New home for Kevin!!!

A match made in heaven. Alex Witmond has let Kevin (Ch Boowire Ignite My Fire) go into retirement at the age of 6yrs old, to Enid and Norman Southgate. He will be spoilt rotten. Can't wait to hear from Enid and see more photos.

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Good news for both Enid and Kevin!

Some lovely photos of Kevin, now retired from his showing days

Kevin is doing a bit of Gardening with Norman

Time to relax

Time for play, always good to run off with the watering can!

You do realise that this is my chair now !

Hold on daddy, I'd just better test this water for you!

What a happy pair of faces!!!! This is looking very good!

Jane Price writes:Kevin looks so happy and so at home with Enid and Norman! Equally, Norman and Enid look so happy to have him! Adorable that Kevin is already helping out with the gardening. He realises that he has found a lovely home so is doing everything to keep in their good books, bless him. Wishing them all well x

Karen Over writes:

Lovely photos and lovely to hear Kevin got a good home. We have had Bruno for 10 months now, he is a little smasher and really settling down. Just off on more motorhome adventures and must remember to send you some photos for Weltos.

Editors note: We must meet up at some point. We could do a caravan/motorhome group!

Sandra Kisby writes:

It was so lovely to see Kevin so happy and settled in his new home with Enid and her husband. What a successful adoption- ALL ROUND.

Kay Pennycott writes:

Thought I'd share a painting, Martin has done of Isla - he was trying out new technique of oil painting with a pallet knife. Definitely looks like Isla!

I love this! Isla has a very talented dad!

Chris & Lesley Hurley write:

Brilliant painting! Is Martin taking commissions ?

Just received renewal notice for Alys' insurance. It would be cheaper to buy a new dog every six months!

You seem to have had a lot of success in homing old dogs lately....... :)

Editors note: I know you don't mean that hahaha!

Lynn French writes:

Wow! What a beautiful painting! martin has definitely caught the Welsh Terrier look!

Paul & Eva Daley sent these lovely pics in:

Gertie looking for the squirrel

This did make me laugh! All that squirrel hunting really tires you out!

Eddie Carr is teasing Ian with a stick:

Chris Amos writes:

Just having a few days away at Sandringham and lucky enough to have the benefit of some lovely warm sunshine to sit and relax in as well as some easy walking right on site.

So far no sign of reckless driving from any of the resident royals!!