Gertie goes visiting.

October 27, 2019

 Gertie visits her nanny!


Editors Note: I bet nanny was really glad to see you.  Who wouldn't be? pretty girl.


Paula Pearce has put a shout out for help:

Hi Patsy
As you know Teddy has Cushings and he has a large inoperable lump behind one
front leg. It doesn't bother him (he's like a puppy at the moment chasing
around after his squeaky tennis ball) and the vet would rather leave it as
Teddy's health (dodgy liver and high BP) may not withstand the stress of a
major operation. Also on the advice of my vet, he cannot wear a collar and
lead because he has an elongated palette and I don't want him to choke.

Can any of our wonderful Weltos members help me or know of a harness that
fits around the belly and chest rather than just behind the front legs?  

I have been searching and found some harnesses that may be suitable (if the
photographs are correct!) but wonder if any Weltos member/s can help and
advise me.



Chris Amos writes:

Jasper always wants to be in front!!. Walks beautifully on his own but pulls if Tallie is with me or we are with other dogs ( oh and if the fox is around too!) As it was making him choke I resorted to a harness which has both a back and front/chest lead attachment. I use a Ruffwear XS which I had fitted at Pets at Home. It has done the trick. Hope that helps.


Jan Chamberlain writes :

Willow and Izzy both wear the Julius K9 harness. They both find them comfortable, they go round the chest and under the belly.Willow too has liver trouble and snuffly breathing so I don't like walking her on her collar. She is fine on her harness, no problems.hope this is helpful.

Harnesses available from Julius K9 direct, Pets at Home and of course, Amazon 


Sandra Kisby writes:

Bertie Kisby has one that goes under his chest and round his tum tum I got it online from DOG and CO. It is very sturdy. Sx


Kay Pennycott writes:

Not sure if this is any good for Teddy -  it sits away from the front leg  (further than it looks in the photo). We got it from: 



They make them to size so you may be able to speak to them and ask them modify it slightly to suit Teddy. All handmade in Cumbria. Very good quality with lots of padding. We have had Isla’s from when she is was about 10 months old. Washes well and no signs of fraying etc. Not cheap but as you can get them custom made might be worth investigating. 


Kay x 



 Paula writes:

That's a great help. I can take a look at the harnesses suggested and see if we can get a more comfortable one for him.  I knew the members would come up trumps.  Thanks to everyone who responded.


John Barritt writes:

I would recommend the perfect fit harness, on this website:

It comes in three pieces so you can get the right size.



I brought a K( harness which goes around the belly rather than just behind Teddy's front legs.  There is also a breast plate like horses wear! I am going to pad it out under his tummy to help make it comfortable.  I am also talking to a lady (salt dogs) who may be able to adapt one of her existing harnesses as well.


Editors Note:  Good luck Paula.










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