Memories and general chit chat

I found this wonderful photo whilst rooting through stuff on my phone.

What's the chances....AiredaleTerriers help to crack war time secret codes!!! See I knew they were intelligent!! Only joking! I wonder what they are all looking at?

Jan Chamberlain writes:

Loving the Bletchley Park Pic. I should think the Airedales are trying to find the code for the biscuit tin! They do love their grub!

Editor continues:

Also I came across the photos below. Remember when, at the Summer Picnic, your dogs joined Captain Jack and Daisy to become pirates for the day? This was FOUR years ago!!!

That was fun! See if you can pick out your dog.

Jan Chamberlain sent me this information:

We started watching the 1900 Island last night. It's about taking people back to the 1900's on an Island just off Anglesey.

It interested us because it's filmed on the other side of the island to where my Dad was born in 1919. About a 1/3 of the way through a Welsh terrier came walking along the beach with the boat builder. Nice little chap, obviously loved being the centre of attention. He looked very at home in the boat shed, spending his time with his "Dad". Hope to see more of him in further episodes. We saw some of it on holiday in Wales. We recorded this from Beeb2 so we can watch the whole series. It gives me an insight as how harsh life was for Dad and his family(11 kids).

Editors Note: Having caught a nasty little flu type virus, I was able to curl up on the settee and watch 1900 Island on Catch Up. Yes, the Welsh Terrier does appear again and he is really cute. Has anyone seen Gentleman Jack? One of the ladies who appear on this programme, Kate, reminds me of the actress Suranne Jones. It was interesting to see how some people worry about others and would gladly share their food, whilst one one couple felt that by giving help to the couple with five children would maybe belittle them!

See what you think. An interesting watch. Thank you Jan for letting me know about it. You should be very proud of your Dad.

We all wish Izzy Chamberlain a speedy recovery after her recent spaying. Jan sent some photos in of Izzy. The sentiment being.... Is she bothered? I don't think so!

Oh Izzy, that cone of shame will soon be gone, don't worry! Meanwhile, everybody watch your legs!!

Jane Price sent in another article she read in the Sunday Times, about Pixel the Welsh Terrier, a nice read: