2019

 Chris writes:

After our break at Break Sands Somerset, I think you can probably guess where we have stopped off for a few nights before we make for home.  if you need a clue, this is a view of Salisbury Cathedral from Old Sarum with the campsite and Hudsons Field in the foreground.


Editors Note:  Yep! Know it well!  One of our favourite places to stop too.  


 Chris writes: So we've just got indoors and this is one of the bags of clothes that  I've sorted for ready for washing! Only a Welsh terrier eh?


Steve Warne writes:

Old Sarum, Salisbury Cathedral!!!! I hope the Welshies aren't Russian around!


Editor's note: Yep, especially searching for perfume bottles!







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