Autumn is here!

Every now and then I see a photo and I think "WOW" This is taken by a French guy who gave me his permission to share this photo of his Welsh Terrier. See my French lessons did come in handy! I think it should be framed titled AUTUMN.

Morag Hutchison writes:

You're right that autumn picture is a beaut!!

Karen Over writes:

Brunos adventures in the motorhome!

We are just back from the Midlands and found a fabulous overnight Moho spot near Evesham. 'The Fleece Inn' a National Trust old inn full of character, great pub food, overnight camping for the Moho in the orchard and wait for it.....the pub dog is a Welsh Terrier called Tarfarn (Welsh for tavern) See below. Bruno also met Tarfarn's brother Hector, both from a breeder in the village.

Editors Note: This sounds right up my street! It looks wonderful. Glad to hear Bruno is having great adventures!

Going down memory lane I found this photo when Daisy was first spayed. I remember she went from feeling groggy to stealing a sock out of the laundry basket. Do you remember when you had your dog neutered?

I remember thinking thank goodness for Primark and cheap kiddies T-shirts!

Gertie Daley writes:

Mummy do you think my beard needs trimming?

Editors Note: Gertie, I love your rough tough Cream Puff look. A magnificent Muzzle Puff. You are glamorous however you wear it!