Daisy takes a dive!

Morning Chaps! Daisy the diver here. I slipped up this morning....I mean literally. It's been years since this last happened but much to mummy's dismay, I fell/dived in the Koi ponds!! Well it's those darned fish. They splash up and down those ponds like they own the place and quite clearly they don't. I have to keep my eye on them and put them in their place. So this morning I thought I'd show them how the professional's do it!

I thought I did a grand job, even managed to scramble out all by myself, but mummy wasn't best pleased with all the wet footprints over the kitchen floor. Meanwhile my lazy brother was snugly curled up in his donut bed. See below:

Jack's thinking "Oh gawd, what's she done now?"

Mummy then took us both out to the ponds and gave us a lecture on how not to fall in, but where's the fun in that?

Captain Jack, shows Daisy how not to fall in.

Ok, Ok I get the picture!

Jack is thinking "Look mummy, I'm being good, but that Daisy just can't keep her eyes off those fish!"

He's such a goody two shoes (when he's not stealing stuff!) Well, I've got to go now, birds need to be chased, squirrels need to be stopped from getting to those nuts and of course I need to keep those fish in check. Have a great day everyone.

Love Daisy


Sylvia Turner writes:

How wonderful - Why do we have them?

Whitton last week:

Thursday -

Owen escaped - only the second time ever - and was trapped by the neighbours into their greenhouse. I played retriever.

Friday -

Sheep escaped from their field and community marshalled to round them up and return them to their patch.

Saturday -

Not to be outdone early saturday morning 15 cows escaped through a gate and entered a carefully tended garden. Small retired lady GP and 80 retired head master rounded up the cattle and returned them also to their respective patch.

Later that morning a tree was found to have come down bringing another with it and the way out of the village in that direction was blocked. Community practiced the technique of backing vehicles.

Owen is such a trend setter.

Kay Attoe writes:

Loving Daisy's blog! What is it with the girls? Always up to mischief ! x

Daisy continues:

Well done Owen Turner! A lad after my own heart! So to continue with my everyday adventures especially for Maisy Attoe:

It's Wednesday morning, a bit dull and overcast so we need to liven things up. I cajoled the Captain into morning zoomies:

(Editors note:Click on play and then go to the lower right hand corner and click on the squares for full screen view. When finished click on play again, then click on the same squares, bottom right, to go back to blog.)

After our morning aerobics, I decided to wedge myself behind the powerhouse and got a bit stuck. Mummy was calling so I did my very best whimper. She had to get a broom and beat down all the prickles and thorns to get to me, although, I could smell something really interesting and was just trying to share my find with her! I got myself in there so I should've been able to get out, right?

Anyway I was unceremoniously dragged out by the scruff of my neck and transported tout suite back to the house. Oh dear, mummy is covered in scratch marks and nettle rash all over her arms. She doesn't look too happy. Oops. This has just reminded me that when I was a mere youngster, I got stuck in the fence in that same spot. Mummy was frantic as she couldn't find me so that's when I learned how to whimper for attention. Luckily the gardener was there that day and he helped mummy to pull me free. I love my garden. It's such fun, but there's always something more interesting on the other side, right chums?