Discover Dogs 2019 12th & 13th October

October 16, 2019

 Me at the Excel Centre Friday night.  New stand set up with a little help from my friend. New posters all designed by Nicola Gee. Phew it works!!!! And it caused quite a stir.

Brian Robinson writes:

The stand looks totally awesome, well done to everyone involved! All your hard work has definitely paid off.

Hope the show goes really well for you all!

All the best



Judith Berg writes:

Looks really good and very professional.





The Saturday Team

Kay & Martin Pennycott with Isla. Patsy Meecham & Jan Chamberlain with Captain Jack and Daisy.  Mandy and Richard Clements with Kobi and Rosie and Sandra Kisby.

 Martin and Kay, with Isla, all the way from Somerset!! That's dedication for you.

The Weltos Posse working the table! 

 Jan takes expert charge of Jack and Daisy, as usual.




 Isla gets hugs from the public.

Richard takes time off from building his barn to come along with Mandy and the kids, Kobi and Rosie. 


 Auntie Sandra gives Isla a cuddle.

 That's it, our session is done!

Kay Pennycott writes:


Just back home from a really busy but very enjoyable day at Discover Dogs. We set off from Somerset on Friday to stay with friends in Brighton so we didn’t have to travel so far in one day. An early start on Saturday saw us arriving at Excel at 9.30am. The stand looked amazing (and in our unbiased opinion was one of the best, if not the best there). It looked really professional so well done to everyone for putting it all together. Editor's Note: Full credit must go to Nicola Gee.

Isla was slightly spooked when we walked into the arena as it is quite loud and there is loads going on with dogs and noise everywhere. But she settled down quickly, guided by the experienced hands of Daisy and Captain Jack who have done it so many times before. We were very proud of her - she greeted everyone she met and allowed them all to have a cuddle and there were lots and lots of people to greet as the stand was really busy. By the end Isla was exhausted (and we were pretty tired too!). When the afternoon guys arrived to take over Patsy and Sandra kindly looked after Isla (giving her more cuddles!) whilst we had a look around the arena. It is huge with loads of trade stands and the range of dogs is truly staggering with dogs of every shape and size! 

Once back in the car Isla slept soundly all the way home and then, after a quick look round the garden, hopped into her basket by the fire and didn’t move all night !

Before we got our first Welsh terrier, Tilly, 15 years ago we went to a Discover Dogs, with our shortlist, to find out about the various breeds and found it so helpful. So it was nice to do the same for other potential new owners. And as Patsy says it really helps educate people about the breed which hopefully will prevent them being rehomed unnecessarily.

We had a great day and it was really nice just chatting to people about our amazing breed, sharing what we’ve learnt over the years about their traits, how to train them and how they aim to train you too!! The great thing is, if you don’t know the answer or haven’t experienced a particular issue, someone else will have, so it’s a real team effort to share your knowledge. We would really encourage other members to go and experience it if they can - what’s not to like about spending all day talking about WTs!! 

Kay, Martin and Isla 


Mandy Clements writes:

This year was our first ever visit to DD.  We did not know what to expect and we did not know how Kobi & Rosie would react. 


I knew Kobi would be ok with people petting him as he has experience as a Pets as Therapy dog.  Myself and Richard brought our dogs along expecting an afternoon of chatting intermittently with visitors.  Well a slow afternoon it was not!  The attention was full on from the moment we arrived until the end of the show.


Both dogs were absolute stars and lapped up the attention, accepting treats giving licks and having pictures taken like they were film stars.

The stand was fantastic with lots of information and great pictures showcasing our great Welsh Terriers.

Well done to all involved in organising the stand you did WELTOS proud.

We thoroughly enjoyed being involved and will definitely be back next year.

Thank you

Mandy, Richard Kobi and Rosie.


Chris Amos writes:

The Stand looks great! I expect you're all cream crackered though. Thank you so much for the entry tickets they were very much appreciated.  I was in two minds whether to stay and help on the stand but you seemed to have enough people there already without me and with it being so busy ( which is a good thing!) I felt it probably wasn't ideal to have another dogless person taking up the space. You were all doing an excellent job anyway.  I had chance to say a quick hello to Mandy as she made her way to the breed stand which was nice. 

My grandaughter had a fabulous time as did my daughter-in-law. 

As you can no doubt guess I myself am pretty knackered despite taking quite a lot of "breathers" round the various rings and at kiddies corner etc so I would not have been up to a session on the stand anyway. 

Hopefully next year I will be able to get hands and paws on?

Hope tomorrow goes well too.

Chris x


Jan Chamberlain writes:

Another lovely day at the Excel, talking about dogs for hours. The new artwork looked really good. Thank you Nicola. The Corgi stand next door were very impressed. I don't think you ever get used to all the noise, it's only when you get outside you realise just how quiet it is waiting for your for train.

I had a lovely  greeting from Willow and Izzy when I got home, Izzy couldn't believe I actually smelt of other dogs. I shan't tell her I fell in love with the puppy on the Airedale stand.





The Sunday Team

Susan Cooper and son Stu with Maggie and Merlin, Nicola and Nathan Gee with Woody,  Chris Cherry with Ruby. Lynn & Peter French with Sophie and Jenny & Ian Carr with Eddie.



 STAY! No leads for Merlin and Maggie!!!!


 Woody doing his irresistible pose.


 Ruby working her charm.

 Ruby, Merlin, Maggie and Woody rocking the table at the Excel.  The Corgi photo bombs!!


 Ooooooh Maggie just has to have a Welshie kiss!!!





The pen was opened to the public.  Stu organised that so well. Oh and not one dog peed on the rug this year!






 I think someone's just a little bit in love.

Gate door open to the pen, children welcomed and dogs didn't ever attempt to escape! Top marks for Maggie and Merlin.




Playtime in the pen. 

 Whilst Merlin and Maggie interact with the children, Stu works his charm on the ladies!!!



 Woody giving his paw for a treat.




 Eddie spots my camera!!!

 Oh Sophie, they love you!

     Sunday draws to an end.

Susan Cooper writes:

I just had to say how much my son Stu and I enjoyed DD! The atmosphere was brilliant especially with so many people wanting to meet Maggie and Merlin.💕We gave honest information regarding Welshies and the response from interested parties was very encouraging. It was lovely being able to let children and adults 😂 sit with my two to get to know them.Hopefully more people will consider a gorgeous Welshie for a family member. Also you work so hard Patsy to make this event a success! Well done you.
Best wishes 


Editors Note:

I can't tell you how thankful I am to all those amazing members and their dogs who gave up their weekend to help out at Discover Dogs.  We really all had a great time and your Welsh Terriers deserve a medal!

Nicola, you nailed that stand. The beauty is, we can now update any of the posters for minimum cost. in the future. 

Kaye Attoe, get well soon and I hope Maisie soon fully recovers good health. Low fat food from now on! Chris Amos, hope to see you there next year. Keep your dogs happy and well and remember there's always a spot for you and your dog at Discover Dogs as long as they can handle the situation.

THANK YOU!!!!!                                           THANKYOU!!!!!                                         THANKYOU!!!!!!





Chris Cherry writes:

Busy but enjoyable day yesterday.

Ruby seemed keen to be there which was nice.

Only had a quick look around after our session as it was so busy and the risk of her being stepped on. She is not bothered by the crowd or noise. 

I thought all the dogs were very well behaved and did the this great breed proud.



Jan Chamberlain writes:

It was a great day on Saturday as usual. We spoke to some lovely potential owners, hope they will be lucky enough to get a pup in the near future



Morag Hutchison writes:

Amazing Patsy.  You really are an inspiration.

We’re so lucky to have you and your enthusiasm!

Morag xx


Chris & Lesley Hurley write:

Sorry we couldn’t make it to Discover Dogs. The WT stand looked fantastic, really professional and attractive. The dogs looked pretty good too.

Alys would not have tolerated so much attention. She’s quite grumpy these days, and not the best ambassador for the breed. The noise

would have been an issue but she would have liked the company of the other Welshies.

Fortunately the Welsh Terrier presentation was in good capable hands.

Well done everyone involved. You did us proud.

Chris & Lesley Hurley


Kaye Attoe writes:

Wow, so many pictures this year!  Looks like the weekend was amazing,   just jealous

We couldn’t be a part of it. I hope you're  beginning to recover as I know it’s tough especially when you're there all weekend.  The dogs all looked just amazing, and as said before so did the stand.   Well done Pat, none of this would have been done without you,  rest up and look after yourself. Xx


Jane Price writes:

Congratulations on Discover Dogs!

What an amazing stand! Well done to Pat and Nicola!

The blog photos of the Welshie ambassadors were beautiful.  All the Welsh terriers had smiles on their faces and looked as if they were really enjoying all the attention. 

How could anyone attending the show looking for a dog resist those little teddy bears?  Only the right people I hope?!

  Well done to all their owners for taking their dogs up to London to represent the breed.   All the  Welshies on the stand looked beautifully groomed and happy.  You all did them proud!

Big congratulations to you Pat, your love and passion for Welsh Terriers knows no bounds!  You work relentlessly to organize such events as well as always being there for Welsh Terrier Owners who need help and advice.

Your hard work brings  a lot of happiness to Welsh Terriers and their owners so, on behalf of all Welsh Terriers everywhere…. woof woof (Thank you!)



From a visitor to our stand:


Hi Patsy,
I wanted to thank you for your time today talking about your new display. It was really helpful and I wish you all the best with your club. 
Many thanks
Eddie Gerrard
Vice Chair Portuguese Pointer Club UK


We also had the man from the Corgi Stand, next door, taking lots of photos of Isla and making sure he got the background posters in. He wanted to meet Nicola in person as he was very impressed with her design. 


Another stand visitor wrote this:

Hi Patsy/Sandra,


I thought I’d take the opportunity to follow up with you both and say thanks for your time on Saturday at Discover Dogs - I t was great to meet you both.


As you will see from our comms below, we have communicated previously, and I am glad to now report that, all being well, we (me and my partner Shelley), will collect our Welshie pup from Karen Griffiths In Dolgellau, Wales, approx May/June 2020 (first pregnancy for Oct 19 collection having fallen through 🙁).


Anyway, as discussed, Keston is only 25mins drive for us (based in Hildenborough nr. Tonbridge), so I hope to get involved with some Weltos activities in the not too distant future.


I’ve attached a picture (embarrassing!), because I know you will have spoken to hundreds of people during the weekend, but hopefully you may remember this face!


All the best and I will be in touch in due course.


































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