Sleepy Head!

After a heavy lunch, with the humans droning on and a firm hand rhythmically stroking my back, my eyes suddenly felt heavy........

Owen Turner enjoys a post dinner nap with his human family!

Meanwhile Captain Jack and Daisy would like to share some holiday snaps from North Norfolk:

Daisy says: I'm loving this camping lark. You get loads more cuddles and there's always something to look out for like a big fat pigeon who thinks she can drink out of my water bowl!

Jack must have tested out every chair we have, but this time settled for the cheapest model. That'll do!

Steve Warne writes: You need to get Jack signed up for Shop Well for Less!

Daisy says: We're practising our best behaviour at Rocky Bottoms the seafood restaurant. It paid off as we were rewarded with some lobster!!!!

A lovely walk from Rocky Bottoms to the beach.

Captain Jack says: I really loved my hollibobs but I couldn't wait to get back into my donut bed!

Judith Berg writes:

Here are some recent pics of Evie. Two are of her relaxing in the shade - wow haven't we had hot weather? The other two are her sporting her jazzy and smart baby grow (with ends tucked in as she was in the garden and might need a pee or poo!)

Editors note: I love this photo. Look at Evie's expression. Only a Welsh terrier.