End of July Blog

Congratulations must go to Alex Witmond, shown here at Leeds Championship Show, 26th July, with Patsy (left) who won Best Puppy in Breed and Pasha who got a first in Post Graduate. What gorgeous dogs! lovely photo Alex!

Editor's Note: We needed a little break and and so took off in the motorhome to Norman Bay, East Sussex. This is where the Norman's landed, 1066 country and all that! Knowing it was going to be really hot, we decided the best place to be was by the seaside. It was the right decision. My goodness it was really, really hot but the sea breeze kept us a little cooler!

Lovely to hear from Ruby Cherry who wished us a good holiday. Looking good Ruby!

Rachel Pearce:

Have a great holiday with the fur kids! xx

Jan Chamberlain:

Have a great break at the seaside, it's going to be HOT!! take care in the sun.

Sandra Kisby:

Have a good time in Eastbourne -which I love!

Nicola Gee:

Hi There! I hope you are having a lovely time in Eastbourne - I'm so jealous!

Daisy says:

Thank you all for your good wishes. It was really hot so daddy put up a sun block which was a really good filter and mummy poured some water in an old Sainsbury's box and stood me and Jack in it. Then, she soaked a cloth and gently worked it through our coats. She made sure the water wasn't ice cold but more room temperature. You can also soak a towel and lay it on the ground. That feels cool to lay on.

I am seven years old and up until now I have never suffered with the itchy scratch syndrome....until this year. Mummy found I had scratched a hot spot under my chin, big time. I wasn't very happy, so she bathed it with hibiscrub, keeping the wound clean and took me to the vet when we got home. It's healing up now, but what with the heat and the itchiness, it did make me feel a little out of sorts.

Jack says:

Well what a palaver. the staff have brought a new super smart windbreaker. There were a pile of poles on the floor with pegs and material, but no instructions. They tried to find videos of how to set it up but ended up using common sense....but that took a while! They weren't taking any notice of me so I decided to see how tangled up I could get on my long lead! I did a really good job but the only way to free myself was to gnaw through the lead! The staff spotted me and had to do a repair job on the lead. Mummy's dad was a sailor so when she was growing up, he taught her how to tie lots of knots. I don't think daddy was very happy as it was brand new! It all worked out in the end and then we were treated to a surprise visit by the staff's mini adults. We all went to the beach and enjoyed the sea breeze and had an ice cream on the way back! We had a great time but it's great to be back home too!

Daisy says:

Thank you to Gertie Daley, who sent this photo in and I felt it was especially for me!

The staff loved it. We are really cute dogs aren't we?

Meanwhile Jane Price writes:

Saw this little baby on Pets4homes! Only about 5 months old. yet another who should have been returned to the breeder? What is going on?


Sandra Kisby: meanwhile has some cute pics of Bertie:

Bertie celebrated his 6th birthday on 26th July and is very pleased with his squeaky ball and his bluebird. Sandra's daughter made a Bertie birthday cake. Unfortunately his back leg proved irresistible to her 3 year old granddaughter Nina!

Editor's Note: Happy 6th birthday Bertie! I'm sure you had a great time. Belated best wishes!