September's here!

On Sunday, we decided take the Pirates to Lower Haysden Country Park and started off with a lovely breakfast. We had excellent breakfast rolls and the dogs had their homemade biscuits, freshly made and still warm!

Then we set off and decided to head for Tonbridge Castle. Trouble was this involved walking over the bridge pictured above and Daisy for some reason took exception to this, put the brakes on and had to be carried!

It was very hot and by the time we had reached the playing fields, the dogs were panting, so we stopped for a rest and some water. We then decided to give the Castle a miss and return home.

Thankfully the woods were much cooler.

Once we reached the lake, we knew we were nearly back to the car.

Back home, the dogs had their dinner and collapsed into their baskets. A very nice Sunday afternoon.

Last week , to celebrate my birthday and for a bit of light relief I decided to have a Mad Hatters Tea Party. ... Guess who was right in the middle of it whilst we were setting up?

Daisy oversees the party designs.

Then someone gatecrashed the party!

Obviously Captain Jack's joke has gone down very well! All he has to do now is sit tight and look cute and maybe a titbit will come his way!