Isla is mum's little helper!

Kay Pennycott writes:

Really enjoying all the updates! Thank you for posting everything - always brings a smile to the face to see what people are up to with their WT's. All those sleeping poses look so familiar. See Isla above, who sometimes sleeps half in and half out of her bed!

As I was looking through the photos I found lots of ones of Isla being "helpful" or should I say minxy! I wonder how many other owners have similar photos or is it just Isla (and Tilly before her)?

Helping with the gardening.

Helping with the decorating.

Got the toothbrush out to clean her teeth but left her with it for a few moments and she had other ideas! Editors Note: Silly mum, it's much better this way round!

Helping with the recycling

" Welcome, my name is Daisy and I'm your waitress for the day. Now what can I get you to drink?"

Paul Pearce writes:

Teddy is always helping (hindering) in the garden. He also sticks his head in the tumble dryer when I am getting the washing out. Monday he helped me dig out the first crop of potatoes from their tubs!

Teddy Pearce

John Barritt writes:

Oscar has dug up so many plants I've lost count. He runs under the trampoline with them so I can't get them back! If I'm in the garden, he watches me at the door and knows exactly what I've been doing so when he gets out there he lets me know he knows!!

Robert Walsh writes:

It's fun them joining in, work round it, much better than putting them in a cage.

Meanwhile, I would like to pass on this information about Barking Bags. Click on this link and it will tell you all about this brilliant bag for dog walkers.

barking bags

Sandra Kisby has had one bought for her birthday and Jenny Carr and Jan Chamberlain swear by them!

Paul and Eva Daley sent this photo of Gertie in, titled :

I don't know whether I should chew this or smoke it! Haha xx