Lazy Sunday Morning!

Daisy loves to read the Sunday papers with her dad. Look at that face! She's right where she wants to be! How do you spend your Sundays?

Lovely to hear from Chris Amos who has managed to get away in the caravan to North Cornwall. Chris writes:

North Cornwall is stunning, one of our favourite places to visit. As you can see it has been and still is very much so that we delayed our return rather than tow in the very high winds. We visited the Cornwall RAF museums at Davidstow and noticed this picture of the Polish Squadron mascot. It says that it is an Airedale but it looks more like a Welsh Terrier to me especially when compared to the many Airedales that were pictured.

The dogs were made very welcome and had a lot of fuss made of them.

The other photos are of: me ~taken at Rough Tor on Bodmin Moor (note the sheep in the background!) , Mr Chris~ at Bude overlooking the surfing beach and Mr Chris~ at Hartland Quay, Devon with Lundy Island in the background.

Happy Holidays!!

Editor's Note: Looking very happy Chris! This has smackings of that photo of Princess Diana with the see through skirt!

Steve Warne writes:

I have found another image of Ciapek on the internet. Certainly looks WT rather than Airedale.

Editor's Note: Well done Inspector Warne!

Jan Chamberlain writes:

I've found another image of Ciapek. I think it's an Airedale, he/she is on a bomber gun turret. It looks too big for a Welsh Terrier.

I wonder how many of these men made it through the war?

Steve Warne writes:

I saw Jan's picture too, but on the link I found it was another Ciapek, the mascot of 305 rather than 304 squadron. Look carefully at the dog's head on the picture I sent. Looks very WT to me and I've never seen an Airedale with a head that shape. Then again perhaps he is a cross and we are all correct :).

Editor's note: Well Chris, you've certainly started something here! Welsh Terrier or Airedale?

Steve continues: Lol! The Poles were fantastic allies in the war, they also shared their work on German ciphers/Enigma with Bletchley Park which allowed Turing, Flowers & co to shorten the war. Anyway they are even higher in my estimation now we know they had Welsh Terrier/Airedales as mascots :)