Captain Jack & Daisy go to Wales for Stinkeye 2019!!

A group of people got together and organised a Stinkeye meet up in Wales. If you have never heard of Stinkeye, here is Captain Jack giving a perfect example of one in the photo above! Please feel free to send in your photos if you have any Stinkeye examples. The American Fan Club started a Stinkeye meet up whereby people from all over, would bring their Welsh terriers and just have fun. So if they could do it, us Brits could do it too. I did not ever imagine anyone organising a meet up like this. I am in awe! Having organised things for Weltos over several years, I can appreciate how much time and effort these ladies put in.

First of all they took over a castle! Yes a whole castle full of Welsh Terriers!!!! Can you even imaging that? Weltos member Nicola Gee was involved and gave me the nudge to go. I asked about motorhome sites and in no time they had several suggestions and we ended up choosing The Ancient Briton Pub in Penycae, with an attached field and amazing views. A pub with real ale and good food on site? It was a no brainer! What's more it was a couple of minutes drive away from Craig Y Nos castle.

We were then provided with a three day itinerary packed with things to do, things not to do and believe me they pretty much thought of everything. Just like us .... no long leads etc.

So I'll let CJ and Daisy take over from here and tell you all about our fun in Swansea.

Daisy: CJ! Look at those funny words! I'm feeling at home already.

CJ: Well this is alright. Lovely field. But surely it's time for something to eat after all that travelling?

CJ: You needn't think I'm sitting on the floor! I don't do wild camping!

Daisy: I'm glad mummy remembered our donut beds.

Daisy: See the Chapel in the back ground? I prefer the pub! Anyway CJ shall we do our two headed dog act?

CJ: Come on daddy the door to the pub is straight on! It says no dogs but they'll let us in as we're Welsh! We'll have a relaxing time and then the fun starts tomorrow!


CJ: Look Daisy, a real Welsh Castle!! Did you know it used to be the home of an opera singer? Can't wait to get inside and see whats going on.

Daisy: Well mummy said it's meet and greet time. Do you think we'll see many Welsh Terriers?

CJ: Somehow I think there's going to be loads!

Daisy: Hang on! Isn't that Nicola with Woody? I see they're carrying their welcome goody bag. We're all getting one apparently!

CJ: Can't wait to get my nose stuck into that. There's bound to be some goodies!

Daisy: Wow! There's pens and balls and treats and........

CJ: Treats, did you say treats? Lemme at 'em!

CJ: I see daddy has been up the bar again.

Daisy: Yes that's because the evening buffet is nearly ready. Isn't it amazing that we are allowed in the restaurant?

CJ: I heard mummy say that this is one of the best buffets she's ever had! I think she's going back for more!

Daisy: That's good. I think some may come our way! Apparently the chicken is delicious. CJ, how can I get this bbq sauce off my whiskers?

CJ: Oh just rub your whiskers on daddy's trousers I'm sure he won't mind!

Daisy: it's a pity we've got to go back to the motorhome, as there's a paint and wine session going on now!


Daisy: It's day two and we kicked it off going for a lovely walk in the Country Park right next to the castle. There were an unbelievable amount of Welsh Terriers, a few Airedales, an Irish terrier and WFTs. I think we were all very well behaved.

CJ: Yep a really lovely walk. Then back to the coffee shop for cappuccinos before going in for lunch. Thank goodness mummy remembered our dentistix!

Daisy: Well that was a lovely lesson in Welsh from a lovely lady! I think I'm fluent now! Bore da everyone! Looks like mummy is meeting people she hasn't seen for years! Well that's nice to see.

CJ: Oh look there's going to be a talk about grooming and mummy's chatting to Warren Bradley and he's got that Wire Fox Terrier that's been doing all the winning in the show ring. Shame we've got to go back to the motorhome and miss that.

Daisy: I know, but we've got to be ready for the quiz tonight! I know the staff love a quiz!

CJ: Glad we got back to the castle early as we got to look at the results of the paint and wine session.

Daisy: Hahaha doesn't this make you smile? They must have had so much fun doing this!

Daisy: Look at the difference a couple of hours make. We left the castle looking like this....

and when we came back for the quiz, it was like this!!!

CJ: I got to sit on lovely ladies laps, while Daisy got cuddles from daddy. Our cab turned up a bit early so it's a shame we had to leave before the quiz had finished. Unfortunately I got excited and darted down a flight of stairs and pulled mummy over. Think she's twisted her ankle. Ooops

Daisy: What a fluke that there's a pair of crutches in the motorhome, left there on our last trip. Phew!

Day 3

Daisy: Mummy had to rest her foot today and missed a brilliant walk and lunch at a nearby inn. Mummy was gutted but we didn't mind chilling out at the site. The fancy dress took place in the afternoon and we missed that too. There were a couple who dressed up as robbers and dressed their Welsh Terrier as Paddington Bear. Sharon Salt was there and put Ted on four wheels with a handle under the sign of Vintage Terrier! Hahaha we saw some photos and there were some really good Stinkeyes too!

CJ: Back at our site, we had a visitor, she's one of a pair of the cutest next door neighbours we've had in a while! We don't mind her coming to visit though.. as long as she keeps her nose out of my food bowl!

Daisy: We went back to the castle tonight. Our last night here. It was the grand raffle draw. Mum won two prizes!!!!!!

CJ: Honestly Daisy we can't take you anywhere. You are going to nod off aren't you?

going, going...........

GONE!!!! ZZzzzzzzz

Daisy: Well that's it folks. Homeward bound now. We all had a really lovely time and met some smashing people. I was hopefully able to promote Weltos to a couple of other doggy mates.

Homeward Bound

CJ: We stopped halfway home. Daddy got us a bowl of water and we both stuck our heads in and had a good slurp. Thank you mummy and daddy for taking us to the biggest Welsh Terrier party we've ever been too.

Daisy: Yep and we're now looking forward to a lovely Weltos Christmas Party. See you all soon. xxxx

Nicola Gee writes:

I love this little story. Glad it was worth the trip.....(Editors note: down the stairs as well haha)

The weather was amazing and so lovely to meet so many great Welshie people.

Kind Regards.

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Looks like you had a great time. Hope David has got over his aversion of going to Wales. Road signs can be confusing can't they? Beautiful scenery makes up for it. Sorry you've hurt your ankle, will you be ok for Sunday?

Editor's reply: The show must go on! You bet I'll be there!

Kaye Attoe writes: Absolutely loved your post and photos Pat, thanks for posting. I'm so miffed that we couldn't be there but will be next year, looked absolutely amazing! Hope you had a lovely break and are feeling better than before you went. Huge hugs, see you soon. xxx

Sandra Kisby writes:

Loved this blog Patsy. Thanks for posting it for all of us who couldn't go to share.

I just had to post this photo David took. It's the fisherman coming out. Always loving a good river!

A couple of group shots:

Tuesday morning

Wednesday morning

Eileen Pearce writes:

Thank you Captain Jack and Daisy for your take on Stinkeye, most entertaining. I knew a few people who were going. Glad everyone had a good time and the weather stayed fine. Wish I'd gone now, maybe next time. x