It's Daisy Duke's Birthday!

October 16, 2019

 Our little pocket rocket is 8 years old today.  How did that happen?


When Daisy was just 5 months old, we got a phone call from David Hughes, her breeder, saying that Daisy's owners had been in touch because they just couldn't handle her.  The lady was so stressed out that she couldn't take anymore and wanted her rehomed as soon as possible. David and I had just seen our previous Welsh Terrier, Jack, over the rainbow bridge and were still feeling distraught.  I had even said "No more dogs!"

However both David and I couldn't stand to think of this poor little pup not being understood and so we made the journey to Essex.

On arrival, Daisy made a beeline for David and she's been Daddy's girl ever since. She was beside herself with excitement.  Daisy does spread her love to everyone though and she does like a cuddle with her mum almost every morning.  She is 100mph and before this photo was taken I had to remove lots of those annoying green bobbles from her muzzle puff! 

Thank goodness we made that trip to Essex, as she has been the light of our lives.  We've had to say sorry quite a lot.  Friends bags have been looted, fans chewed, combs stolen, shoes stolen and hidden in the garden. When Captain Jack joined us, she made him very welcome and they soon became a formidable team of pirates!  A sweeter, more comical dog I've yet to meet and we will spoil her rotten today.  


Stacie & Oliver Stahnke

Happy Birthday Daisy! Hunter is right behind you. Libras and Scorpios unite!


Judith Berg

Happy Birthday Daisy from your telepathic pirate comrade Houdini (aka Evie)


John Barritt

Happy Birthday Daisy!


Jan Chamberlain

Happy Birthday Daisy! Well done for being a good girl on Saturday.

Jan, Willow & Izzy





















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