The Fur flies!!!!

Sunday 22nd September, Keston Village Hall, Weltos had a trimming session. Those who attended were: Lynn French with Sophie, John Barritt with Oscar, James O'connor with Bryn and Nicola Gee with Woody. This photo above is all the hair that was collected from the dogs. There was much enthusiasm and it was a pleasure to pass on my knowledge to these amazing Welsh Terrier owners. You can all pat yourselves on the back. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day, but today you made a start. It is fantastic that people return to the sessions. I've seen them grow in confidence. If you would like another one, please let me know.

Nicola with Woody

John with Oscar

Lynn with Sophie

John with Bryn

A massive thank you to Weltos helpers Jan Chamberlain and Jenny Carr for making teas and coffees and generally helping out and Nigel Chamberlain and Ian Carr for helping to carry things from my car.

You're all stars!

Lovely to see Enid Southgate and Kevin. They joined us in a photo shoot that will hopefully make it to the stand design which is being put together by Nicola Gee.

Sandra Kisby writes:

Super group photo and all the dogs look as if they are enjoying themselves.

Kaye Attoe couldn't make it as she had an operation. We wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her at Discover Dogs. We missed you Kaye!

John Barritt writes:

Thank you for giving up your time today and teaching us how to make the dogs look smart. I have some things to practice on Oscar and am looking forward to putting into practice what you have taught me today.

Lynn French writes:

Thanks for all your help at the trimming day today Pat. Sophie looks brilliant and although I've been to several before, I certainly learnt a few things today.

If you've never thought about trimming your own dog, why not give it a go? It is very satisfying and great for bonding with your Welshie!

Chris Hurley writes:

Good to see the fur dog. When Lesley does Alys, I always say there's enough to make another dog. Now there's proof!

Stephen Warne writes:

It does make me wonder just how much fur has been trimmed in total over the years!


Jan Chamberlain writes:

I think our "dog" in the top picture should have a name. maybe we can call him DOUG...unless you can think of one better? Any takers?

Your little helper!

Chris Amos writes:

Good to see the trimming day was a success. Well done to everyone! Sorry I couldn't be there. How about GWALLT which means hair in Welsh or Trim for the hair dog's name?

Steve Warne writes:

Could he be German? HERR DOO!!!!!!

Patsy Meecham:

How about STRIPPER!

Mean while what's going on with Bryn.....

Bryn needs to know what on earth is going on next door. Could it be something to do with Siamese cats???????

Chris Amos writes:

Looks like you had a great time in Wales. Hope your ankle is ok now? Wondered if this photos is any good for anything you're planning? It is taken at St Neots along the banks of the River Great Ouse. Had a lovely restful break enjoying our surroundings.

Thank you Chris. Nice shot.

David and Jan Morgan write:

We went to the WT Club Championship show on Sunday. Another enjoyable day and the closest we got to success was Jan holding the cup!!

Jack enjoyed the fun part of the show at lunchtime and resisted the urge to nip the judge during full body and mouth inspection!

Editor's note: Well done David, you have worked very hard with Jack.

David also sent this pic of an advert in the Metro .

Whilst I saw that you can get this garment in Sainsbury's: