Words to describe your dog!

Discover Dogs will be coming soon and so you have been challenged to describe your dog in as few words as possible to adorn the design for the stand. Here are the results so far:







Selective hearing

Jekyll & Hyde

Keen to please (when young)

Grumpy (when old)



Intelligent Family Member


The most loving, clever, keep-you-on-your-toes-dog you'll ever be owned by.

Every day they make you smile.

Thieves (Pirates)

Laid back



Teddy Bears


They can read your soul


Not as daft as they look

Best Friend

Non Judgemental

Love you unconditionally

Don't miss a trick

Such a comfort

Full of fun

Always at the centre of things

One of the family


I WILL, but in my own time!



Show offs

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Can you imagine the WT we would have if they had a small part of each description in them? Probably what we've all got. Yes, a Welsh Terrier! I think we've cracked the secret of what makes our dogs tick and what we love about them. Maybe we should bottle that recipe and take our dogs to Discover Dogs and show them off for what they are.....Welshies!!!

Kay Pennycott writes:

Ah we have a great breed don't we? :)

If we are going for a phrase for the stand I would definitely go for the one suggested "Every day they make you smile"

Another word we would add is determined - when we think back to Isla as a puppy, even though she is a really chilled WT, she was still really determined if she wanted to do something!

Lynn French writes:

What a good idea! Pete thinks Jekyll and Hyde best describes our Sophie as she's a "devil in disguise" It's amazing how such adorable looks can be deceiving!

Karen Fortune writes:

Trying to keep it clean, so stubborn and bloody minded won't cut it lol!!!

Chris Amos writes:

Might be too many words but starts with 'The most loving, clever'...etc

Thanks to Paula Pearce, Jane Price, Sandra Kisby, Jane Witcomb for your suggestions. Now the serious work begins, with choosing the most popular ones to go on the artwork. You can all be proud for taking part.