Boats and Seals!

David and Jan Morgan are in Norfolk with their lovely furry companion, Jack.

They're off to see the seals at Blakeney. Dogs welcome on the boats and the Anchor Inn at Morston!

Captain Jack is most jealous, but hopes you enjoyed your trip!!

Lynn French writes:

We’ve done that boat trip with Sophie. She was fine until she saw (and smelled!) the seals and tried to jump out to get to them!! We love North Norfolk - can’t wait to go back.

Jane Price writes:

Ahoy there Jolly Jack Tar!! Or, should that be Okay there, Jolly Jack Terrier? Looks as if he is enjoying his day out in the boat!

Steve Warne writes:

What is it with Welsh Terriers and boats? Rowing boats at Dedham (note the WT's weren't doing the rowing, just acting captains keeping an eye out for the swans) and a trip on the broads, our two loved it.