September Ramble

Sunday 29th September, Lower Haysden Country Park. Weltos had a ramble planned and the weather looked absolutely awful. Morag Hutchison got in touch saying she'd been out with Nelson earlier this morning and had got soaked and fearing it wasn't going to let up, offered her apologies and said she wouldn't make it. Then Jan Chamberlain emailed with news that Willow was poorly and needed to see the vet. Big hugs for Willow and we all hope she is ok.

I nearly cancelled but in the end thought we could see this through! Well, the rain stopped and members, Chris & Lesley Hurley with two friends and a Cavapoo and Lynn French with Sophie all made it and were ready to rock and roll!!

Lynn and Sophie, David with Captain Jack and Daisy making their way to The Plough at Leigh.

Chris & Lesley Hurley with Alys and their friends lead the way!

The walk was really nice and there actually was no rain. So time for a quick photo before going into the pub.

This garden is absolutely delightful and would make a brilliant summer ramble!

We then all made our way into the pub, where we found log fires, flag stones and a long table to accommodate us. The food was delicious.

The beer and wine flowed and so did the conversation. The lunch was really enjoyable but before we knew it, it was time to start the walk back home.

All ready for the return journey! And the sun came out!!!!!!

Back at the Park, Lynn, David and I had a quick coffee before going home. We all had a really nice walk, enjoyed our lunch and it was really good to see each other and our Welsh Terriers. Captain Jack and Daisy flaked out when we got back to our house. What a lovely day. The next ramble will hopefully be at Greenwich Park. Watch this space!