Carrots, Bushes and Adventures

Another classic from Isla - carrot rolled off the work surface and she thought ... well might as well take it - mine !!! And a good bartering item if nothing else 🐶😂

Kay Pennycott xx

Captain Jack and Daisy had yet another adventure in North Norfolk. The weather was really hot! Here's what they had to say:

Daisy: Hah! I've got the window view from my bunk.

Jack: Fill yer boots! I'm getting my head down for a snooze!

Daisy: Right Captain, you know the routine, just relax and let the grown ups do all the work!

Captain: Well I'm not happy about this! Where's my chair?

Captain : Aha there it is. Things are looking up!

Captain: Oooh what's this, we seem to have a camping tent!! Must give that a go and put my scent all over it before you know who sees it!!

Daisy: We went to the beach for a walk today. My goodness that surf was rough. Those waves came crashing at me and I must admit it spooked me for a little bit.!

Captain: Hang on! What's this?

Captain: Right Daisy we need to go into a cute double act and then we may get an ice cream.

Daisy: Right ho! I know just what to do.

Captain: You go one side and I'll go the then hypnotic stares full on. I think dad's reaching for his wallet, keep it up!

Daisy: Yay it worked! Nom nom nom. Slurp!

Captain: Found another chair! Brilliant! Anyway guess who's discovered the camping tent!

Daisy: Yep. It's my turn AND I've got the dog blankets. A girl needs her comforts!

Daisy and Jack had a fabulous time in West Runton and can't wait to go back.

Meanwhile what on earth is going on with this bush?

Karen Over writes: This is so funny! My friends sent this to me while they were looking after Bruno for me earlier this week. ❤️then we took him to the cycle track in local park which is enclosed so he can run free so he got in one of the lanes and did two laps !! I will try and video it next time it was like he was a greyhound !! Love them xx

Editors Note: While we were away I got to thinking about a grand raffle prize for the Christmas Party, but a prize that could be shared with all our members far and wide, so they can join in as well. As most of you know, Sharon Salt is a very talented artist and sculptor specialising in all dog breeds and other animals, but does actually own an Airedale (Sadie) and a Welsh Terrier called Ted. She knows our breed so well and manages to captivate the very nature of them. Two of our members won a sculpt that Sharon donated to us for our anniversary. It caused quite a stir!

So when she gave me the heads up that she would be selling all her one off items last Sunday at 6pm, I was there, finger poised on my phone, just waiting!

The time came and it all went wrong for me and I was so frustrated that I couldn't see how to get the shop up. My signal was poor. Nightmare. When I finally did manage to log in, most of the amazing little sculpts had flown off the shelf.....except one! It was one I'd had my eye on, so I contacted Sharon privately and told her of my predicament and she immediately made it available to me..... well it will be for some lucky Weltos member!

Here is Sharon's Welsh terrier Ted, with some of the deliveries that Sharon has had to send out after her shop opened. She is so busy now that she cannot take on any more personal orders until April 2020!

Our raffle prize is pictured here, but I'm going to leave it for a bit before I reveal which one it is. It's value is £225 so I'm thinking that raffle tickets should be £5 each. So start saving up your pennies!

Sharon's shop online:

Kay Pennycott sent this joke in:

A German Shepherd, a Doberman and a Welsh Terrier die and go to heaven. All three are faced with God who wants to know what they believe in.

The German Shepherd says, “I believe in discipline, training and loyalty to my master.”

“Good,” God says. “Then you shall sit by my right side. Doberman, what do you believe in?”

The Doberman answers, “I believe in the love, care and protection of my master.”

“Aha,” God replies. “You may sit by my left side.”

He looks down at the Welsh Terrier and asks, “And what do you believe?”

The Welsh Terrier looks at him and answers.

“I believe YOU are sitting in MY seat.”

Editor's Note:

David went shopping in the local store in West Runton and bought me this:

It is a real postcard but made of wood and apparently you can send it!

I am not a fan of people dressing up dogs but as long as the dog doesn't mind I guess it is funny! it's just the look on this dog's face! I couldn't bring my self to actually post it....I don't think.

John and Laura Barritt sent these delightful pics in of their Oscar meeting Airedale Barney, in the New Forest.

Can anyone think of a caption to go with the photo below?

Nicola Gee: "Is it real? Now that really does look like one should have a handle and wheels!"

John Barritt: "and don't turn your back on me when I'm talking!"

Chris Amos: "Oh dear that must have been a very hot wash cycle to shrink you that much!"

Or: "Oh you put your right foot in ..........."

Patsy Meecham " Gangnam style? Nah Mr Airedale, I'm not doing that!"