Who's up to mischief?

Morning' Pals! This is Eddie here! I've been in a silly mood today!!! After a runaround in Greenwich Park, I continued to keep up the pace at home! First of all I pinched mum's slipper and wouldn't give it back. Mum thought she'd outwit me by teasing me with a stick. But that didn't work as I pinched the stick as well. Hah! Job done!

Jenny Carr writes: What can we do but laugh? Welshies eh!

The Meecham Pirates send their approval. Well done Eddie!

Judith Berg writes:

They're all alike! Evie is just the same but pinches the slippers and drops them around the house as booby traps!

Jan Chamberlain has been to the seaside!

We went to Whitstable today. It really was very blowy as you can see from the pics. Even our coffee had waves going across it.

As we arrived in Whitstable we saw a very handsome WT. I crossed the road to say hello as Nigel was getting the beasts out the car, but the owner really didn't want to talk. Probably thought I was a mad woman. Luckily the dog was more than happy to say hello. So as you can guess, I didn't give him my last Weltos card.

Later on our walk we met a Hungarian Pumi, so cute!!Her ears looked like she had bunches.

See here image of a Hungarian Puma:


All in all a smashing walk, meeting many dogs and we avoided the rain. Autumn is on it's way.

Jan with WT Willow and Izzy Airedale

Meanwhile John Barritt has sent some smashing shots of Oscar:

Look who won a second prize as Handsome Prince! He was robbed!!

Oscar wants to know who will play with him! I will!!!!

Let's give New Members James and Ann Oconnor a big welcome and great big hugs for Welsh Terrier Bryn

I can't wait to meet you all at the next Trimming Session.

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Welcome to Bryn, look forward to meeting him at the trimming day.....is he buying the biscuits?

Debbie and Chris Cherry sent a photo of Ruby, just chilling

Loving the luxurious throw!!!